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Peach State says:This Is Not For You!

There was a day when, as a child, I wanted to know why there was such a big hype about coffee. My parents called it theirs…”Could you grab my coffee?…Could you warm up my coffee?” What was so special? So I asked and was told it was for grown-ups. “But why?” I asked and each time the response was the same…”Because I said so! This Is Not For You!”

I am so glad I grew up…because I love my coffee! I repeat the same requests, when the boys are around, for a warm up or re-zap of my coffee. I smile, inside, as I channel my elders in this you-do-it-I-don’t-want-to-get-up mentality.

The other day, while packing for our trip, my youngest was sent downstairs for some baggies. (zip-lock baggies are a must when traveling.). He took a little while to return and when he came waltzing in to my room he carried with him a fragrance familiar to my sensitive nasal receptors. “What took so long Bud?” He said he could not find the baggies. “But you found them…thank you!”. The scent was lingering…and for a split second I thought I may have spilled some coffee on my shirt. “Hey Bud…come here a second.”. He slowly turned with that I-did-not-do-it look on his face. “What did you get into downstairs?” “Nothing!”. I stepped closer and the distinct aroma triggered my senses. “I smell coffee! Did you drink some coffee?” He swore up and down that no coffee passed over his lips and that he knew he was not supposed to drink it. “Do you know why you are not supposed to drink coffee?” The hamsters were furiously running on the wheel in his head. He struggled to find a suitable response. “Uh…I don’t know!” Oops! Epic Fail!

Sooo…he could not tell me why he shouldn’t drink coffee and as a loving mother I wanted to help him understand…clearly! I went downstairs, as he followed, and poured a cup of coffee and handed the cup to him. He refused it the first time but with further urging he began the steady sipping of the coffee. I began to tell him how parents try and help their children by watching what they eat and drink to keep them safe. There are just certain things that your little body cannot tolerate in any dose much less large doses. Things like candy, cokes, pastries, and caffeine. Now add in the fact that you are ADHD. “The coffee was beginning to turn his stomach and the faces he was making were filled with struggle.” I began my “Lecture #236” What Sugar and Caffeine do in the body.

When I finished he asked if he could stop drinking and I said yes. I told him that he would have to work very hard to control himself. It was at this point he turned around with a quizzical look, only a child can have, and asked me a final question. “I never knew all of that…I just wanted to see what it tasted like because you said no!” I chuckled and replied ” I never said no…I said “Because I said so!” because you should realize that there are just certain things I know that your don’t.”

Long story short…he had drank the rest of my hubby’s latte’ before returning upstairs. The over-active mind and body of this 11 year old was launched into overdrive with this stimulant coursing through his little body. He did work very hard to control himself and for the most part was well behaved the entire day. The good news is that he learned a lesson. He said he was sorry and that it would never happen again!”

Lesson Learned!

He doesn’t like having the shakes and the coffee made him really shake. He was hesitant to even re-fill my cup. At least I know he won’t be drinking coffee again for a while. As for me…it is Coffee Time!

Take out the word “Hammer” and put in the word “Coffee”! Sadly the tune is stuck in my head….doot..doot..doot..doot. Have a great day!

Peach State