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Peach State says: Everybody Should Believe In Something!

There are certain truths that we carry with us in our daily lives. How things are done…and what order we do them in… These tid-bits of normalcy and set-stone-routines are the stepping stones to making it back home in the evening. Things like brushing your teeth before putting on your makeup and putting water in the coffee pot before turning it on. We are creatures of habit! These are routines we believe in!

Well this creature believes in having another cup of coffee…heck I might have more than two this morning!

How many ounces of water am I supposed to have a day? If there is coffee in the water I will be fine!

So the long weekend is over and back to normal we go. Family members are off the school and work…as I stay home with a full page of activities laid out for today. It is time to play catch-up-on-the-household-chores and try a little cleaning.

“There are remnants from the hot-dip still on the counter thanks to the midnight feeding frenzy of two who should have been asleep!”

The retrieving of hubby’s dry-cleaning on the way to TKD later today followed by dinner and the dramatic bathing ritual of my 12 year old. “He hates showers and baths!” Hubby returns home and tries to relax from the day’s work related stress before heading to bed about 2 hours later.

Ahh…Routine! “Everybody Should Believe In Something”…ours is a repetitive routine filled with coffee breaks.

Welcome to post-holiday-weekend normalcy and I hope you do not have to play catch-up. I wish you success in your routines! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Back Home to Normal

We gathered all we had brought and bought and filled every inch of unused space before climbing back in the car for our trip home. Driving out to the main road I snapped a shot of the gentle river, still swollen from the rain storm on Monday, as it flowed on it’s quiet pace. We were headed south and Back Home to Normal.

We had roamed up and down streets filled with shops along side others who searched for an escape from normal. We enjoyed the quietness of a flowing river in the cool shaded canopy of trees. Reality cut into our dream and we headed home. The drive was pleasant until we hit the Georgia State Line and a billowing and dark sky. We thought we might escape the threat of rain…NOPE!…The lightning strikes filled the road ahead as the thunder echoed it’s welcoming boom! The buckets of rain beat hard against the windshield decreasing the view of the road. “What lines? I don’t see any lines marking the lanes!”.

We called ahead and had our son, who stayed home, to pull hubby’s car out of the garage so we could pull in and unpack. “I think the concept of being that wet all over was an experience we’d had enough off after a day and a half of amusement park rides. The mass piling of bags filled with left-over food and goodies, clothes both clean and dirty, zip-lock bags filled with medicine and toiletries were piled in the dinning room. “Oh goody for me…now I have more cleaning to do!”

Physically drained the proverbial dinner bell was being rung…”What’s for dinner?” I began the daunting job of mom again and reached into the cabinet for my chef’s hat. Trying to sort and store the unpacked bags while feeding the starving multitudes was a task I struggled with. I finally gave up and focused on dinner holding the dream of sitting in my chair with my feet up.

After dinner and the trip-recap…after the laughter and shared stories…after the homemade ice-cream on Apple Pie…I faced facts and went to bed! “It was almost 11:00pm.” I knew that normal was going to smack me in the face early this morning. Sure ‘nough I rose and headed straight back into the routine…mmm! COFFEE or LATTE’… It was wonderful to have my daily companion once again at my side.

I have a day of unpacking ahead of me…but I also have the ability to have more espresso,lattes, coffee! I will get this task done as quickly as I can…after all I am Back Home to Normal!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Weekend Reflection


It has been a long night filled with restless sleep. Trying to sleep while listening for the weather radio alarm or the Tornado Sirens to sound does not provide the rest needed to face the next day. The flashing of lightening, through the blinds, cut the darkness viciously. I rolled over and finally got comfortable again…”Did you see that?” brought me back from peaceful pre-dream state with that sudden numbing sensations coursing through my body. “The lightening strike!” I touched my husband’s arm and said…”No, I was not facing the window…I was also asleep..” I rolled over to face the window as he apologized. I love thunderstorms at night…but not when accompanied by Tornados. With a semi-fuzzy head I want to take a look at this past week…“A Weekend Reflection”.

Up before dawn again with my favorite companion next to me…I hear the faint bird songs beginning to wake up the day. I know the day will unfold as usual and am grateful for that as I prepare coffee and breakfast for my husband in a daze. No graceful dance as I sweep around the kitchen fixing three different things at the same time. “Just second-nature actions anxiously waiting for that first sip of coffee!”. This has been a long week….hear goes…!

Sunday was an active day filled with fellowship and practices.
Monday was an active day with normal activities and Jazzersize and an Easter musical practice.
Tuesday was an active day with normal activities and pain…pain…pain…”Feel the burn!” and “Feel the loss!”
Wednesday was my husband’s day off….and choir practice and praise team practice…and some confusion…but that’s all water under the proverbial bridge.
Thursday was an active day filled with presidential campaign rallies and grocery shopping…”Feel the burn”. Standing for hours in heels on pavement when my body had not recovered from Monday was not the best thing to do…but it was exciting!
Friday was an upside down and backwards day!

The day started early, as usual, and in routine fashion the coffee was made and enjoyed. Once my youngest son and husband departed I timed out the rest of the morning. Everything centered around the funeral of a dear sweet spirit. She was on our hearts and in our prayers before Monday but had complications Monday evening. Tuesday morning, about 5:15, she passed away. I was making a dish to take to the family and coordinating the delivery of others dropping food at the church. I had received several emails and phone calls asking me where to put the food and when to leave them. I needed to arrive for a short run-through of a song for the funeral service so I arrived 30 minutes prior to the practice time to clear a space for the incoming dishes. After the wiping of tears and the departure of the family the dishes were gathered and taken to the house. We straightened the kitchen and wiped off the table. Combined desserts and placed them together on the counter to leave room for the main dishes set on the table. A small arrangement of spring-like blooms were placed in the center of the table. We moved chairs away from the table and placed them around the living room. The family arrived, back from the final farewell at the cemetery, and were met with hugs and misty eyed responses and even laughter. I made my way home secure in how the rest of the day would play-out. “Oops! I forgot to consider the next couple of phone calls!” plans have changed…I am going over to my girlfriend’s house earlier!…movie night at the church and there is dinner before the movie. The dinner already planned was too much for just three of us so in came Plan B.

Long story short…my youngest and I ate and watched a Hallmark movie while waiting for my husband to get home. The low rumbles of thunder started about 7:30 and the weather gurus had warned us of the long night ahead. Settled in our chairs, with our youngest nestled away in bed, we began watching a TiVo show. The weather radio alarm broke the calm as the Tornado siren began to sound. I raced up the stairs to get my son and my husband’s wallet. “Grab your pillow and shoes…don’t forget your blanket!” we raced down the stairs and he continued to follow my husband to the basement. I grabbed the leash and my purse and my phone and headed to the basement door. I hooked the leash on my little princess-dog, who waited anxiously for me, and preceded downstairs. I began texting my sons to let them know to take cover. They were safe! We knew from the news that a tornado was on the ground and headed in our direction. The coverage continued forever…”You know how that goes…the stats and informational jargon…this map…that map.” The boys made it home and the warnings expired. The system behind this initial storm reached back through two states. It was going to be a long night!

So here I am…in definite need of more coffee! My husband already on his way to work and one son is off to help his girlfriend’s dad. The day is gray as the cloudy overcast sky begins to chase the night. The droplets of the leftover drenching fall from the trees and gutters in the cooled morning air. I am expecting a phone call any moment from my husband about the damage in the city he works in. They supposedly got hit hard last night. Today is another Easter Musical practice and then the ladies trio will go over the song for tomorrow. I need to get my nails done…I wonder if I will have time…

I laughed quitely, just now, looking back over this page of “normal”! The comings and goings of an average family may not be exciting. The intellectual mind may have fallen asleep during the second paragraph. But I take comfort in the expected normalcy. The fact that I can appreciate this way of life, with it’s insecurities, gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. We all have those pesky invaders that barge into our “normal” life. We will get knocked down…that is a given…but we must get up and stand. If we don’t the complications will get the better of us and our way of life. I just know we are stronger than those situations. This past week was filled with pesky invaders…I chose to deal with and get past the situations. Make a negative a positive and continue. I will not allow the negative to be dwelled upon ruining my life or the lives of my family. I am normal! And darn proud of that…

How will you handle life’s pesky invaders? Can you look back at a hard week and make it normal?
Take a moment right now and have a positive “Weekend Reflection!”

Peach State