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Peach State says: ADHD Brain In Overdrive


Okay, my mind is pretty much multi-tasking on it’s own today. I must admit…it is a bit exciting to experience this type of speed and thought process this early in the morning. And no!…I have not overloaded myself with Red Bulls or Espresso Shots!

ADHD Brain In Overdrive!

I was surfing the web, while waiting for my youngest to make his exit for school, for updates on the 2014 VBS. One thing led to another and my mind almost exploded. A Tug-of-War between my organizational hemisphere and my creative hemisphere began as thoughts and ideas exploded faster than I could keep up!


I decided to take a few minutes, before continuing, to let you in on my out of control Brain.. With the workout my brain is getting I wish it could result in burning outrageous amounts of calories. Even “Precious Princess” has wandered around and around and has just now…laid down on the floor at my feet. Oh how I wish I could bottle this and save it for those I’m-too-lazy-to-do-anything-days! You would think I raided the Halloween Candy Stash…but that is not the case. “How do I know?…I haven’t bought my Halloween Candy yet!”

“OOO, another idea!”

I had better grab some more notebook paper and another divider, labeled ideas, for my VBS Notebook! ( …and another pile of papers for the other abstract thoughts and ideas running through my head!)

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: What time is it? Where am I Supposed to be Now?

BEEP.. BEEP.. Out to cool!

Don’t forget to do this and don’t forget to do that!  This is hard enough on a regular day. “I know you would agree with me on this point!”

We find ourselves running around like a chicken with our head cut off trying to create order out of chaos.  I wish I could tell you that I found the solution but, the truth is there is not one.  The activities, we add to our everyday life, bring reason and relief to an average existence.  We scurry about, complaining at times, with a smile on our face.  Are we just glad that we have something to take up our time?  I venture to say it is more than that!

You have known me all your life and understand the place music holds in my heart.  the activities surrounding music at church do tend to tie up every weekend.  You throw in the seasonal rush with extra practices and functions and cannot seem to find time to breathe.  You have been there too.  The problem with this is when these “seasonal rush” times collide with life.  Life throws us a curve ball and doesn’t allow for anything to play out the way it was scheduled.  Lack of practices….no worries we will add one on this day… Someone won’t be in town…someone else takes their spot…Last minute orders and the comings and goings of family keep us dancing on our toes.  “It is really to bad that I cannot count all the calories burned while dancing on my toes.”

I am very happy to report that I may have just figured out how to survive this “seasonal rush” crisis.  Just say no to everything!  Keep one thing on your plate at a time and give yourself time to breathe.

Sadly, you may be like me, seeing that the important things are only on you plate and cannot be removed.  Obligations made and choices too vital must be balanced with everyday life.  Creatively turning these obligations into a habit will weave them into the fibers of our life.  Steeping away from the computer to start the laundry can turn into a slew of things started at the same time with timers set.  Example:  After I blog, get off the computer, start the laundry, mix up the pie or cake (For the Christmas orders) and place in the oven, Set the timer!, clean up for the preparations, load the dishwasher, wipe down the table, straighten the Family Room, Check on the timer, Make up the bed, bring down more laundry, Check the timer(20 min), answer the phone and multitask on computer, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Turn off the timer, ETC… You see what I mean.  I guess you could say I travel in a unique circle. HEHE!

I found out two weeks ago that I will be singing with a small group at another Retirement/Nursing Home this Sunday.  I sing at a local Retirement Village every 3rd Sunday and this week, as soon as we are finished, we are scheduled to sing at a second location.  So I decided, that on top of this fun turn in my road, I would pack cookies for each of the people we sing for.  Now before the Wows! and Are You Crazy? statements are made let me say that I only packed the cookies.  They were left over from our church’s Back to Bethlehem event.  See, no halo for sacrificing all that time baking over 100 cookies.  I also took out 12 cookies aside for a party held at my neighbor’s home next week.  I am going to make Melted Snowman Cookies!  I was also asked to write a story that could be acted out by the children.  It seems I am the only writer in the group.  The story is done and has illustrations ready for coloring.  “The Princess Save the Snowman” is the name of the story and it is cute, “if I say so myself.”

I am very happy to report that I may have found another solution to the “Seasonal Rush”.  Planning ahead!!!!!

Most of the pies and cakes, with the exception of the Red Velvet Cakes, are in the freezer.  The cookies are separated and in the freezer.  The story is printed and ready to hand to the organizing neighbor for copying.  Icing for cookies and Decorations for “Melted Snowman Cookies” are in the pantry.  “Yeah….way to go me!”  Sorry, I did not mean to toot my horn so loudly.  I think I enjoy the organizational part of my life too much.  It does keep me occupied and therefore I don’t have time to sit and become “The, The, The GRINCH”.

As usual, I must cut our time short, and research some cookie recipes.  I really am tired of the same old Christmas cookie.  Have a Great Day and good luck with the balancing act in your life.