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Peach State says: I Got This!


The art of thawing a turkey I learned from a necessity to Pre-plan, Pre-pare, Pre-clean, Pre-schedule…yep! I have an issue with organization, but you know this about me and still accept and love me. So with the fridge cleaned out, in preparation of the needed space, I placed the the turkey in last night. ( For those of you getting ready to shake those proverbial fingers at me for lifting and carrying heavy items…please set you hearts at ease…I delegated the placing of the turkey to my son.) I have taken precautions this year…it will be okay… “I Got This!”

This is a 15 pound turkey…Do I have time to thaw it in the fridge? Well…

I have overnight, today and tomorrow and it will be ready for a lovely Butter-Basting Thanksgiving morning. “Now this is one of my favorite memories…my mother would get up early and start the turkey so that by about 8 am we were awakened to a mixture of cinnamon rolls and Turkey. This also meant time for the chopping, slicing, mixing…I don’t know how she did it all the same day.”
Pre-planning…I will prepare several things tomorrow and place them in the fridge and then put the final touches on them Thursday. After all I want to watch some of the parades and not be chained to the kitchen. Organization down to a science…Yep! “I Got This

That memory I just mentioned reminded me to put cinnamon rolls on the grocery list. That is what I am doing today…shopping! Check back tomorrow and I will give you the menu! For now I will gather my supplies and extra hands ( coupons, store advertisements and one or more of my sons)…see I told you “I Got This!”

Have a great day!

Peach State