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Peach State says: It’s Monday…HELLO!


My hubby and #2 son ventured out early yesterday, to the old house, in hopes of completing this never-ending-just-take-it-to-Goodwill-move! I got home from church and did a few things including starting the laundry…Switch the loads and started dinner…

I was almost ready to make the almost hour long trek to church, for the Ordination of a very dear friend, when the washer decided to ding! This was not the usual ding but a distinct Hey-this-is-your-washer-and-I-have-stopped-working! Hubby said he would look at it and sent in #2 son who, in turn, told the youngest to climb up on the washer and see it there was a kink in the hose. Nope! Hubby said “I will take care of it later!”

Fast-forward to this morning…”Honey, you will need to look up the problem online and see it the washer can be fixed…if not you will need to call a plumber!” ( insert giggle) “Uh, I think it would be best to call an Appliance Repair guy!” Hubby shook his head in agreement. “Here are my dirty clothes…and can you take the dry cleaning, work on the boxes in the basement!…oh and what are you planning on for dinner?”

It’s Monday…HELLO!

I know what I need to do…and it all starts with…COFFEE!


Time to get to work…oh, and get dressed just in case the appliance repair company I called can come out today!

“May your cup runneth over with Joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Because Monday Happens!


Just in case you need an excuse to grab another cup of coffee…Here it is!

“Because Monday Happens!” Better make it a double!

So lift your coffee cup and take a deep breath…this day will be over soon…”I hope!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Couldn’t Tell It Was A Monday


The butt-crack-of-dawn rising did not cause any ripple effect today. The smarter-than-mom 13 year old didn’t even have a chance to ruin the start of my day. Everything just flowed…fell into place…(translation…) everything was accomplished. I am not that weird…Am I?

Couldn’t Tell It Was A Monday!

Dinner is ready before my youngest has even hopped off the bus…basketball practice tonight!
Typical never ending chores completed giving me time to talk with friends about stuff! (VBS planning…Don’t shake your head; I told you we were getting an early start!

What a grand feeling!

BUT…What happens in a few hours when I finally sit down and put my feet up?
“Yep…you’re right…” The same thing will happen to you! Well what do you expect? It’s Monday! I think I better grab another cup of coffee!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Your Average Run-Of-The-Mill Monday


It is one of those days…
An event filled Monday…is there any other kind?

Just Your Average Run-Of-The-Mill Mondays!

I woke up before my alarm could jerk me from my peaceful slumber…which was way before the butt-crack-of-dawn. I followed the same path taken every morning in true automatic pilot fashion. Once the lattes and breakfast were complete I was off again back up to hubby’s office to enjoy a quiet 55 minutes before he got ready for work.

I planned the day and and shook my head. “Combining trips are essential to my survival!”

*I wrangled the laundry into the washer early this morning and headed back upstairs to pick up after my own laziness.
*I opened the cabinet under my bathroom sink and started throwing things away.
*I took all of the empty coat hangers out of my closet and took them to the laundry room.
*I woke up the huddle masses yearning to sleep just before “Precious Princess'” groomer arrived for a pamper and cut.
*I ran to the bank…to Starbucks (added nutrition of course)…and to the dry-cleaner.

After lunch I am…
*Trying a new method and product to refinish the wood floors in desperate need of help.
*Make a decision about what we will eat for dinner.
*Make dinner.
*Leave for our first Basketball practice of the season.


I have managed to accomplish other errands and chores which I find myself doing everyday as well as connecting with an old friend and making a lunch-date on Monday…back to school celebration!

(Woo Hoo…oh boy…YeeHaw…goody goody…)

Please excuse my momentary celebration!

Well I am off to move the laundry and fold the next load. All in all it has been a great Monday…Wow! Did I just say that?

One last thought…my oldest is an official resident of Dallas, Texas. He left yesterday and arrived safe and sound!

(One Down!…AGAIN!)

Till next time…
“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and some really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Gotta Be Monday!

After spending most of my morning on the phone and with online support…it is clear!

It’s Gotta Be Monday!

Short story real short.

My microwave decided, after breakfast was prepared, that it would not turn off. No clearing or unplugging and resetting would work. I contacted the manufacturers phone and online support. And here is the funny thing…”I have not heard of this occurring in our appliances! Are you sure you have the correct information?” My response came after I chuckled. “Uh…yes! The microwave will not power off and your manufacturing information is located inside the microwave.”

What now? Well…I am privileged enough to go out in the yuck-cold-dreary-rainy Monday and price shop.

“Scream…Holler…Yell…! Nope…that didn’t work either!”

I hope your appliances work today…I am off to go shopping! Why am I not thrilled? Well I guess when it rains it pours!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Is It Really Monday…Again?


Is It Really Monday…Again? It can’t be…I didn’t get my naps this weekend! HeHe! Naps exist in a dream world and I live a vividly-family-involving-change-of-plans-at-the-drop-of-a-hat type of life. Don’t we all?

The “Hamster Wheel of Life” took me for a spin last week! Trips to one of my son’s surgeons for 4 post-op visits(Yes…I said 4!), back to back trips to the big city…Atlanta… and an unexpected trip to ER with my #2 son who had a reaction to his prescription similar to a heart attack. “That lasted all day Saturday!” Yet somehow I managed to buy some groceries, which is a good thing, because the boys were famished! I felt glued to my steering wheel. The up side is everything set out for me to do was accomplished. The down side is the level on my car’s fuel gauge.

I was side-swiped a couple of times, by unexpected events, but (to use an “80’s” slogan) “I KEPT ON TRUCKIN'”! There was no use in breaking down or freaking out. I left that to the people around me! I just went on about my business like a good “Boy Scout” prepared for whatever came my way.

I will take my 20 year old to his post-op visit with surgeon #2 tomorrow. We should find out the timeline and possible date my son will be cleared for regular activity…including continuing his pathway into the military.

And what about today?

I am glad you asked…I have a me day! Well kinda a me day! I have an appointment at a large department store make-up counter. You know the counters with over-aggressive-arm-grabbing-perfume-spraying women who can make all of your dreams come true. Well I saw the cutest bag with FREE STUFF…and the kicker…NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! “I do love these types of offers!”

Just a moment…it is a little after 8 AM and 3 of the 4 members of my family have left for work and school! Including my oldest! Deep breath in and slowly breathe out… I sip of my coffee as the creaks from upstairs let me know #4 is moving around getting ready to leave. My heart is doing cartwheels…can this be? There could be a day, in the very near future, where I will be alone-all-by-myself-able-to-do-what-I-need-and-want-to-to-when-I-want-to-do-it!

Back to the present!
I had to take the garbage from the kitchen to the can on the street…Due to the roar of the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood. In my routine this morning I disposed of my anniversary flowers as well as some sweet Daffodils picked by a sweet little angel while I visited her mother. Well enough said about the garbage. I must finish a few things around here before heading out… I hope you find some time for a “Me Day” of your own.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Pick Me Mentality!

First of the month…first day of the week…
“Me…I’m not busy!…”


I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking out over my backyard. The rain soaked ground looks a little greener and the yellow haze is gone…for the moment. The bare leave-less branches are beginning to show signs of new life as the fresh green splashes resemble a paint brush dipped into paint. Puffed blossoms of white and pink fill the flowering trees as the signs of Spring complete this picturesque scene. Me…well I will enjoy what I can because my lists are yelling at me. Can you hear them or are you busy tuning your own list out?

Pick Me Mentality!

Each list craving to be completed…begging to be number one. It is so bad that I have started a Master List in my head this morning. “Scary…I know!” ADHD ALERT!
I had placed a piece of paper and a pen next to my latte’ containing cup before deciding to write my blog. I need to go grocery shopping, pick up medicine, drop of medicine for my son at school, drop off dry cleaning and pick up dry cleaning, PT, Chiropractor…( Wait! The last two are not today but Tuesday and Thursday.) I need to re-schedule the one Thursday to accommodate my previously made plans.

(squealing air-brakes from the racing garbage trucks break through interrupting my train of thought)

These far-from-unusual items/duties are nothing compared to the list I am working around. I have penciled in time with a dear friend for lunch this week…time in the music library at church (boy is that needed!)…shopping for some pants to fit a 12 year old who has once again grown out of his jeans and shorts just bought at Christmas. My entire schedule pivots on one certain phone call…

“This the _______ from the surgeon’s office. We have scheduled your surgery for _______.”

We should know something today or tomorrow. The surgeon, my son was sent to, is off this week…soooo…my son asked if one of the other surgeons in the same practice would be able to proceed in a rapid/timely manner. If not we will have to wait till next week to find out a date. “Great…that is Spring Break!” The good news is the fact that we would not have to worry about my youngest’s schedule at school.

Can you hear them? The lists have begun jumping around in true “Donkey” fashion. “Pick me…Pick me!” I have got to work on my menu for the month and from that list make a grocery list…taking into consideration an easy meal for the day of surgery.

Crock-pot meal!

Just thought of another list…things I need to buy not available at the grocery store. Why could I not have a list containing:
Spa day.
Shopping trip with friends.
Trip to the beach.
Maids coming.
Hire a decorator?

I should count myself lucky…I did get my nails done last week and I will be having a maids day ( everyday…I am the maid) and I will be spending quality time with friends even though it won’t be a spoil-me-rotten day of shopping. Time to zap my coffee…Ah! Now that’s better! The constant calling from the jumping-bean lists has been slowed by the flowing warmth from my oversized cup.
Precious Princess is snoring at my feet, content lay curled up in a furry ball.

Call the groomer!

The sun is trying to peek through the overcast morning sky. The dancing shimmers from the wet leaves brighten up the yard. Wow! My ADHD is working overtime this morning. My mind must look like a corporate mail room. Each list is zooming back and forth in to vacuum tubes. As I sit here clicking away each list is growing. Phone calls have been answered adding to the tasks on hand. Fortunately this last call was something my hubby will have to take care of…I had to call and leave a message Friday about changing our landscaping and the possibility of needing approval. The sad thing is we are just making the existing flower beds smaller and leveling out and putting in more grass. You would think we were considering taking down the trees and cementing the front yard. “HeHe!”

This has been fun…just relaxing with you as I tried to organize my thoughts. But I know it is time to face the music and attack the composing of the lists. Have a great day!



Peach State

Peach State says: Monday That Needs More Coffee

I stretch and pull the good muscles I have as I reach for the coffee…it’s right there calling to me in a teasing manner.
Sipping the wonderful-warming-brew I regain stability and stand. “Ah…strength to continue on with the typical daily routine.” At least I know what to do…this is going to be one of those days…it is definitely a Monday That Needs More Coffee!

A bit scary I know but we all have those trying-tedious-time consuming-schedule riveting-days that seem to never end. The funny thing about these complicating days is the fact that they, in hindsight, resemble a camera flash…over in a split second.
So I will continue in this whirlwind of uncertainty and chaotic calendar event…with my trusted friend and diet companion…Coffee!. I will get through this and I will be pleasantly surprised once everything is over.

Another comforting concept is the fact that I am not alone in this quest…the above pic was posted on my Facebook timeline by a friend of mine. “Birds of a feather, Peas in a pod…well you get the idea!”

Time to cut-clip-stack-and-sort the coupons. I hope you can function today…if not just call…we can meet for coffee!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple Sweetie


What? Speaking to your cat is fun and you will find that people will leave you alone…not to mention give you some very funny looks. Don’t you ever have one of those days when you call in sick and take a family day?

There is no normal to this week…so I have decided to K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple Sweetie! My plans are to be ready for anything and NOT make any other plans that could keep me away from the house or my family.

“Confused…all will be made clearer at a later date!”

For now I will enjoy my coffee and solitude, as the garbage trucks roar up and down the street, as I wait for the arrival of the postman. My day would go a lot smoother if the postman came early today!

I was treated to this, yesterday, on my Facebook and it begs to be shared:


Happy Monday! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Need…More…Coffee!

Who, in their right mind, plans an meeting for butt-crack-of-dawn-o’clock? That would be my hubby’s boss! He has no life and goes to bed early every night and wakes up earlier than I do every day. “That is just plain wrong!” And if that’s not bad enough…add the wake-up call of the front door alarm chime sounding at 5:10 AM as my 19 year old left to work out with his mentor. “Hey…mom is trying to sleep!”

I had taken my Melatonin last night in the hopes of a longer sleep time…nope, not going to happen…

Pain meds taken gave no relief…

Even the sound of the falling rain offered no solace…


Wait a second…it will get better…it has to! I have a meeting with my youngest son’s teachers this morning and will have my “Wonderful Heavenly Brew” with me as I drop off my 19 year old at a job site before heading to the school. The good news is that my son will be working this week, and my meeting will only be about 45 minutes. The house will be quiet, the rain will still be falling, and I will be able to do what ever I want to do until my youngest gets home from school.

I could make a fresh pot of COFFEE to sip on as I go about the normal activities that fill my day. I might be able to take a little time and sort my coupons and grocery list for items not previously purchased, now that I have $$$ in my account again.

“I would love to work on my book!” It has been a while since I wrote anything and so much has happened! Then another cup of “Heavenly Brew” to enjoy as my youngest does his homework and then one for the evening filled with TKD and Basketball practice.

Yep…this is a perfect day…everything will fall into place on this dark-overcast-rainy-busy-Monday!

Need…More…Coffee! “But then again, Who wouldn’t?” I will have a fresh pot made if you want to stop by…

Happy Monday…and…Have a great day!

Peach State