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Peach State says: Conflicting Schedules

I know it is no surprise to parents of older children, children in late teens and early 20’s, to see these lovely-roll-of-the-eyes-looks. Unfortunately, I have three such children who depend on my ability to transport them to each of their different locations that are nowhere near each others.

“I think I will start charging for gas usage…”. OUCH!

Okay…so one of them may not be able to pay due to he is only 12…but the others most assuredly can. Forgive me if I sound a bit heartless and cold! I am sure you are aware of the rising price of gas…I literally filled up my car and within two days was down to 36 miles till empty. Take to work, pick up from work, take me here take me there…time for TKD and then to basketball and then back home. So I have put my proverbial foot down…and today when I go to my doctor’s appointment one of my sons will be getting off work…”Oops…my bad!”

Well…I must get ready for my appointment! Out I will go into the brisk breeze filled with swirls of brightly fallen leaves. I will then return home and plan a tummy warming dinner. Any suggestions?

I will let you know how the appointment goes…seeings how this is the first “Pain Blocking” appointments. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State