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Peach State says: Happy Facebook Funnies!

I just loved having my world organized on my desk…Now who needs a desk!

Welcome and Happy Facebook Funnies! I hope you are ready for some tickling of the funny bone. I only ask one thing…Please do not take a sip of your coffee, or favorite morning drink, as you read the funny…I am not responsible for the clean up of snorts and spits.

Aww…I guess she finally forgave “Samuel”! ( sorry…inside joke!)

The look on your face when you just can’t seem to find the right button to change the channel.

(drum roll….) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:
This brought tears to my eyes….from laughing so hard!

See what I mean!

Even a Grumpy Cat needs a fluffy place to rest.

True life “Nana” from “Peter Pan”!

Please…no raising your hands if you know someone who has done this….

That dog should renovate and expand…he would be rich!

(drum roll…). Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

“You should have seen it dude…Mom was looking at this picture and started grinning and crying at the same time…it was freaky!”

Sorry to interrupt the flow…but I was just informed, while sharing my laughter with my youngest, that he does NOT laugh because he knows every joke. Wow!

Note to self…don’t climb trees!

True “Reality TV”!

Translating the look on his face was harder than I thought…
“Do you have to yell?”
“Breath mint?”
“She needs a new medication!”


Insurance cards on your phone…now tickets…

Poor guy…Do you think he will ever figure it out?

Now that would be a fun topic to cover…and I would not have a problem finding examples.

Is anyone allergic to the tree?



Just because of the quotability…(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #3:


Have a great day…share the humor and please pass on the drinking and snorting warning to your friends.

Peach State

Peach State says: What A Difference A Week Makes!

I have finally settled down…for a moment…to enjoy some quiet solitude before the rest of my day kicks me in the behind. My constant companion sits on the table next to me with the remaining few sips of my first morning coffee. The blinds are open allowing me to view the vibrant green backyard. No longer am I looking down into the neighbors backyard as the full green growth has virtually exploded this past week. The bright morning sunbeams filter down through the tall brown and green columns as the cheerful morning song fills the air. But don’t go outside unprepared…this pleasant picture will draw you into the chilled-you-got-to-be-kidding air. “It is in the 30’s this morning…and I have turned the heat on once again!” WOW!

“What A Difference A Week Makes!”

This week has been a wild ride filled with nervous anxiousness and schedule juggling routines. Last week, at this time, my 2 younger sons were already up and ready to begin a weekend project.

Paint the deck!

This weekend project was supposed to be a shared time between Father and Sons…BUT…the weather was not going to cooperate. Needless to say the deck was completed while hubby was at work. The freshly spray-painted deck furniture was put back onto the deck. TASK COMPLETE!

Son’s Surgery!

The surgery was performed on Wednesday and went well! The second surgeon found the hernia to be a bit more than he thought…but he resolved the issue! Now we deal with a lot of pain as the healing begins. As surprising and unplanned change has occurred! A unique and almost bend-over-backwards mentality has infected my four sons. They are helpful and doing things without being asked and…no bickering! Chores belonging to my 20 year old have miraculously been done and the biggie…my youngest was asked by my 20 year old to bring down his dirty clothes. The interesting part is the fact that not only does my 20 year old not like anyone to touch his stuff he expressed appreciation for the extra effort from his younger brother. The youngest brought down the clothes and even started the clothes for him. “NO complaints!!!” I came downstairs to fix breakfast this morning only to find the dishwasher had been started last night. Someone had brought down the dishes from the pain ward and actually put them in the dishwasher and started it. As funny as this may sound to you I find it quite unbelievable and relaxing… “Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?”

Me and my pain!

While still hurting…the main limping pain has not bothered me as it did before. I have done a great deal of walking this week as well as many trips up and down and up and down (hehe) the stairs. I have been slightly focused on other things this week and well…you know me! I do tend to work through the pain even when I am not supposed to. ( Stop shaking that finger at me! ) The throbbing legs have not slowed me down as I fall asleep at night…and I have not had to take anything other than the plain Tylenol two days ago. This is very good news!

My Oldest Son’s Job Hunt!

According to my oldest…he is now employed and starts work Wednesday as a shift leader. I sure hope he can hold on to this job and begin his walk down the right road.

It is almost 9 AM and time for the rest of the house to wake up…Time for me to prepare!
Thank you to those of you who offered well wishes and prayers for my son and his surgery this past week. They were greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Now That’s How To Start A Day!

It is your typical morning…Now That’s How To Start A Day!
Up before the Butt crack of dawn making breakfast for my hubby and youngest child while I swivel and pirouette, like a graceful ballerina, between the espresso maker and microwave. Tasks accomplished and back upstairs to enjoy my body warming-oversized-overly caffeinated-life sustaining “Calf-Pow”. (Sorry I am a tad-bit of a NCIS fan!) The world is as right as it can be this early in the day. My hubby even squeezed in a lovely behavior lecture from his series “How To Behave At School” which was not accepted by our 6th grade multitasker. “Well I will not let that ruin my morning!” I head down the stairs to the kitchen and begin my next series of task as my lethargic and oh so put upon son began his final preparations. I was in the middle of cleaning out the dishwasher (while my youngest sat on the couch saying “I was going to do that!”) when my phone buzzed. I paused and took a well deserved break…hehe…and saw that a dear friend was thing about me this morning. To be truthful…her hubby was thinking about me too! “Sorry…I had to chuckle out loud after typing that…” This is what my friend said:

Hubby said that I should send this to you…I was already in the process! LOL

This picture is what they were talking about:

I have to admit…I laughed so loudly that I scared my youngest and made him jump.
What lovely friends I have that they would support my lifestyle choices and even offer suggestions on my preparation of my addiction. “Hi…my name is Peach State and I am a Coffeeholic!”
The good thing is the fact that this husband and wife are Coffeeholics too!
Now That’s How To Start A Morning! Family, morning lectures to children, good friends, strong Coffee and Facebook. “Wow! I have finally become one of those people who use Facebook to have conversations instead of picking up the phone.” In my defense…it was only 7am and I typically do not start talking in the phone until after my hubby leaves for work. I love getting coffee pics from my friends…oh and cheeseburger pics (you know who you are) from those close to me.

It sure makes the day brighter! A little ray of sunshine letting me know I am being thought about…Now That’s How To Start A Morning!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Early Morning Roar

First things first…the Time Change recuperation was not a success. My hubby was able to get up early yesterday morning (Not as early as I did…I was up 3 hours before he rolled out of bed!) and then he napped for close to 3 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon. I guess he napped to long due to the fact that he was up late last night. He crawled in bed about 11:15 and turned in the TV…”Why?” and then went to his office. At last check he was still awake after 1:30. The funny thing is the fact that he has an early meeting this morning and is leaving about an hour earlier. “Someone is going to be tired tonight!”…besides me!

The change of schedule threw my system into a caloric tizzy. I must not have eaten my needed calories because my sleep was disturbed several times due to The Early Morning Roar! The continuous rumbling, as my body tried to sleep, reminded me of the “Earthquake” movies in school.

The movement between the tectonic plates cause a series of shakes and sounds. The depth of the initial quake lends itself to a deeper and slower thundering rumble where as the shallow quake is often a rapid succession of vibrations…noticed and unnoticed.

I know this is silly…but you know what I am talking about…

The second type of Roar was heard as I let out my Precious Princess this morning. The dense cloud cover, in preparation for a lovely rainy Monday, held the sounds of the morning down low. I opened the door and hear the louder than usual “Roar” of the traffic as the mad rush of early morning commuters hurried along their appointed routes. The stillness of the surrounding darkness was broken only by the various makes and models. The sound of large trucks rumbled through the morning before the parade of alarms and snooze buttons, dimly lit kitchens and the oh so precious coffee making.

Fortunately! A weather related rumble and roar has been moved to later in the day. As for my stomach…my coffee is working. I close knowing the sounds of the morning will fade away as the daylight breaks and my schedule kicks into to overdrive. I do love the days when I can experience “The Early Morning Roar“…well maybe just the sounds…not the stomach.

Have a great day!

Peach State