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Peach State says: Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

What a Glorious Day!

What a glorious day! The sky is a true blue and there is not one cloud in the sky…at least from my office window. I am sitting at my desk completing the daunting task of making a doctor’s appointment to get the (proverbial) ball rolling on my pain treatments. I have my trusty cup of coffee with me and will need to fill it up soon. It has taken longer to do the locating and printing of a few oh-so-wonderful-time-consuming-waiting-on-hold-listening-to-elevator-music-no-one-has-heard-before-new-patient-forms-and-paper-work due to my Precious Princess barking at every Tom, Dick and Hairy creature out the front windows.

Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

Yelling at her and closing the blinds did not do the trick. I gave up and let her go out into the backyard. Things were beginning to click right along when a distant and oh so familiar sound reached my ears. This time it was the neighbors dog barking at my Precious Princess. It seems my Precious Princess was flirting with the big dog next door by running up and down along the fence. It is a good thing I was no longer on the phone. HEHE! It takes forever to get her back on the deck and in the house.

I am glad to report I only have one more piece of Paper Work left to complete the old fashioned way…with black or blue ink. It is a whopping-want-to-know-everything-about-your-third-cousin’s-next-door-neighbor’s-car-salesman 10 page form. I think I had better stop procrastinating and just do it…It has to be completed by Monday! HEHE!

I shall refill my Coffee and head to the kitchen table. I will need the extra space for the dictionaries and address books, colored pencils to shade in the diagrams, and a needle to prick my finger when signing the forms…”Well maybe I can get away without signing in blood!” But I better hurry while my Precious Princess is quiet…No Barking Dogs = Paper Work completed in a timely manner. Wow, it is nice and quiet without the constant Woof-Woof Woof-Woof.

Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

Have a great day!

My Precious Princess

Peach State