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Peach State says: Friday Recap…

Oh the joys of Friday…yeah, who am I kidding? I have already cancelled an appointment today because of the to-do list carry overs. The good news is that no doctors or dentists were set for the calendar today. There is no money to go grocery shopping today…”I am a little bummed about that, but I can do with what I have…hopefully!” Yep…nothing to do but play catch-up!

Friday Recap!

First on the list was to contact a service to remove the pesky pest using its vicious, monster claws, in my attic. I called the service I had used before and unfortunately, to no avail, did not hear back from them…”You’re cut!” So being the type of person I am…(please keep your chuckle filled thought about the type of personality to yourself!)…I quickly investigated the surf-able subject to find another critter collection service. I called the number provided before 7 am this morning in hopes of leaving a message. “It just rang and rang.” But wait… there is light at the end of this tunnel…I just answered my phone and guess who it was! Yippee! “We will have someone out there today!” Now all I have to do is wait!

Techno-geek (number 2 son) along with my 19 year old camped out at the local AT&T store last night after arriving about 7:45PM. The funny thing about this was that mom…hehe…told them to take a couple of chairs because they may not be able to sit n the truck all night. “I would have been a great Boy-Scout!” Sooo…about midnight we, hubby and I, got a phone call saying 19 year old was coming home to get chairs while number 2 son sat at the door. It seems that while they were the first in line…like they have been for the past iPhone releases…there was a definite increasing presence of those with similar desires. As I am typing this post the store has opened and my son is probably holding the new iphone5 in his hot little hands. They will be home soon enough…Now all I have to do is wait!

No real cleaning to do…

Wait…can this be true?…

With only three people in the house for the most part yesterday and dinner for only three there was light clean up and wipe down…done! Before I went to bed! I even cleaned the disposal in the sink!

“Let me just say this is a concept I could get used to very quickly!”

I will gather the few items from my room, shortly, to add to the load of laundry ready to be started and change my sheets…but that is about all I will need to do. “What is a girl to do with all this time?” I know silly me…there is always something that needs to be done…Now all I have to do is wait!

Who knows…my money could show up today and I could add grocery shopping in later today. Until then I could tweak my grocery list by putting a “C” for coupon next to specific items. I started my monthly menu list yesterday and could go through the list making sure everything needed is on my grocery list. “There is the Boy-Scout thing again!” What? A mom is always prepared….right?

Well I should go get dressed and finalize preparations for the Critter Retrieval Swat Team! I may have time to fix another latte’ before they arrive. Would you like a cup? If so…how many shots? I would be happy to fix one for you….Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: What Makes A Mom!

Each one different,
Unique in design.
Each from heaven sent,
With me in mind.

New abilities grow,
Strength I never had.
All together will show,
Love through the good and bad.

Wreaking havoc and wrecking balls,
Discipline balanced in consistency.
Obnoxious and loud, the showing of claws,
Don’t make me call my flying monkeys!

Ears to hear each tiny sound,
Whispers filled with whining desires.
Laughter and tears are sure to abound,
There is nothing wrong with last years attire!

Eyes to see the signals they give,
Through the ups and downs and mistakes.
Teaching how to stand tall and live,
The rolling eyes when I hand them a rake!

I stand firm at the ready,
With my shield and my sword.
Till my load they help carry,
I’ll defend those I adore.

With a song in my heart,
Homemade cookies not flan,
These are a few marks,
Of What Makes A Mom!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funny Wednesday

20120502-070437.jpgIn honor of Facebook Funny Wednesday I thought I would start off today sharing the above picture. How many of us have posted pics that resemble this one? Go on…raise your hand…I knew there would be a few of you!

Today we will look at some interesting topics…

I have a wide range in ages on my Facebook…Most of us are very young!

“What if I thought of both of them?”

“Uh me…NOOOO!…Never!”

“All I can say is I am really glad that I was not “tagged” on this pic!”


I have not seen this sign…but then again I could not afford to put gas in my car so I parked it!

That is a great idea!

What would I be if I did not include anything concerning coffee?

“Well…my husband can turn on the pot!”




“That’s an awful lot for just a weekend! Oh…is part of that their gas money and allowance?”

“Guilty…I have actually done something similar to this! Haven’t You?


“Chocolate is good for you…Professor Lupin said so!”




“This is a wonderful form of Therapy…”

“Poor thing…I can at least get to my Coffee Pot!”

Blog Worthy Award Winner!
There was a tie this week…”Really!” Okay…I could not decide between these two!

“Either I am immune to the effects….or I am in a constant state of Espresso Spring!”

“My Precious Princess(black English Cocker) gives me the same look! Hmmm!”
Which of the two previous Facebook Funnies would you have chosen? Would you have chosen one of the others? Let me know! I hope you found many things to smile and laugh about today. Until next time…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Family Circus


Do you find yourself nodding your head at how the ins and outs of the average family resemble the Family Circus cartoon? “I know I do!” The child-like views of normal…and reality. There are days we find ourselves running around in circles just going from point A to point B. We live and, for the most part, function in our own Family Circus!

The stay at home mom is becoming a relic…found in the museum or on old television shows. The balancing act of laundry basket and a child on the hip while stirring the dinner has given way to a different balancing act of work and home. I was a stay at home mom for many years! I really enjoyed this time with my three active boys. They kept me hopping and taught me the concept of planning ahead. Planning ahead was easy to do because of the Family Circus I grew up in! Manners and following directions were the cornerstone and as the four of us kids grew up the more we helped around the house. I learned to care for a baby when my youngest sister came home from the hospital. “I was 12 years old a month later!” The art of packing a diaper bag for a full days activities was mastered and stored away until I had my first child.

I returned to work when my youngest entered the Pre-K program and continued till he entered 2nd grade. We moved that year and I was glad I was not working…outside the home! I later worked as a substitute teacher, which turned into a full-time position, at a church-school. I really liked it there and would still be working there but, they decided not to call me because we moved our membership to another church. “Church politics…let’s not go there!”.

I found activities to fill my daily schedule without working. Taxi driver, tutor, counselor, chef, coach, and snack coordinator…were just a few of the various jobs performed all centered around the boys. With the newly adopted son…we have doctors to see on a regular basis and school meetings and normal life activities. “I am glad I am not working…outside the home!” It gives me the chance to make priceless memories and enjoy the little things in life!


The three older boys can drive themselves where they need to go. They have found they still need mom…”Can you iron this for me?” I thought I taught him how to iron! “Where did I put my keys?” and my favorite “Mom, what’s for dinner?” I still do a head count for dinner…it was six..then 5 and now it can be 3-5 for dinner. I am lucky…I have found that if I lay down, during allergy/sinus season, I will only rest for a little while and rise to continue my day. No need for alarms though…

“I really need to work a few of the kinks out!”

Life is busy and our schedules can change daily! We all have situations that alter our plans and we all find solutions. We have to…when it comes to our family we will do everything we can. We may gripe and complain…and we are not alone!
We teach our children to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves and watch as they begin their own Family Circus. I know my parents have enjoyed the hours of side-splitting humor they have received from watching us in our little Family Circus!

My husband recently obtained a coin from 1884. He let the boys see the coin and asked if they had ever held anything that old. “I had to think quickly…they have a sharp witty humor…” I shook my head and dared them to speak…knowing exactly what they were thinking. “I was not going to say anything about you mom…” followed by a sheepish grin. “Right!” We need to draw from the past and find the humor, when we can, to form the foundation of a strong family. As we stumble through mistakes and find the solutions we will make our foundation stronger!

Do you live in a Family Circus? Do you find yourself shaking your head at the cartoon in agreement? Do you find humor in what your children do? You are not alone!
The dryer is buzzing…and the coffee cup is empty. I will continue with my day and wish you success in yours.

Peach State