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Forever Thirty Something



The strange things we yearn to believe, as we age, is that we will never be OLD!

But…the sad truth is there is no stopping the speedinglocomotiveofachesandpains with the added joy of wrinklesandmoreachesandpains.


To be honest…I enjoy looking in the mirror at the “crazy lady”.  She makes the day a bit more interesting and fun, when she is awake!

“May your cup runneth over with love, laughter and really fabulous coffee!”


Peach State




Peach State says: You Know Those Words Too!

If I am going to be in the car…I am going to sing along with the radio! “Who doesn’t?”
The fun thing about this is disturbing the children. The different styles of music available on Sirius XM is enough to blow their mind…BUT…when parents start singing along to Rock n Roll our boys take to picking up their proverbial-picket-signs.

The newest statement came from our youngest. (He is adopted and has only been with us 5 years now!). He is still learning about us and well…we do have fun showing him how diverse we really are.
Sooo…let me set up the scenario for you. It was just the two of us in the car and I was not in the mood for my regular channels sooo…I flipped over to Margaritaville and Sinatra. Two channels that incorporate beachy music and good old standards. “I love the standards…and Michael Buble’ and Frank Sinatra are just two of my favorites.” I switched between the two not liking the artist on the beachy channel and landed on “Moon River” and started singing along. All of the sudden this voice, clear as a bell, chimed in from the backseat! “You Know Those Words Too!”

I peeked back and shock and surprise filled his face and I kept singing. After the song finished I told him about the time spent with my grandparents and how I would watch my grandmother’s sister and her husband dance to songs like this. The concept was foreign to him…I thought for a moment and said…”They would do the same type dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars” and that is called Ballroom dancing!” He threw his hands in the air and said…”Oh great, you have dancers in your family too!” I explained that a true love of music includes many, many different types of music and a respect or appreciation for the differences. “But how do you remember all the words and the names and information of the people singing?” I smiled and told him that as you get older your brain just makes room for the important things. He laughed and said “Well that makes since because you are so old.”

“Don’t worry…I set him straight about that statement very quickly…besides I am not old!”
And because I am not old I will not say anything further about this subject matter!
He was quiet the rest of the ride. Ahhh…peace and quiet! Works every time! Hehe!

What type of music do you flip between? Do you sing along for pure enjoyment or to mess with those in the car with you? Both…I would say!

Well a basketball game is calling so I must close…Have a great day!

Peach State