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Peach State says: We all have a Flair for Style!

What dictates style? A flair for the unique like seen on the runways of Fashion Week? I would like to venture that we all have a flair for stylish fashion. A flair that is unique to us and works to make us feel beautiful. “We all have a Flair for Style!”

I have a friend, who I consider part of my close-knit group, that is quite unique in her fashion style. I could not attempt the styles she wears for several reasons. We need to realize that each of us are not the runway model, for the most part, and see ourselves as flawed in some way or another. I am too skinny, I am too fat, I am too tall, I am too short, Where is my waist? We have a hard time being satisfied with who we are on the outside and forget we are beautiful on the inside.
I struggle with my outside beauty but know, thanks to being ever reminded by my wonderful grandmothers and my mother, that I am very beautiful because of my heart. I know it sounds a bit corny and you have probably heard it before!

If we use our heart to view ourselves and those around us we will see things in a whole new and improved way. I hate having my picture taken and I do not like my smile…but there are pictures of me that I love! My husband and I had our picture taken about three years ago and the look on my face is one I had never seen before. He said “That is the smile I see all the time.” We are too critical of ourselves and need to accept and move on. I look at my friend who lost a few pounds and everyone just gushes over her. ” I lost over five times more than she did and still am not that small!”. Reality check…I never was that small…and never will look like that! Know your limitations!

I love trying to copy different styles I see…within my economic boundaries of course. It is fun to sport new looks and not limit yourself to one idea or look. Take a chance and be bold! I recently saw a picture on my FaceBook with Miss Piggy from the Muppets sporting a peacock skirt and lacy top. She had a cute hat with her ears sticking through. If the picture had shown her shoes they would have been stylish too! She has a real flair for fashion….but face it…who has a waist that small…( insert laughter here). I have not seen too many people wearing peacock skirts and do not want to be one of them. I guess I am conservative in my fashion…but not too conservative!
“We all have a Flair for Style!”

Try new things and take a chance on changing your style. It can be the use of accessories or use of colors. Have fun with it and make yourself feel good first. When we feel good about how we look we tend to shine from within. We just have to remind ourselves that “We all have a Flair for Style!”