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Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle


What a way to start off the morning…I know what you are saying…
“Great now that song is stuck in my head!”
Don’t worry! I have just the cure!

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle!

How about a little “Iron Maiden”?

Not quite what you were thinking of…okay,

Simon and Garfunkel perhaps…

I always loved this song…but after seeing this it really speaks to me!

Scary thing is I have been singing along since I was old enough to walk beside my mom…music was always a part of my life!

Animal Parade:

End of the school year…yeah right! Sounds like the type of book my sons would read except the title would be “Dad said…”!

It is hard enough with one spoiled rotten Princess but multiple cats…

Oops…they forgot to spell!


Speaking of back-up…

They are sooo busted!

My youngest favorite line!

How about some Coffee?


LOL! Sorry I just had to post this one!

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winners:

They must Samuel’s kids!

Yummy Bacon!

I hope you have a great day and this it not the day for…


Have a great one!

Peach State

Peach State says: Patriotic Goose Bumps!

My family recently viewed the alien invasion movie called Battleship. I knew, going into this movie, I would be bored. “I am not a fan of alien based movies!” The special effects for the aliens is too fantasy filled for me and the cookie-cutter-alien-invasion-as-mere-humans-fight-for-to-save-planet-earth is well…overdone. I yawned through the first almost 3/4’s of the movie. But then the movie took a turn and I knew exactly where it was going.

With all possibilities gone…the only course of action is to use a retired Battleship. But it only gets better from this point. Upon the majestic deck of this floating museum the crew begins to contemplate their actions…but way off in the distance I see the twist. My heart began to jump and beat wildly as a increasing tingle swept over my body. Patriotic Goose Bumps!
The appearance of the recently honored veterans gave this movie the heart-tugging twist it needed. “Well, for me it did!” The spirit in which these men returned to the call of duty may have been staged for the movie…but, I see them differently. Pride and desire course through them everyday. The body may be wrinkled but their hearts beat strongly with love and duty. “I will not go any further with my movie description. You will need to see it for yourself!”

I will probably view this movie over and over…”The boys loved it!”…and I will try and watch the part of the movie I missed while yawning. [Note to self: Make sure it is not past my bedtime when I start watching it…the next time!]

I love, honor and respect the military veterans. They are a special group of men and women who deserve more than my straight-from-the-heart-Patriotic Goose Bump-thank-you!
If you meet a veteran…tell them how much you appreciate all they did. It will mean a lot! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Time To Put the Feet Up!

I am finally home from a day long trip to my home town. My niece graduated from High School today and for the first time in many years I drove beyond my parents house. It was fun to see all the changes and even more…what had stayed familiar and unchanged. Looking down the list of graduates was like looking at an old church roll.

After walking across my old college campus, where the high school graduation was held, I finally found all of my siblings and their spouses. We endured an hour of introductions and special music and finally started the handling out of the diplomas. BUT WAIT! Instructions were given 3 times on how to clap…when to clap…no noise makers!

“Please contain you clapping and cheering for your graduate until the entire row is complete.”
The third graduate stepped over to receive her diploma as cheers and horns sounded!
I am glad my parents decided to leave after my niece walked across the stage.

We gathered to have lunch together and celebrate the day…then we all went our own ways and headed home. I picked up a couple of things for dinner and a movie!

Who wants to cook? Not me!
And the movie called Joyful Noise that no one in my family wants to see…except for me!

So I will close…with comfy clothes now on…and my Almond Joy Mocha beside my chair…the movie is starting. Enjoy your evening!

Peach State

Peach State says: After a Very Long Day


It had been a very long morning of practices that ended after 1:00. I had gotten home to find my check had come and rushed off to the bank. My youngest and I spent the rest of the day getting the espresso beans ground, a stop at the Nail Salon, then off to the grocery store. We were finishing up at the store when he saw the Muppet Movie was on display for sale. I have to confess, I LOVE the Muppets. We paid for the groceries and darted over to the RedBox. I found the movie and pulled up a promo code off my phone and got the movie. We headed home and put the groceries away and the two us prepared for the movie After a Very Long Day.

What a delight! There were old favorites I could sing along with mixed in with the new songs. The story was very cute. Just as the movie reached the end, in true romantic fashion, there it was. My song filled the screen and the room. “Mahna Mahna”! My 18 year old had watched a little of the movie and said he would bet me I would cry during the movie….and I did! I love this song and sang along through the smiling tears. I called a friend of mine and told her she had to get the movie…just for this song… “I know what she will be doing this week!”

After dinner…bedtime for the youngest…the Blind Side came on. Another of my favorites! I sat back and watched while I waited for my husband to come downstairs. The other boys were not home sooo the TV remote was mine! When my husband finally came down he said “Oh…I have seen this before!” He does not like to watch things more than once…”If that is the case…why does his watch the news channels…all day?” (insert a chuckle)

The next thing I knew he was involved in the movie…we watched the entire movie with interruptions and paused TiVo. I did not nap as usual and when the movie ended it was 11:40. Well worth it!
It was a good day with some not so good things thrown in…but that will be for another day. I headed for bed After a Very Long Day!

Have a wonderful day!

Peach State