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Moonlit Morning Sky

What a sight! The white fluffy billows illuminated by the bright-night-light-in-the-sky…
The gentle movement of the emptying branches, swayed as if they were sweeping the clouds across the sky, cast erie dancing shadows against the browning lawns. This morning would have been a perfect Halloween morning!

It is October and Fall is beginning to settle in for the short time it has left on the seasonal flow. Do you see the changes? Don’t you love this time of year? “I do!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Coolness of the Morning Air!

The morning wakes with fewer sounds today
As the birds huddle close in their nests.
The grass sparkles with dew on each blade
Reflecting the Moon’s farewell glow at it’s best.

My uncovered toes chilled and exposed
Against the cold bricks off the steps.
A dog travels past with runner in tow
As down to my dog’s collar I leapt.

Back inside…no time for socks
I head to my heavenly brew!
Warming my hands as the clock tick tocks,
My routine quickly resumes.

All chaos today is orderly and neat,
Everyone moves in quickened pace.
Doors open and close as time they beat,
Beginning their individual race.

A new cup in my hand filled with espresso
My toes covered up in my chair.
Attempting to warm my feet and my toes,
Safe from the Coolness of the Morning Air!

Have a great day!

Peach State