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Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Then Sleepy Time!

Maybe I could actually get through to the doctor using that phone! Doubtful!

Good morning to you and I hope you are ready to smile, chuckle, or just plain laugh because it’s Facebook Funnies Then Sleepy Time!

I am sure I could come up with something…give me a second!

My kind of workout shirt!

(Drum roll…) Number 1 Blog Worthy Award Winner:

So this is how the Zombie Apocalypse starts!

At least it is 80’s music…my neighbors are older than I am and still pick a good decade.


Now I haven’t thought of that…my hubby just calls it a mess!

How many times have I tried this technique only to look foolish in a crowd.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

If you are singing this song…you will want to dance to…


Celebrities always look worse without make-up…or maybe it is the fact that being my own make-up artist is something I am not good at.

(Drum roll….) Number 2 Blog Worthy Award Winner:


The next set of meds are beginning to work…I should head back to bed before I fall on my face. Wait, that’s how I ended up in this painful situation…falling!.

Have a humorous and great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Up All Night!

I will keep this short and sweet!
I have had not one wink of sleep.
So now I sit with coffee in hand,
And quote Psalms 121 so I can stand.


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Just Have Too!


I took my Benadryl last night to induce my Benadryl Coma and dry up this nasty drainage. The inconsiderate sickness is starting to lose it’s grip slowly…but sadly the pesky cough woke me up from my coma about 2:40 this morning and I was finally able to return to my cozy domain about 4 am. “I had to rise earlier this morning due to my husbands schedule!”. Great way to start out the day and on a Monday too! I was told to take more Benadryl and go back to bed. “I Just Have Too!”

I have not been able to sing a note since Wednesday and was actually able to sing along with some of the songs performed last night on the Grammy’s. The show, for the most part, was not worth watching. “Enough of that soap box topic!” I wanted to see the Country portion and how they remembered Whitney Houston.

With the day starting as it usually does…I am now ready to head to the sick bed…I will get to feeling better! “I Just Have Too!” Lots of rest and fluids! And of course my trusted sidekick BENADRYL! Wish me luck!

Peach State