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Peach State says: Rearranging Tuesday!


Dear cuz,
I have chosen to write to you today in hopes that my dear friends will not find out about my activities today. Rearranging Tuesday!

I have been sitting in the same room arrangement for almost 2 years now and I just wanted to scream. My chair has been moved to the point that I sit sideways in it to see the television. “And not very well at that.” Well you know me…and even though I received harsh-finger-shaking and oh-no-you-can’ts from friends, when I was moving a couple of chairs this past Sunday, I took control of the situation and put my foot down. “Not that anyone was listening…they were all gone!”. Wait my 22 year old did move my chair from the middle of the living room floor to a spot by the window…yep he sure did…then he left.

I took my time and was careful…but I am beginning to feel…PAIN! Granted I probably should not have been participating in this refreshing and organized activity with a Herniated Disc and I will pay for it later as well as Now!

Please be a dear and do not speak of this to my dear friends…they will shake their fingers at me and ask me why I did this by myself. I can tell you one thing…if I didn’t do it it would never get done…Can I get an Amen!?

Thanks for listening cuz…I knew you would understand!

Well time for TKD so I gotta go…Have a great day!

Peach State

To bad this guy was not available to help me with Rearranging Tuesday!


Peach State says: Let Me Show you How to Redecorate!

OMG!!! Where is the floor?

What did I just step on?  Where are all your clothes?  Is that a bag of trash?

These are all questions I recently asked my youngest son.  The response to all the questions was “I don’t know!”  I have a solution!

Let Me Show You How To Redecorate!

When I was a child my father would threaten to back up a dump truck and use a bobcat to clean our rooms.  We understood what that meant and headed off to our rooms.  Out of the four siblings I was the one who would always clean by moving furniture.  I would put things in the hall and start moving the larger pieces of furniture around the room.  “I could clean the area under my bed this way…Hehe!”  It was an all day event and the clean room would last for a while.  The rearranging of furniture became part of my life and I still do it today.  Not to force myself to clean but just to have a new look.

I have finally reached the breaking point with my youngest son’s bedroom.  I have been trying to show him and provide him techniques for cleaning his room.  He is ADHD and thinks that lining things up in unique groupings, filling every space, is a good thing.  “NOPE!”  He is so over stimulated that he can’t function in the room.  I have tried removing things he no longer needs only to have them reappear in a different location in his room.  I had made Memory Pages and framed them for his baseball and basketball years.  He took them off the wall and placed them in a stack on the floor and said they were old.  “I have pictures older than you are hanging in your brother’s room of his early basketball days!”

So today the “Dump Truck” backing up to his window.  Today the “Bobcat”, driven my me, will purge the clutter to reveal the carpet.  He will not need two storage units because of the items that will be put in black construction garbage bags.  It is time!  “Let Me Show You How To Redecorate!”  He has a great shelf that sits along one side of his room filled with air and the occasional board game.  “Where are the Lego containers?”  “They were supposed to be on your shelf!”  he turns and points…The are all stacked, very carefully, without the lids in another area of the room.  “Where are the lids to the Lego containers?”  He looks under his bed and pull one out.  He had turned the lids upside down and put things on top using the lid to slide things back and forth.  I wanted to run from the room and shut the door.  If I ignore the mess it will go away, Right?  I have tried to let him be in charge of his room but the breaking point has been breached.  This room will not continue to look like the preview of “Hoarders” any longer.  There are just certain things we do not collect…garbage…every paper from school and church…every pencil and pen ever made…crayon wrappers…”I may need 2 “Dump Trucks.”

It will be good to see the color of his walls again…we might even find his bed!  “Okay! He does sleep on his bed and it is still visible from the doorway.”  He loves to build and create but has no room to do it in…so…I will give him the room!  He has a creative vision that he can’t put into words.  He loves to see how things work and this is one of the things I love about him.  He was allowed to organize and clean, in this sad concept he calls cleaning, for 7 years prior to coming to live with us.  I recognized the ADHD mannerisms very quickly…”Of course the Neon Sign flashing over the freshly cleaned room did give it away.”  Every Hot-wheel car was lined up against the wall and every book was laying flat on top of the shelf.  “Wouldn’t you rather keep your favorite cars out on display and put the others in their box?”  “You can put two books on your side table and the others can go on your shelf like this..okay!”  It would not last long…everything was back to the previous cluttered, space covered way.

I am ADHD but never diagnosed, due to my age…HEHE!  I cannot function in the disorganization.  I know this could help him in the long run and make it easier for him to do his room and move on to the next stage of his development.  We will overcome and survive this devastation called his room.  He will know where every thing is and where it goes.  He will be able to see his floor and walls.  He will have a desk to use for his drawing and writing.  “I hope we finish before the next “Ice Age”. ”

Maybe once this task is complete I can take his overflow items out of my office/sitting room…Now that will be a wonderful day!  There are certain rooms, in the house, that I am not allowed to rearrange but they are clean.  I have already considered moving some furniture between rooms to freshen the houses’ overall feel.  “Don’t worry…I live in a household of all males and they will not notice the changes.”  I can’s wait…”I love to redecorate!”

BTW…I walked 2 miles yesterday and have still been dieting!!! My legs are feeling the residual pain and burn though…I can do this!

Peach State