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In All Things


I may not know everything you are going through right now and that’s okay.  I can however share how I am.  We tend to seek out a fix during times of struggle to ease the chaos and fear.  So my God given message will now be shared.

“Every second, minute and moment…one step at a time.  Remember God, Trust God…He is in control and so able!”

Taking one second, minute and moment at a time I have had to remember this previous statement.  In the little and big things…everything.  There have been many changes that have I, and those around me, have endured and are still walking through.  “Whee! What a roller coaster!”  Don’t worry…I will not bore you with ins and outs, details left for a later time, instead I will just try and bring a smile to your day.

I’m sitting here today simply sipping my fancy healthy smoothie. “Yikes, I am making my own smoothies!”  Life is completely different from when I last posted.  I am working a real job and I am attempting to find a new balance to my existence.  The very thought of getting up and ready for work and then coming home to different dynamics has been a heart changing experience.  I have become accustomed to pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat that I can’t find.  It is reassuring to know that life is not orderly but filled with layers of inconsistency.  Life is not to be set in stone otherwise we are living in a sad venue of complacency.  It is filled with possibilities and change that need to be faced with discernment.  Face every day as a new and exciting journey…and look for things, “big or small”, that surprise you and put that smile in your day.  In doing this you will always put a contagious smile in the hearts of those around you.

How to succeed in this type of lifestyle

#1 Find that reason to smile, laugh…find joy!

#2 Realize that I am not in control!

#3  Prayers are heard!

#4  Singing really silences chaos!

So the concept to bring a smile to your day is this.

#4 Singing while doing anything…”In your head is fine too”…while vacuuming in true Mrs. Doubtfire style.  Think about it.  You know the scene.  Just google it…smiling yet?  I am just thinking of the scene.  The serene place where we are freely doing something with fierceness with no fear of anything or anyone seeing us.

I am looking forward to writing again.  I have missed this and you!  Please feel free to send your smiles…in pictures or events.  Let’s share with each other!  Who knows I could share your smile with someone who needs something positive in a world of negative.

“Pray big and worry small”

Peach State


Peach State says: A Good Day To Clean!

Dang Dust Bunnies!
They multiplied over night and now I have something else to do today. You know how it is…I am not alone in this battle between dust and cleanliness. The even sadder truth is the ever-growing-pile of Tupperware-type-containers-holding-the-mysteries-to-the-meaning-of-life packed into the fridge. This is the way my 19 year old cleans the kitchen. “I really need to correct this method before it gets out of control!” So with this in mind as well as the huge….did I say huge?…rain system moving in it looks like A Good Day To Clean!

I had every intention of walking the track today but the humidity levels are very high. Asthmatics don’t function well in high humidity. I will put on some fun, fast-paced, music and try the new aerobic cleaning style. Grab the broom and mop and twirl and twist dancing the grime out of the house. I am picturing something along the lines of Robin Williams in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire cleaning the house.


The only difference is I will not be attired in an apron or dress much less wearing a wig and support hose. I can honestly say I am not that “Umm…what’s the word?”…Mature!

(Those of you who know me can get up off the floor and stop that Hyena-type laughter!)

I know what you are thinking…it will be a scary sight for those little Dust Bunnies. Well at least they will be gone!”

Exercise is exercise and I must be creative today. I will venture into my office/sitting room and ride my bike sometime today. Maybe I could Hulu a show and ride for that time period. It is worth a try…right?

Facebook is active this morning as a friend and her hubby wait for a decision from the medical professionals. The conversations and concerned inquiries are numerous as well as musically diverse. “Her hubby is the electric guitarist for our band and a suggested song list has been started for surgery music!” But that will be another blog worthy post!.

I am off the great cleaning adventure and will let you go for now. Have a great day!

Peach State