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Peach State says: Swiss Cheese Without The Smell

And there you have it…holes have been cut out of my ceiling in preparation for inset lighting. (My hubby’s idea!) if you look closely you will see two other holes cut but replaced due to plumbing issues found in the ceiling area.

It’s like…Swiss Cheese Without The Smell!

The electrician had successfully cut out two holes then found a water pipe…”No worries…No water…” So he moved the next hole down 4″. He mentioned the fact that there could be a problem with the placements of the holes on the other side of the ceiling…and there was! So he had to move those holes toward the fan. “No one will notice!” My hubby did…but he is a balance freak!

The hole over the fireplace is for the TV. That symphonic disaster was time consuming and very stressful.

Such inconvenience from a tiny hole!

Once the electrician left…my 20 year old son started his chore…

“Squirrel!” Yep…there it is…all over the walls! What do you think? I know it will take a few days to grow accustomed to this new shade of squirrel…green!

A full day of activity lies ahead…”Good thing I have plenty of espresso!”
The electrician is due anytime after 8 AM with a painting company coming in for either an estimate or actual painting of the ceilings. Just one thought…”When do I get my house back?” Wait there is one more thought…”Please excuse the mess!” With the semi-chaotic placement of treasures and stuff stacked and moved my home is just not up to par…and my ADHD is in overdrive. But…it is short-term. Hopefully things will return to normal this weekend!

Gotta go get dressed…I can’t have the electrician showing up while I am still in my favorite oversized football team shirt…he might overcharge us due to his love of another team. We would not want that!

Have a great day!

Peach State