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Peach State says: “And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

My Facebook has been taken over with beach themed pictures and children clad in the glistening-sunscreen-and-sand-armor. The pails pictured in solitary state, as if posing for it’s close up, waits with it’s brightly colored accomplices…you know the shovel and rake…the occasional flip-flops. I know there are many more scenes of summer to come in the next 40-45 days.


We spend many hours planning a vacation getaway and then big $$$ is “shelled” out (excuse the pun!) just so that dreadful phrase will not be spoken. “I’m Bored!”

[insert the background music from the movie Psycho or Jaws…]

Sadly the song running through the heads of most moms and dads is a Christmas song…It is a well known and loved song…“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” It is not because the temperatures are unbearably high and no relief can be found…it has been relatively mild here!
It is because of the infamous line in the song…“And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

With school ending in May, those of us in this neck of the woods of Georgia, have already escaped for their Summer destinations. Some of my friends…you know who you are…are presently enjoying the Oceanside breezes mixed with that memory making salty spray. I may get the chance in July…(Crossing my fingers as I close my eyes tight!)…to visit my beach house. Our main destination is different this year as we will head north into the mountains.

No white sandy beaches…lots of trees.
No waves crashing…unless you count the waves made at the end of an amusement park ride.
No salty-wind-blown hair styles…wind blown hair styles after riding a new roller coaster.

You may think I am a little premature in my writing of this end-of-summer topic but, a sweet-spunky-spirit mentioned it during our chat time this morning. All I did was ask her what her schedule was like today…she ended her reply with wanting her children to go back to school! “She is the mother of three and the oldest is going into 5th grade.” I will probably feel the same way when I get back from my family vacation. “Let the countdown commence!” When we get home there will be about 20 days left before the meeting of teachers begins and the back to school shopping craze infiltrates every moment of the day…and then some. [The first day of school is August 1st 2012]

No, no, no, no, no! I am not looking forward to school yet! I am enjoying the solitude of my coffee time. No interruptions of panic-driven hustle-and-bustle looking for paperwork and shoes but, give me another 2-3 weeks and ask me again. I am a woman and we were created to change our minds quickly. My son has been enrolled in TKD and it will carry through into the school year. I take him, in his ninja t-shirt, every day.

What? I will not hear him say those doom-filled words!

I have vacations pics coming my way and I will share…just in case you are in the same boat I have been in for the past several years. Then again…no one wants to be reminded of places they cannot go. It does get easier as the kids get older. “I can leave the house and disappear and they can fin-4.” (fin for yourself) I do take the youngest with me now that the older boys are working.

What will your summer hold? Have you made plans or are you already contemplating the return to school? Let me know! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Words to live by!

Mom!! He touched me, did not, yes he did...I saw him do it....."Words to live by!"

“Do you want me to pull this car over?”

“Leave your brother alone!”

“Don’t make me come up there!”

Words to live by!  Everyday parents all over this great big world of ours experience frustrating situations with children.  To bad we can’t act like they do.  What if we acted the same way and said the same things?  I venture to say the results would be eye-opening.  I will list a few of the statements heard in my house on a daily basis.  See if you have heard any of them before.

My children:                                             Mom and dad:

I’m bored!                                                        Go play outside.

Can I have some coke?                              We are eating dinner soon.

He’s bothering me!                                       Leave your brother alone

Really?                                                               Yep…Really!

Why?                                                                   Because I said so!

Whatever!                                                         I’m the MOM!

HUH!                                                          Treat people the way you want to be treated

Can I go _______?                                       What time will you be home?

Why can’t I?                                                      Be home before dinner!

He won’t leave me alone!                            Do you really want to wear that?

I am going to my room.                              Clean your room!

Leave me alone!                                             Have you done your chores?

But I just sat down…                                     But I just sat down…..

I am so tired!                                                   You’re tired! (lol)

ZZZZ!! (napping)                                            You will not sleep tonight.

You don’t know what I have to do!         Do your homework, chores

You have no idea!                                           You’re right…I never was your age…

“Alright already!, enough is enough!,  What was I thinking?”  If I, as a mother, said the phrases my children say to me; they would laugh.  They might stare blankly at me thinking I had lost my mind.  We find out, as we grow older, that our parents were not as ridiculous as we originally thought.   Then, to our dismay, we find ourselves repeating the same phrases and logic to our children.  SCARY!  I recall a day when my three sons were really testing my resolve and I simply looked at them and said “I am going into time-out!”  I retreated quickly to my bedroom and turned on the TV.  I relaxed and thought about my next step.  The next 15 minutes was very insightful.  There was a timid knock at the door and a little voice asking if I was okay.  There was silence when I did not respond.  The concerned whispers began then a spirit of resolve.  I checked my watch and I had been in my room for 20 minutes.  I walked to the door and opened it to find the three boys sitting next to my door.  Each of them were sitting quietly not knowing what to do.  They figured by sitting at the door they would be safe.  “I am sorry!” they each said and gave me a hug and went to clean the mess that had started the whole string of events.  I acted as if nothing had happened and started dinner.  When dinner was ready the boys were called.  We sat down and said the blessing.  It was my 7 year old’s turn to pray and this is what he said.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the food and thank you for this house.  Thank you for my mom who put the wrong person in time-out.  She did not do anything bad.  Help her know that we are sorry that we did not do the room and will be better tomorrow.


They had sat outside my door and worried about me while thinking about what they had done to cause this action.  Punishment served!  This lesson only lasted a little while.  I never put myself in time-out again but probably needed to.  I could have used the break!  The limited view is beginning to expand as they grow up, thankfully.  The older boys understand things with more clarity and I catch them giving parental phrase to our youngest…. I have to laugh and then stop them.  “You are not the parent!”  Where have I heard that before?  I try to gently remind them that even though I appreciate their intention to relieve the pressure from me I still need to be the one who is in charge of the situation.

The phrases and words, repeated daily, may sometimes fall on deaf ears but they do eventually sink into the dark and ever expanding matter located between a child’s ears.  Hopefully, as adults, we will continue to learn as well.  Our ability to handle situations must alter with each new adventure and be tested by the world we live in.  The life we lead is different than our parents and though the root of the problem may be the same the approach must adapt to the individual and circumstances.  The influences are so vast compared to those of my childhood and the chances of sheltering a child from negative situations is an uphill battle.  The basics are necessary and then we must go “step by step and day by day.”

I wish we could implant manners and not have to struggle teaching them.  I wish respect was automatically obtained at birth.  These two concepts would virtually bring conflict to a standstill and laughter would replace fussing, helping replace complaining.  What?….a girl can dream! Right?  Fortunately, I have had some of those times when the boys were, without any coercion, getting along and helpful.  “Those are the days!”  For now I will have to realize that my boys are respectful when around others and they do use their manners.  “Words to live by” are just a way of communication.  They offer the material to build bridges between children and parents.  They can teach and remind, the parties involved, of past situations and feelings.  Parents do not want to see mistakes repeated.  We can only hope that one day they will be able to “Walk in our shoes” and understand the importance of these “Words to live by!”

I know I probably left some of the best phrases off the list.  You probably have some of your own…What would be some of your “Words to live by”?