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Peach State says: Before The Rooster Crowed


I was fully aware of my ticking clock as I tried to close my oh-so-heavy-eyes. The too early morning schedule continuously played over and over in my head instead of a dream about a day at the beach. It was one of the worst restless nights in quite a while. I finally rolled over an turned off the alarm before the melodic blaring drowned out the soothing whisper of the ceiling fan. “I was up…Before The Rooster Crowed!

My oldest was to report to his new job at 6 o’clock, which is extremely early for him, which meant leaving the house before 5:30 am. I was the only, logical, choice to take him. “I know what you are thinking…he had a car but it needed a lot of costly work to run…he got rid of it and could not buy a replacement.

MOM’S TAXI SERVICE to the rescue.

I was driving through our little town before any signs of life existed. Oh wait…there was that one car that pulled into the McDonalds. My favorite place, Starbucks, was silently showing it’s first morning stretches with one car waiting patiently at the drive-thru until the coffee was brewed and ready to serve. “Yep…I was out on the road before Starbucks was even functioning! Scary… and No! I was not the car waiting…I had my espresso to fix when I got back home.

After dropping my son off at his new employer I raced home through the darkness. A cascading string of pearls…headlights met me as I drove home and I was thrilled not to be stuck in the midst of this slow moving chain. (I hate driving when it’s dark!) The drivers were all headed toward Atlanta or at least they were headed in that general direction. I pulled into the driveway and came inside to quickly begin the breakfast oatmeal and espressos. Hubby has to leave early today…Monthly Sales Meeting!

Success!!! Hubby is off to work a little early.

The sun is finally lighting the morning sky behind the overcast and dreary gray clouds. I know it’s there but there will be no sunbeams breaking through the leave filled trees anytime this morning. Now if I could just get those loud tweets to stop for a few minutes I could possible close my eyes for a few before continuing on with the rest of my day. “Like that would ever happen!” The garbage needed to be out front due to the already present roar of area garbage trucks moving in the neighborhood next to ours. But before I could do that there was a quick cleansing of a few not so choice items in the refrigerator. No time to be picky…(hazmat suit on…) I dive into the shelves of the unknown! “OMG…I told them to throw this away!” I will need more than this Hazmat Suit to finish this job. Out to the garage and open the door…It’s Raining! No recycling today…
Alright…start wagging that proverbial oh-no-you-didn’t-finger…I put the recycling in the garbage can and dragged the can to the street and now I am almost drenched.

The good news is this morning went rather smoothly…except for the running of the red light. (No Ticket) The bad news is the fact that I will probably be doing this for a while.

Confession…I sure hope my son can hold on to this job! If he can, well he could get a mode of transportation and also MOVE OUT!


Sipping coffee…Ahhh!
Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Where’s My Tape?


The stage is set as the presents, all neatly wrapped and decorated with frilly bows, are laid below the welcoming tree.


I have not been able to buy anything till now and have not begun to wrap. I am so behind my typical routine. It is not my fault! And NOOOO…it was not due to the Mayan Calendar. I did not put off the exciting-adventure-filled-rush-of-search-and-seizure-and-pay-through-the-nose-hunt-for-the-perfect-gift because I wanted to…I was just running-around-with-my-head-cut-off-in-search-of-a-living-money-tree. I accept the fact that I am not alone in this situation this year. I understand those who have chosen to…”How did they put it?”…reconnect with the meaning behind the season. They simply chose to lessen the stress stimulated by the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season. “I can honestly say that 99% of those I have heard say that did not have children living at home.” The 1% has a college age child looking for a job!

Back to me! I did a quick inventory, before heading out yesterday, making a mental note of supplies on hand:

Paper…yes, could use a bit more!
Ribbon…yes, grab some curling ribbon!
Name Tags…yes

“Where’s My Tape?”

Everything was bought yesterday, including the elusive tape, and placed in the hidden away out-of-mind-out-of-sight grotto called my office. I was prepared to start the overwhelming joy this morning…BUT…

“Honey! I need you to buy gifts for the salesmen and the managers!”

So I will head back out in search of the perfect man gift And then back home to begin wrapping. The gifts for my hubby’s co-workers will be first followed by my parents gifts. “We are heading down to see them tomorrow.” I will plant myself in the middle of the floor and proceed to manipulate the rolls of wrapping paper that are longer than my arms.

I recognize that look…she is thinking “Where’s My Tape?”

I will take heart knowing that it could be much worse than it is this year. Everything is normally shaped and easy to wrap. No unique-hard-to-disguise presents this year. I will probably feel much better after wrapping a few of them…my office is a bit on the crowded side right now. My youngest is up and moving around which translates into…”Do you want to go shopping with me?”
Two of my sons will be at home but it will be easier and less stressful to just take the youngest with me.

I need to get ready so I can get back before dark! Thankfully it is not pouring rain like yesterday…just a windchill in the low twenties!
Free Coffee Certificate…yes…good thing! I will need to hydrate!

Crud…Where Are My Gloves?

So much to do…and I am running out of time!
Have you bought everything? Have you wrapped everything? Is your Christmas stage set? If not…you better hurry up!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

This week was a Catch-up week for a friend of mine. I believe she posted everyone of these Facebook Funnies after getting her hubby home from the hospital.
She was in need of two things…her bed and her coffee!
Let’s start with the coffee!



This is not a happy face!

Sadly I must confess that I remember this song when it was cookies but love it with coffee! I also used this pic as a screensaver for my phone. “What? Haven’t you ever used a historical and heart-stirring picture as your screensaver?”

This quote has been used this week…no lie!…but laughter was included!

Don’t mess with her… She needed coffee bad!

Ther are two reasons I don’t drink Decaf Coffee:

And #2:

(I found this one on another friend’s Facebook page and had to include the Decaf because of a mutual friend! I know she is shaking her head and sipping on her coffee!


And this concludes the coffee portion! I told you! She missed her beloved coffee and the descriptive terms for the “hospital brew” were hilarious.

I want to share a few more with you and I will save the other for another time. “There were so many…I guess my friend was computer deprived too!”

Musical pics are often circulated in my group of friends….(quit shaking your head!) Cookie Monster could have been in this group too!



Which brings us to the final two:

And drum roll please:

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

This wonderful and stirring saying has also been quoted. I am sure that when we are together tonight it will be used again. LOL!

Well what did you think? Did you find something that reminded you of a friend or two? Maybe you saw yourself and can’t wait to use it as a screensaver. Whatever the case…let me know! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State