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Peach State says: HAPPY NEW YEAR…Facebook Funnies!

Well it arrived…with a bang and a boom, flood and storm, with and without football…it is 2014 and time for

HAPPY NEW YEAR…Facebook Funnies!

Before the clock had even reached midnight the continuous sounds of bursting fireworks penetrated our family home…even with a movie on! ( My family loves having a realistic movie experience so hubby installed a sound system in the living room that often sets off the glass break sensor!) We toasted and cheered the New Year and each other…then sent the youngest to bed! The rest of us were up until about 2AM…can you believe I stayed awake? Let me share one reason I was up so late…

Remind You of Anyone Award“:

20140102-102014.jpgit is not for lack of trying…it is a disorder called “Short-Term Follow-Through”!

Blog Worthy Award #1:

20140102-102212.jpgOkay…you keep telling yourself that!

20140102-102902.jpgWe all know those people!

20140102-103011.jpgIt felt like a Monday this morning…and YES it is raining!

NEW AWARD…I Need Coffee Award:

20140102-103156.jpgIt is definitely time for another cup…after all it is a rainy/cold day!

20140102-103620.jpgYummy…ded skwirrel!

20140102-103820.jpgThe squirrels in my neighborhood have decided to try a different approach to defending themselves!

“Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

20140102-104135.jpg“It’s okay…(chuckle chuckle) I’m Just Kidding!”

And my favorite “Grumpy Cat” for the week…“The Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

20140102-104615.jpgNow, now Grumpy…you don’t mean that!

20140102-105025.jpgPoor thing must have been helping to take the decorations off the tree from last weeks Facebook Funnies!

20140102-105234.jpgI CAN answer that but you may not like the answer!

20140102-105406.jpgA cat I can finally agree with…without being ridiculed! ( translation: a non-Grumpy Cat that I agree with!)

20140102-105622.jpgThe sad thing is the fact that she spent $200 and then bought Pizza…I will go to the store and spend less and oops “I forgot to get something for dinner!”

20140102-105923.jpgAnd now she gets to go home and face the same thing!

Well. Life is calling and the laundry will not move itself!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s A New Facebook Funnies Year!

I have made a list of New Year’s Resolutions! Humorous Facebook Funnies with twice as many Blog Worthy Award Winners is on the list…Let’s see if I can stick to my Resolutions. It’s A New Facebook Funnies Year!

The holidays are gone and we are left with just a memory. Here are a few memories posted be my friends on Facebook.

Shoot-from-the-hip Caroling… I know a few people who could carol with Yoda! Hehe! (You know who you are!)

When asked if he would be joining in on the carol sing… our pastor quoted this line from “Elf“. We quickly removed the microphone from his hands…LOL.


Another finicky-gift that cannot be returned.

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

“backing away slowly…”

Feline Mythbusters!





Enough of the holidays…I need some coffee before I can start exercising!:

Long night?

Yep! Long night!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

I will move later…when I get up to refill my Coffee cup!


Enough exercise an hydrating…time for a little normal! (but not too normal…)

Nothing like a bit of quiet reading!

Okay…reading time is over.

How about a game? (Whoa! Movie quote came rushing in!)

The solution for the parents of “TTT&T’s” (troubling tots, Tweens and teens)

I wonder how long it will take them to realize it is 2013!

If I belong in one…can I get a room with a view at a beach side resort?

Speaking of…

Fashion is still important…

Everyone needs a kind, loving reminder of mom!
I can rest assured that my son will feel right at home while in Basic!

I hope you had a wonderful New Years and are ready to return to the “Real World”… I am!
Have a wonderful, humor-filled day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just a Quick Note to Start My Day!

This list says it all!

I have high hopes for the first Monday of 2012.  I need to make a list which will keep me on track and not allow anything to fall between the cracks.  I know that I will be taking the trash out in a few minutes and that I need to get the turkey bones, from the devoured Christmas bird, out of the fridge out in the garage.  Then I will grab a pad and layout my day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed “Ringing in the New Year” with friends and family.  Ours was really quiet with my husband being sick.  I was able to watch a bowl game and see my team win.   That was a wonderful surprise!!!!  Another win for the SEC…”Sorry, I love the South Eastern Conference when it come to college football.”

I just said goodbye to my husband, as he dashes along the well worn path of his exit route, and went to take the picked over bones out of the refrigerator.  Guess What?  No bones in the fridge!!!! I am glad the garbage truck comes today.  Because of his coughing I did not fix the usual latte’ for him this morning so I had tea.  That may have been nice and warm but the need was just not met.  Before coming back to write I made a pit-stop at my espresso machine and made myself a wonderful Quad-Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte’.  “Much better!”

I was on Praise Team yesterday, with it being first Sunday, and arrived for sound check and general practice just before 9 AM.  The service started at 10:00 and was filled.  After the service I headed for the store, “Honey can you get me some more Excedrin Back and Body and something for this cough?”, and arrived home by 11:40.  I will miss getting out early on Sundays!  We had a lazy day after lunch!

Regular schedule starts back up tomorrow and my life will be forced back into action.  “Quit laughing!”  I know you are thinking when did she not have a busy schedule.  “Welcome to my life!”  But I have said it before and I will say it again…I enjoy my busy schedule.  I thrive trying to keep ordered chaos flowing in one general direction.  Think about it…even at the beach house I am up early starting the coffee and checking my face book and e-mails.  Following up with replies and all with coffee in hand.  Creature of habit!

So much for a quick note…Off to grab my pad and start the next task at hand.  Have a great day and perhaps I will come back and let you know how I did today.