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Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle


What a way to start off the morning…I know what you are saying…
“Great now that song is stuck in my head!”
Don’t worry! I have just the cure!

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle!

How about a little “Iron Maiden”?

Not quite what you were thinking of…okay,

Simon and Garfunkel perhaps…

I always loved this song…but after seeing this it really speaks to me!

Scary thing is I have been singing along since I was old enough to walk beside my mom…music was always a part of my life!

Animal Parade:

End of the school year…yeah right! Sounds like the type of book my sons would read except the title would be “Dad said…”!

It is hard enough with one spoiled rotten Princess but multiple cats…

Oops…they forgot to spell!


Speaking of back-up…

They are sooo busted!

My youngest favorite line!

How about some Coffee?


LOL! Sorry I just had to post this one!

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winners:

They must Samuel’s kids!

Yummy Bacon!

I hope you have a great day and this it not the day for…


Have a great one!

Peach State

Peach State says: Easy Breezy Facebook Funnies

Having been outside with Precious Princess for a little while this morning I experienced this hair-blowing-in-your-face-as-I-dodged-the-empty-pollen-husks flying in the stiff breeze. Welcome to this version of Easy Breezy Facebook Funnies!

Shall we start with a few Words to Live by:

Hopefully Dr. House is on duty!


Coffee to keep functioning…exercise to keep moving…Reality is coffee keeps me moving and as long as I don’t exercise I will not make a mess and I won’t be in pain!

Don’t worry…I would not thrown an apple in your direction!

Yoda…The man is he!

A short explanation of the next one…A friend of mine, who sings tenor and sits right behind me in choir, sent this to me. I sing alto…surely he wasn’t referring to me!


Sorry…did I mention I am a huge “Dr. Who” fan?

On that note…Bring in the animals:

(“Didn’t you just love the way that just flowed…or tied together?”)

Turn a bouts fair play!

These flying monkeys don’t look mean!


Now that’s the kind of scale I would love to sing!

Wow…no words!

See…we are not the only ones having hard days!

I just want to say how much I love this simple word…it really …..Squirrel!


The joys of coffee and napping!

Hubby is up early on his day off…I am making a coffee run upstairs. BRB!

This is why I drink coffee all day…Yep!

“Darn…I forgot to close the laundry room door!”

The next two are inside jokes with my little group…can you guess why?


(Drum roll….) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

“But the commercials say Charmin is better!”

Another inside joke circulating through my Facebook updates has been a reflection of a statement made by our Pastor several Sundays ago…”I read your Facebook updates!” Here is a few Funnies just for him!


I posted these two…but then I have been tagged in several conversations and updates…example…
(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

All I have to say is “Peas in a Pod!” Lol!

Gotta have a “Grumpy Cat”!

My dog know when I have been unfaithful… And she also recognizes the scent of my parents dogs…Scary!

Because I can….Here is Blog Worthy Award #3:
This next one reminds me of a certain Praise Team at my church…yes I am on it…



Now who could this feline enticement be meant for?

Share the humor and smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Look Who’s Talkin’…Facebook Funnies

One day we will see her smile…
Let’s see what my friends had to offer this past week! Look Who’s Talkin’…Facebook Funnies!

Time for a shoe change…Yuck!

Humm…no more “fat finger dialing!

Time to Name That Tune:

I can name that tune in 5 notes!

(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

Eek…took 6 notes for this one!

“How about the theme song from “Chucky”?

Silly Animals


“And the Oscar goes to…”

Waiter…I found a hair on my chicken!

“If I get 100,000 likes today I will get to sleep in the bed again tonight!”

Tough Love


I need a new box of Kleenex!

Grumpy Cat!(no need for explanation!)




Good Morning!


Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


Do your cheeks hurt from grinning too much? Did you enjoy these Facebook Funnies? I hope you did…make sure you share your favorites!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Can Name That Tune…


So there we were…gathered and ready to sing. But wait! This song won’t do…
What about ______? slow
What about ______? so-and-so is working and won’t be here
“I got it!” What about “Mirey Clay”?

That’s was the one…everyone agreed…and the nod was given to retrieve it from the Choir Room.

“The only problem was the fact that there is no song, called “Mirey Clay” in the filing cabinet.”

We had a momentary lapse in song titles and had sent someone to pull the song with the wrong information. I ran to help and the only thing to do was sing the song, over and over, as I looked through every title in the filing cabinet. Give me a chance…I will get this…I Can Name That Tune…

Shortly after I arrived and began sorting through the files of music another member of the praise team appeared to offer her help. The wafting music came through the door as the instrumentalists and our fearless leader continued, completely abandoned and neglected by our three voices. We giggled in giddy, boisterous laughter as we combed through the files of music. We found a couple of other songs that might work when…what to my wondering eyes did appearFound It!

“That’s it!” How could we have forgotten?”

We headed, victoriously, back into practice with the file in hand. Rehearsal paused…as the song was passed out. Our fearless leader looked at the title and laughed. “There is nothing about “mirey clay” in the title…but that is what we call it…” He just shook his head. The funny thing about this renaming of a song is this is not the only one. You see…we find a phrase or word from our favorite songs that sticks in our heads and that is the way we refer to the title. “I do love the way our unique personalities find everyday truths in the words and phrases of the songs and hold them in our hearts.” It makes these songs sing…HeHe!

Why didn’t we just Google the song? Well…we are a techno-geeky savvy group and truth be told…the signal was too slow to wait and I have no battery left!

I do love singing…and singing with my dear friends…well it’s Priceless!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Long Awaited Facebook Funnies

Here we go! The Long Awaited Facebook Funnies!
The picture above reminds me of the Barnabas Collins character in “Dark Shadows”…What do you think?

Still a bit scary!

Been there…done that!

Continuing with this scary theme…What if animals have the same fears we do?


What if animals have the same needs and wants like us?


As you know…music is a very important part of my life! Here are a couple of music related ideas:

This is has made the rounds today!

Drum roll…The Blog Worthy Award Winner!

This was from a Facebook Friend who was a music teacher and Minister of Music from my hometown.

Health is something we all hope be have a lot of…But?



When it comes to work and time off we are often met with surprises…

“Do you have any superglue and a hammer?”

Well when it comes to organizing my day…I wish I had days like this…


Sorry for the lateness of the day…I had one of those unscheduled busy days…
I have literally done this post while cooking my dinner. I will be heading to church for choir practice in about 20 minutes. I hope you all enjoy this group of Facebook Funnies!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Anchors of Friendship

I wish you could meet me friends…they are the best! They are there when I call and there when I don’t. They lift me up whether I need it or not. They give me a reason to laugh and smile and share in my times of tears. I love my friends…they are my Anchors in Friendship!

First let me say that I have a group of within a group! Don’t shake your head…I have mentioned before that I have a strong core group of friends. With the love of cooking and sharing recipes to cleaning tips and hints to help in the raising of children…we all input guidance and knowledge. Isn’t this what friends do…no matter the situation. We share the funny and important stuff with those we care about because they may have a future need for the information we gave them. So let me break it down for you!

There is the group that I talk to occasionally. These are the ones I may talk to once in a blue moon because of distance. We talk and there is an automatic pick up where we left off mentality. We were close when we lived close to each other but…living across the country from each other can cause a few problems. Facebook has been wonderful with keeping the lines of communication open. Before we only had snail mail and phone calls.

There is the group that I still talk to from churches in the area. They are few in number and seem to evaporate after time. I have one I still see and talk to but…it just isn’t the same. (I have only been at three churches in the area…two of which were never really a fit)

This next group is the group with a group! Some of them have been there for the past 10+ years, since moving to this area, and have grown into the deepest, family replacing, type of friends. I could not go through my day without talking to them at least once. This little group has increased in the past few years to include new personalities that, to me, feel like they were meant just for me. “You know who you are!” (take a moment to give yourself a hug and know that I love each of you very dearly and keep reading)

There are days that the phone is attached to my ear…if we are not together in person. This is the group that we are talking on the phone with them as we walk across the parking lot or church building to see them. This group is centered around my church and my faith. We sing together…often break out into silly laughter together. ( Oh Where is My Hairbrush?) Sorry…I was just thinking about our recent time together and it brought a warmth to my heart. This group is consistent and supportive. They are my Anchors of Friendship!

The bonds this group shares is not an isolated occurrence. This type of friendship happens at churches and schools around the world. You may have a similar group that anchor you. When you feel like things could not be worse…they are right there for you…holding you hand and picking you up. They don’t ask for explanations…they just give you support and love! They are quiet when you are quiet and rowdy when you are rowdy. “We tend to be rowdy a lot lately!” The interesting thing about my wonderful group is the differing personalities. We are not of the same age group…they have not clue who my husband is but, would love him if he would give the opportunity to them. Backgrounds and life experiences are packed full of delights and tragic events. We are more alike than we may realize.

I am really a very blessed person to have this group of God given friends. I wish I could tell them how I feel…but…we are always to busy singing and laughing! The joy that flows from my heart when I think about them fills my day and eases the struggles that I encounter on a daily basis. “Some of this group understand the intricacies of my life.”

Through this group we have other friends with whom we associate with even outside church activities. We are really an interesting bunch of ….delinquents…no! That seems a little young and harsh…grapes. “I like that!”. I used to not understand that concept when I first heard my Aunt and Uncle talk about their group this way. Think about it for a second…always in a bunch…there may be some that are bruised and some not fully ripened and some that are just right…all together they are wonderful. They continue to grow and multiply and become a hardy, rooted plant just like friends. Anchors in Friendship are long lasting and true!

I hope you can take an opportunity to tell your friends how much you appreciate them today! Everyone needs to smile at least once a day! Until the next time…have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Solitary Reflections


This week has been a blur of movement and activity. Things have been accomplished and others have been added to the growing stack for this next week. Oh the joys of motherhood! For the first time, in my life as a mother, I find that my schedule does not revolve around the boys! WOW! When did this happen? They come and go as they respond to my well wishes for the day. I smile and proceed with my day…the ever present chores…conversations with friends…planning of dinner.
The head count for dinner seems to float between 3-5 instead of the original 6 mouths to feed. Thinking and reacting on my feet with a “shoot from the hip” mentality! Solitary Reflections!

I have been gone several nights, myself, this week. Of course this is due to our Easter Musical practices. Today is the last practice…what will I do next week? “Trio practices!” One of the trios that I am on has been asked to sing at a type of civic meeting. They meet throughout the month and would like to have music as a part of their meetings. This means the learning of new music and practices to organize. But that is next week and I don’t need to worry about that right now. My life is a consistent symphony, of sorts, with dramatic emotional transitions. I find contentment in my small corner of the world.

My grandmother celebrated another birthday yesterday and some members of the family will gather with her today. I wish I could have been able to attend…I did not know about it in time to try and make arrangements. But I do have practice today! I will miss spending this special day with my grandmother. She is in her mid-nineties and may not even know I am not there. I still miss her! She is one of my greatest inspirations and examples in my life. Her grace and wisdom overflowed into my life and for this I will be eternally thankful. I find myself thinking of her as statements and movements surface through me. The simple pleasures in life…beauty in the garden…love of the beach…walking…picnics… We are really alike in so many ways! I miss our talks and time together!

This next week begins a flurry of review for my youngest. They are getting ready for the series of standardized tests. I put him in a Saturday program to assist in this preparation. The school promptly cancelled one session because of two county-wide required furlough days for teachers. They got Thursday and Friday off and did not want to come back for a 3 hour session on Saturday. Can you really blame them? My son will not be able to attend today’s session because I cannot guarantee the availability of a ride home at the needed time. Sooo…he goes with me!

I was used to taking the boys with me to my extra practices. It was our way of life. It was the way I was raised and what I was used to! I guess I am thankful for the extra practices for the main fact that it gets me out of the house. I find myself a home-body of sorts. Not by choice but by necessity. I have accepted this flaw in my life and even embrace it from time to time. I have been invited to participate in group functions and had to turn them down for several reasons. No one to watch our youngest, economic deficiencies, and the wishes of my husband. I guess I am a unique and complicated person! Everyone else finds a way and seems to do whatever they want to do! They gather at peoples houses and share meals or go out together. I am never invited to those activities. “I resolve to do for my family and be there even when not needed.” Now that is a mouth full!

I have been able to see the change in seasons in dramatic ways this week. If you have watched the news our state reached record high levels in pollen counts this week. With pollen comes new growth…blooms of color and explosions of green fill the landscape. We had some rain which washed some of the yellow haze away…but another burst of spring followed the rain. The fluffy white blossoms have blown away in the breezes, creating a flurry of petals. Green leaves appeared as the trees begin to take on their full refreshed appearance.

It has been a good week all in all. I count myself blessed and look forward to what this next week will bring. You know…grocery shopping, loading and unloading of the groceries, normal daily activities with an assortment of daily challenges to overcome. I am ready! “Are you?”

I look forward to sharing the funny and humorous parts of my life this next week. For now I will close and start getting ready for practice. I will drink in the morning…what I have left of it…as I finish my coffee. I should text a friend of mine to pick up a coffee for me as he goes thought he drive thru at Starbucks. “He owes me!” I will get to see my dearest of friends and spend the good part of the morning with them and most of the day tomorrow. What a way to spend the weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? Did you have a fulfilling week? Take a moment and consider your Solitary Reflections!

Peach State

Peach State says: Sunrise Reflections


No light is shinning from behind the trees this morning. The birds are silent and still. The fragrance of rain fills the air as the scattered droplets touch the varied surfaces. It is Saturday morning and I wish I was still in bed…but the day will march forward carrying me in it’s flow. I will sip from my tall pink cup and close my eyes. Thoughts of this past week have been knocking around in my dreams, bringing to life these events already lived. They were not spectacular in nature and tedious to most. But this is my life…and this is my Sunrise Reflections!

Singing and music was a large part of this weeks activities. Everyday the songs flow through my head, repeating the tune and lyrics. “This always happens when I am memorizing the music.”
I was at the church on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday did not revolve around singing, except for the special that three of us went over Thursday while working on the choir room. We successfully cleaned the choir room and rearranged the furniture too! “I can’t wait to hear and see the reaction tomorrow!” This has been a long week but this coming week will be longer…we have the final practices leading up to the dress rehearsal and performance next weekend.

Another warming sip of my latte’ as a smile creeps across my face…my youngest has been out of school due to the county wide 2-day break. Economic cutbacks! He was with me at the church on Thursday and Friday…he was a real big help! Someone watched as he took the boxes and boxes of choir robes and miscellaneous music from the choir room to the music library. He was so excited when he was able to use a Dollie to move more than one at a time and use the elevator. Yesterday he received am iTunes card from the person who had watched him working. She said it was so good to see a young man work so hard…she wanted to give him something to tell him “Way to go!”
I was thankful and proud…”He spent the rest of the day writing a list of songs to download.”
At least he was busy…and out of other people’s way.

Spending time with friends is a wonderful activity. This past week gave me the chance to do just that. Thursday and Friday from about 8:45-2:30 (a guesstimate on the ending time) I was fortunate enough to spend time with a dear friend. We sing together and share the love of Starbucks and our daily coffee and poke fun at each other on Facebook. The similarities are numerous and have created strong ties between us. We found that our previous skills in the workplace prepared us for a challenge set before us yesterday. The making of copies for the sound personnel and the worship leader and a smaller notebook for the praise team…of the Easter Music…so that these people would be able to lay the book flat and not have to struggle and fight the pages. The copier was not our friend…in the beginning! We came to an understanding…it would make copies and I would not blow it up. I thought that was fair! One of the songs in our Easter Music is called “O Great Redeemer!” I was singing it in my head and got to the chorus and out came a loud “O Great..” before I could finish my friend turned around in fear…”What happened?” “everything is fine…why?” She thought I was saying Oh great…like something is wrong…with the copies. We both laughed and began singing song snip-its to fit the situation. She joked that this would end up on my blog…and she was right! Time passed quickly and so did the work!

I was able, for the most part, to keep up with the laundry at home as well as the other tasks. “I did good!” It will be a typical Saturday for me and I am looking forward to a slow day. Pausing to drink some more of my latte’ and listen to the squeaking floor as my husband walks across the bathroom floor upstairs. The birds are awake now as the thick cloud cover hides the suns warm glow. My shadow and constant companion, a black English Cocker, is curled up in the chair next to mine. She is 13 years old today! She will be spoiled…but then again she is spoiled everyday. The house is quiet but that will change as my two older sons get ready to go to work. It will be a quiet day…hopefully!

This is Brittany…timing is everything…it looks like she is smiling but she had just sneezed. “I like to think it is a smile.” Enjoy the day you have ahead of you. You will only have this day to live once and then it will fade as the morning fog in your Sunrise Reflections!

Peach State

Peach State says: These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

The sun has silently started to glow behind the trees in my back yard. The birds have been waking the day with song for a little while. The day is off to an altered start with there being no school today or tomorrow. My husband is getting ready for work as I type to you this morning. Today is going to be busy…I will be getting ready to leave, as soon as my husband leaves, and heading to my church.
It is going to be fun…These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

While drinking my latte’ this morning, and contemplating what to write, I received a panic ridden text…”What do I order…it’s cold outside!” It brought a smile to the dark room and I picked up my phone and called my friend in need. We laughed about her plea for help…it’s just too early to think!
We will be working at our church, in a little while, trying to organize the choir room and music library. Later we will practice with the Senior Adults for their songs on Sunday afternoon. There are about five of us who stand behind the seniors whenever they sing to help them with their part. They are a sweet bunch of special souls.

The time spent working on the choir room and music library will be filled with laughter and humor. We will clean and rearrange the choir room, which has not been done since the building was first completed. “Alright, it may have been cleaned before…we just don’t know when that was!”
I recently worked in the choir room moving music to the new music library in the newly constructed building of our church. There is so much to do…and very little time to do it! As my friend and I were leaving Praise Team practice last night we were both looking forward to working together. “Maybe we can solve the world’s problems while we work.”. We will both have our specialty drinks from the local Starbucks and sip our way through the dusty stacks of old music. These are a Few of my Favorite Things!/em>

The clock will not stop it’s progressive march forward. “I need to get ready!” So…favorite things…

Good friends
Coffee (you know me…always plenty of coffee)

The sad thing is my son has a dentist appointment today…I do not like the dentist and that is another list. Have a great day and I hope you can fill it with some of your Favorite Things!

Peach State

Peach State says: Curve Balls

This has been a very busy weekend and I have survived.  The weekend started with a Prayer Conference, a planned activity I signed up for, at my church.  It started Friday evening and then again on Saturday morning.  On Sunday we had a special emphasis for the New Family Life Center Dedication with lots of music and Guest Speaker.  Everything was fine and falling into place!  Then the proverbial “Curve Ball” hit the fan.  Let’s just say I have run the gambit of emotions this weekend.  I am in a state of calm shakiness feeling peacefully distraught.  I know you may think I am one of the craziest people you have ever known.   “I would have to agree with you right now!”

I wish I could go into details!  “Maybe another time.”

All I can say about this “Curve Ball” is that it is probably the best thing that could happen.  Inconvenient and tragic but, all in all, a “silver lining”.

Curve Balls“, when thrown at you, can put your life is such disarray.  One moment the crowd is cheering and banners and signs are flying high and the next is a collective and silenced hush.  You have two can hold your head high with an “everything will turn out okay” spirit or you can throw your bat down and storm off crying.  Let me just speak from experience for a moment and say that the latter of the two choices is sometimes the easier of the two options.  We have to face the circumstances thrown at us on a daily basis and learn to make that darn lemonade.  We have to listen to the inner commanding officer barking orders on the battlefield.  “Get up soldier!”  “But I have been shot sir!” “Where?” “My leg sir!” “Walk it off soldier..That’s and order!”  “Yes sir!”  We get up and start walking, as the pain increases our resolve increases, and we continue on with the path before us.

I had the special yesterday and it was a tough one…or was it?  It was almost word for word Psalm 121.  “I love singing the Psalms.” I was fearful, to say the least, about being able to sing this song on this very important day.  Five people knew the situation that had occurred the day before and after the song was over the looks on their faces reflected the radiating warmth I had flowing through my body.  I was told later it was incredible and outstanding…I can’t believe you could get through that song….I was praying for you!  I think the look I got from the pastor said it all.  He simply looked up and smiled before I started and bowed his head.  As the song reached the huge, voice filled, end…the entire church was in a clapping frenzy and the pastor looked up again and caught my eye, and with the broadest and whitest grin, nodded.  I don’t remember walking back to the choir after the song.  The other special was just as powerful and held my heart in that one two…but I was with the Ensemble and there is strength in numbers.  The congregation rose to new heights by the end of this song and the Guest Speaker rose to take his place.

Knowing where my help and strength come allows me to hold my head up and courageously walk off the field.  I know that when the next “Curve Ball” is thrown I will face it with determination and strength.  I may actually swing and connect with the ball causing a reverberating crack to echo throughout the stadium.  I may also be the only one who knows I hit that “Curve Ball” out of the park…and that’s okay!

How will you react when you get throw a “Curve Ball”?

Peach State