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Peach State says: Memorial Day Remembrance

I was raised to hold certain truths close to my heart and love of country is one of those things. I get teary eyed during the playing and/or singing of the National Anthem! I admire and respect Veterans of past and present wars! I am very Patriotic…so on this day I will reflect, a little more than usual, about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country…Memorial Day Remembrance !

Conflicts and wars take so much from us…a willingness to serve and examples of loyalty and belief.
Those of us, not in the battlefield, go about our lives and sometimes forget the sacrifices being made daily. We must remember that we can continue our way of life because of these men and women and what they have given.


We should stand together and offer support to those who have suffered loss of a loved one. The families have sacrificed for this country too!


Let us proudly remember them today…and not just celebrate a day off!

We Will Remember! Have a great day!

Peach State