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Peach State says: A Pause For Remembrance And Prayer


I wanted to take a moment and Pause!

“A Pause For Remembrance And Prayer!”

Once again a massive tornadic fury has devastated parts of the Midwest and prayers and thoughts are filling my Facebook wall. The hearts and minds of Americans are focused on various news outlets as pictures and stories fill the airwaves. Loss of life, loss of property, fear and shock pull this vast country together. Stories of heroism and sacrifice as passers-by turn into lifesavers.

As I watch these events unfold I am reminded of the tornadoes I have experienced. Some with uneventful interruption and some with devastation and loss of life. The fear and respect I now have for these twirling-vacuums continues to grow with each passing picture and story.
As you look at the following pictures PLEASE… join me in lifting a prayer or thought for those suffering due to loss of a loved one and/or in loss of property.





Thank you so much!

Peach State