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Peach State says: Noooo! I’m Not Ready!


Why is it, with everything already on my plate, I am suddenly handed another plate? I am going to need another cup of AWAKE…a strong one!

“Nooooo! I’m not Ready!”

Grocery shopping,
Haircuts for me and my youngest son,
Packing more boxes,
Sorting through and throwing away,
One last load of laundry to fold,
Fix dinner for one extra person tonight…

But wait…that’s just the normal stuff!

Follow-up with dentist after Oral Surgery a week ago,
Follow-up with Urgent Care doctor after an untimely slicing incident Sunday,
“Oh honey, don’t forget the cement guy is coming to tear up the driveway and pour a new one”,
“Hey Darling, why don’t you go pick out a new refrigerator that you want and have it delivered the day we move…”,

And if that doesn’t look fun…
“Hey Hon, could you sort through my shoes and pack the ones I don’t really wear…that would be great!”

The fun thing about packing up boxes is the fact that I have a slight excuse not to do much cleaning…the down side is the fact that I have had to open two sealed boxes already…1)to find the thermometer. “Yep, I have been running a low grade temp!” And 2) to find the razor hubby uses everyday…”OOOPS!” At least I knew right where to look! “I’m sooo organized…“HeHeHe!”

The sun is just beginning to rise through the trees and it’s almost time for the mass exodus. I will then begin the second part of my day. “How many parts will this day have?” I will wait for the arrival of the cement guy and then head out to my Urgent Care facility for that follow-up. I wonder if I can just stay gone most of the day. No grocery shopping though…I am not going to park across the road and then unload the car!

I am going to finish my coffee and get dressed…carefully. I don’t want to hit the bandage.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: “I’m So Excited!…I Just Can’t Hide It!”


“I’m So Excited!…I Just Can’t Hide It!”
Do you know the next line?

“I’m about to lose my mind and I think I like it!”

Losing my mind…yep that sounds like what I am experiencing. I am so excited and cannot wait to finally be on the road. My hubby did make an announcement the other day about his hopes for the trip. “No electronics!” Well that won’t happen! I told him I would be more than happy to cut back my usage if he would not watch “Fox News” 24/7. (Well at least while we were in the room…)

I have just about finished packing my youngest’s bag complete with snacks and treats. “His swimsuit has not been packed due to going to the pool with one of my other sons.” The dinning room table has the organized bottles of water, juices and bottled Mocha Frapps awaiting their placement in the car tomorrow. I started sorting through my make-up yesterday to find the perfect “vacation look”. One of my “silly routines” for a trip is to wash out my make-up brushes. They are now clean and dry…ready for the application of those oh-so-natural-and-needed facial colorings. “My grandmother would have called it “war paint”!”

Medicines have been gathered, skin-care assembled in a cute carrying bag and my specialty fragranced bronzing foam that shimmers. “And yes…I have the rest of the fragranced set.”
(Shower gel and lotion) The need to travel with same scented set is another “silly routine” but understandable when it comes to packing light and souvenir storage. I have my cute little socks for each outfit and my clothes are all hanging in the closet anticipating the final transfer into the suitcase. “Well I am anticipating the transfer!”

Coming in 3rd the “silly routine” of adding the vacation destinations to my weather app. I check it daily! I even added the destination of my youngest…he was relieved to see the lack of rain the week he will be gone.

Silly routine” number 4 falls into the category of primping-prep and will be completed today…Haircut!…slightly excited about this too!
My hair has gotten a bit out of control. “In other words long and thick!” The time-management part of me dreads the amount of time it takes to dry and style this mop sitting on top of my head. Short and sweet…Quick and easy…This haircut means less time in front of a mirror more time with hubby.
I have never been one to use a curling iron…my hair is too thick and will not hold the curl. Styling products…I use a couple to smooth my coarse hair and add a little definition. But nothing major!

My mother taught me the best way to travel and this is “silly routine” number 5. Always be prepared! (Books, word searches, music, small coolers filled with drinks and snacks and a small supply of gum.) My husband thought it was a “silly routine” until he realized the savings on the road. He is the one who suggested the Mocha Frapp (Starbucks bottled mochas) for the trip. I suggested the apple juices for him and the bottles of water. I have a Mio and some Starbucks “Cool Lime Refreshers” to add to my water and if my hubby is sweet I may share. HeHe!

I hope I have not bored you with this topic. You have to know how excited I am. As for the “ban on electronic devices” I will be blogging…but they may be short and sweet. Being an early riser I will use that time in the morning, before my hubby wakes up, to touch base with you.
I hope to catch a few sunrises and sunsets to share…scenic beauty…and of course the revealing my vacation destinations. For those of you sitting on “pins and needles” just today and tomorrow…can you hang on that long? Well if can…you can!

See you there…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Finally Here!

The packing of the family car…”Boy does that hold memories.” There were 6 of us and we were taught the “Art of Packing” for that extended beach vacation. We packed linens and groceries…clothes and grill…we were not packing for a vacation but moving. Those were the good old days before there was a chain grocery store and a grill that stayed at our home away from home. Those methods of placing and stacking have come in handy before and will come in handy today. It’s Finally Here!.

There are only a couple of things on my list of things to do today…

Pack mine and hubby’s clothes and toiletries
Buy a case of bottled water
Oh and Pack the car!

I am fortunate to have two strong backs today for this important task…I think I zigged when I should have zagged last night.

#Pack the pain meds

I packed a few grocery items…pop tarts, popcorn, instant oatmeal, snack cakes and paper plates, paper bowls, plastic spoons and forks…”You expect me to wash dishes or run a dishwasher while I am on vacation!” I also packed some laundry detergent and softener sheets…yeah I know! You can quit laughing! I will wash a load or two so we will not have to take as many clothes.

#Pack some garbage bags for the paper products and snack wrappers…

Wow…it is a little after 8 AM and in less than 9 hours we will be on the road. “No! It is not going to take that long to pack…my hubby had to work today but is getting off a little early.” I will use my time wisely today and rest this wicked twinge in my get-along. [Translation: Pain in my lower hip.] Don’t forget to tell me about your vacation with family and friends… And don’t forget to check out my pics! This time tomorrow I will be waking up in the mountains over looking a river. It’s Finally Here…and I can hardly wait! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Final Countdown!


And here we are at the edge of insanity. The tropical-storm has left mounds of unfolded laundry on the dinning room table as drapes of clean, un-hung shirts decorate the elegant high backed chairs. An oversized bag, strategically placed to catch the non-packed items, waits to be evacuated in the last moments. Check marks line the itemized page showing the dedicated and non-stop vigilance followed in this, The Final Countdown!

One moment of ceasing, as the cascading hot water splashes against the dinner dishes and breakfast bowls….Shh! That still small voice rises above the swirling clicks.


Relaxing relief floods in allowing for a lull in the chaotic hustle. The schedule is tricky with overlapping demands upon my remaining time. I can do this…I will do this…after all…“I’m Mom!”

The warning bell sounds drawing me back to the task at hand. Back to work and the realization of reality…2 days!


Okay…so the description was a little over the top…but it sure was more fun to describe it this way than to admit my house is a bit of a mess. At least it will be over soon and I will be on my way to enjoy the seasonably hot temperatures somewhere else. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Like The Energizer Bunny!

I have received suggestions o’plenty for feeding our faces and recommendations to wear out the body, even the youngest spirit among us. The coordinates have been punched in as a “Favorite Destination” on the navigation device as well as a couple of “Points of Interest”. Single digits have been reached in our final countdown…and my list just keeps going and going and going Like The Energizer Bunny!

Last night the discussion of food items came up in things to pack. The main items were:

Breakfast food like cereal and pop tarts maybe some instant oatmeal
Bottles of water
Our coffee!

I was pleased to announce the already purchased products from Starbucks that you add to water…Instant Starbucks! My son, who is being left behind due to his work schedule, said “Why don’t you take the espresso machine?” I looked at my hubby as the sudden silence grew. Hubby grinned and said “We could…it is not a small hotel room but a condo…there will be room!”. I wanted to stand up and shout…

“But this is our vacation…I am wanting to escape the everyday schedules!”

But…if we did take that money saving appliance with us…that would buy a lunch or better yet Candles! “I think that is a great idea…we should take it so we could enjoy our morning latte’ as we sit on the balcony in the mountainous landscape.”

“It is a good thing our 19 year old son is going with us…we are going to need his youthful endurance to unpack the car.”

The maps, of the destination area, have been studied and will be neatly tucked into my companion bag just in case the conversation needs a boost. Coupons and discounts have been collected for the possible Points of Interest and will be placed along side the tourist information. “I should consider taking a position with AAA Travel with the degree of organization that has gone into this trip!” It is not the same as going to the beach house…up, coffee, beach, lunch, beach, dinner, sleep and repeat…

I have even pulled up the weather forecast and added the destination city to my weather app. Either I am very excited and a very prepared mom or I am very____…”No need to go there!” Unfortunately there is a chance of Thunderstorms most of the trip…but that just means more shopping! Right? I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and will get my nails done on Friday…after everything is packed. I am really excited…”Can you tell?”

I was relived to find out that I was not the only person, involved in the music program, that would be gone on the first Sunday…As a matter of fact all but one will be unable to be there for one reason or another. I guess it is a good thing we switched with week two’s praise team. I was a bit bummed about missing the Patriotic music but that too has been moved to the second Sunday.

I need to start on my youngest clothes for the trip…that should take me the rest of the morning. At least his closet will be cleaned out in the process.

Have you ever gone to this extreme for a vacation? Do you have any suggestions about the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area? Let me know! I just hope i can last…Like The Energizer Bunny! Have a great day!

Peach State