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Peach State says: Mahna Mahna

Have you ever needed a word that fits all your needs? A word for the times you’re uncomfortable or a  conversation drags…Do I have a word for you!
Mahna Mahna!

Remember the Muppet’s song with the two singing a sweet little diddy and the fuzzy headed guy filling in the “Mahna Mahna“.  He tries to break the flow of the song with his quirky add-ins only to find the disapproving looks focused on him. It has recently made a comeback in my circle of friends. It has become the virtual solution to a problem or the tool to quickly change the topic. We are all singers and, have on several occasions, almost completed the song.  The only problem is the fact that we are in the middle of a practice.  I know this may be a bit odd…most singers are!  There are times to sing what is written and times to sing what is in your heart.  We all have those times when we want to be different. Changing the order of how things are always done can be a good thing.  Boredom can be done away with and habits can be broken.
I love being with this group of people!  We are a varied group of people!  There is a core of about 9 men and women in our music program of 40-50 singers.  If you are looking for one you will find us all.  Some people may call us a clique…but we are far from that.  We have many ties with others in the church and community.  In modern language…we all have lots of friends on Facebook.  We tag each other and joke with each other…communicate with each other away from church.  It is the most wonderful feeling to have a support group like this.  We have experienced loss and joy together.
Mahna Mahna!
This phrase can be added to home life too. My youngest will rattle on and on…”He is very ADHD” and not realize how annoying he is.  I will simply look at him and say the magic word…“Mahna Mahna!!”  stunned he looks at me and says..”What?”  This word causes a momentary paralysis in speech.  It is amazing!!!  But then he starts back up and I reach for my trusted earplugs…”Just kidding!”  I love this song and the smile it brings to those the funny little word is spoken to.  I recently saw someone who looked as if their dog just died. I went up and simply whispered “Mahna Mahna!” and a smile came over her and she grabbed me and gave me a huge hug…”I needed that!” she said.  She had just had a hard morning and needed a reason to smile.  It could have been the the acknowledgment of a smiling face in time of need…but there is a sensory response when this word is spoken. “Don’t believe me…try it!”

I wanted to put the video on here to brighten your day but the videos would not load with sound. I wanted to hear it again, not just in my head. Do you have a magic word or phrase?  How does it make others feel?  If I had to choose another concept to bring a smile to the face of those around me it would have to be from Monty Python. “Pie Jesu Domini…[whack]” The monks would go around hitting themselves in the head after chanting….I speak from experience, sadly, this is funny when done in a group. “I know, I know….I am weird!” I never said I wasn’t…
Mahna Mahna!!!!