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Peach State says: Waiting Room Facebook Funnies

Finally got an Internet signal…let me make this quick. My son is half way through his surgery so are hanging around waiting. I will fill your in on that later. Now for the important Waiting Room Facebook Funnies!

Saw this yesterday I finished my post…it fits!

Crying children…screaming fits…pleading parents… Fortunately no Smurf eating children!

With the day we have had…I think several of us share the same sentiments.

Putting the stick back…now that is a new trick…hope the dog isn’t old.

I am going to,have to cut this short…I have already been called up to the desk for an update. The second part of the surgery is almost done. I also need to apologize for the scattered presentation…my mind is not focusing! Well it is focusing but not on Facebook Funnies! Sorry!

When watching the local weather forecaster during a storm we do learn so much about our lovely state. Sadly this is a true statement.

Uh OOO…did I say that out loud?

Put your hands down…I was not asking if you have ever done this!

(drum roll….) This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winners are:

Every group has one…and this is a good thing…otherwise we might not be able to sit together.

Well this is one idea I can honestly say I will NOT use when redecorating… Would you?

Well thank you for hoping around with me…I will make it up to you! Promise! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State