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Peach State says: Have Fly Swatter will Travel!


The continuous deluge of rainy weather have finally ceased…leaving us with a new battle of sorts!

Flies, Flies, Flies…all over the place…Did I say Flies?

Have no fear…“Have Fly Swatter Will Travel!”

My family has been smoking/ cooking out, since about Father’s Day, and the invading-swarming-trash-heaps have really interrupted our little piece of the world. The dive-bombing routines convince me that these invaders are also severely ADHD! It seems there is a correlation between “Life-span of a fly” and “ADHD”…you see they exist for such a short period of time they must find a way to see and do everything. After all it is a big world…especially to a fly! You would think that with all those eyes they could take in more of their surroundings…I would just get sick and throw up.

I have to chuckle at the amount of people who have armed themselves with the flimsy-fly-trap-device. They should be made available to visitors so they can assist homeowners in their extermination of the buzzing-pestilence. I remember my mother always had several hanging by the doors for just that reason. “I guess you could use them as a fan of sorts.”

I need to apologize for the grotesque topic…you can relax now and go back to drinking you “Heavenly Brew”. “Ahh…that is so much better!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: I’m Writing In The Blogosphere!


I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Just sharing my thoughts and dreams.
Wishing to make a difference,
And to bring a bit of cheer.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My life’s journey and it’s ups and downs.
Childhood antics and problem solving
The shedding and drying of tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Telling about my home.
Local weather and pollinated decks,
My Precious Princess out again…I Fear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
About my wonderful friends.
We laugh and sing together
While holding our coffee cup near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My day to day routines.
Ridiculous checklists and schedules I keep,
Perhaps to keep my head clear.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Which surprises people the most.
I like to keep people guessing
Except for the special few held near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
While enjoying my Heavenly Brew.
Enjoying my morning espresso shots
In an oversized cup…Oh dear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Things found funny through the week.
Catchy phrases, coffee and cats
Sometimes laughing through the tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
A bit outside the box.
Silly life of a mother of four
Challenged to face many fears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
As so many others unknown.
Words and thoughts simple and complex
All saying…”Hello world…I’m here!”

Too many thoughts racing through my brain this morning…thanks for listening!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole

Finally in bed and as I close my eyes the events of the day parade through my mind. The techno color floats, the bands, the vicious and in-your-face clowns all reminding me of the ever changing landscape I call my family. Where are you Mr. Sandman? I only ask for a small release from the hectic day…he answers (insert sneaky giggle) “Not tonight!” Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole!

Over and over, events raced through my sleep. They popped in and out as I fully relived each trying episode. “What happened to the calm, relaxing pace of dreaming?” I toss and turn hoping to sink into a peaceful slumber…Whack! Whack! I can’t even close my eyes without cleaning or resolving issues that bubble out of the molten center of the earth.

The alarm sounds and I rise to fulfill the duties of the morning. I anticipate the first sensations of my warming companion. Needless to say…I’m Sleepy! At least I feel like the drowsy little dwarf who could not keep his eyes open.

I reach for my Heavenly Brew, in dazed fashion, fighting the urge to close these sleep filled eyes. I have toooo much to do today!

To-Do List:
Wash the last load of clothes
Pack the clothes
Pack the few groceries for trip
Can the pickles
Take care of 2 issues for one of my sons
Create something from nothing….translation: cook dinner!

But…the good news is I do have a few…just a few!…minutes before my day really begins it’s frantic hustle and bustle. “Can you say Power Nap?” Please do not judge me in my time of weakness! You know me and how I thrive in the “revolving door lifestyle” of being a mom.
I know I am not alone in this dreadful scenario…How do you cope with the lack of sleep? How do you muster the energy needed to face the fun-filled, activity-packed day after being Whacked all night? “Don’t worry…if I find the answer you will be the first to know!” Have a (YAWN!) great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies

I have to admit that I am one of those who habitually spell Wednesday this way…every time. I hope you are ready for a giggle and whack of the old funny bone. It is time for some Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies!

Let’s start with sipping of the Heavenly Brew:

This coffee drinker understands the science behind the habit.


I offered…but some people won’t take a helping hand.

Interesting concept of economics…we each do what we can!


This reminds me of someone…and she knows who she is! But they love those grand kids!

An edgy nutrition friends of mine sent this pic to me…it took a second to get over the shock!


Animal Funnies:

Sorry…I had to start with this one before the cat pics took over!

Just for my Star Wars Friends!

Must have been a Monday.

Yep…I have used this same expression this past week!

Drum roll……“Blog Worthy Award Winner”

Time for some ME time!

Does this mean I am Outstanding? I am always standing outside most of the time.

This person really spends to much time at the local MaDonald’s…great now I am hungry!

Yep…almost time for me to get and start moving…a lot to do today and the clock is ticking!

The last one is in honor of all those who are visiting amusement parks this Summer:

HeHe! And no…I don’t think any of my friends will be riding his ride.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies…I know it was fun for me! Have a great day and keep those funnies coming!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Gonna Happen Folks…No Matter How Much Coffee You Drink!

With my latte’ in hand a morning ritual began. A mutual coffee lover and I were talking yesterday and as usual the conversation touched on the subject of coffee! Her husband had read that drinking this “Heavenly Brew will increase your life. “Drink more…Live longer!”. We were thrilled…but then the conversation turned to what things will still occur. It’s Gonna Happen Folks…No Matter How Much Coffee You Drink!

Things That Will Always Happen:

The sun will rise!
A cup to wake up with…maybe two!
We all need money!
Money and Coffee…a cup of coffee will always be present!
We all have bills!
Must have coffee!
Bills have to be paid!
Stressed? Have another cup!
There will always be people who annoy you!
A simple escape…coffee break!
Commuter cups!
Growling stomachs!
Hoping this cup of coffee will fool my stomach into thinking I am eating!
Complaining children!
Another coffee break!
Paying for gas!
Calm down…sip!
We will always be aging!
At least I am old enough to drink coffee!
Aches and pains!
A cup of coffee and two Tylenol…just what the doctor ordered!
Fat-free creamer…Fat-free flavoring
Lines at the grocery store!
NOOOO! My cup is in the car!

I know there are more constants…but coffee will be with them as well! We can’t drink away our problems. We will always have situations that influence the way we live and we will always adapt. The fact is we have grown up knowing what lies ahead as we age…what responsibilities bring with them…how money evaporates, like a ghostly vapor, before putting it in the bank. We continue our journey and typically have a cup within reach.

What is a constant in your life? How does coffee( ok…I will accept tea!) help you deal with these daily situations? You know it as well as I do! LifeIt’s Gonna Happen Folks…No Matter How Much Coffee You Drink!

Have a great day…and enjoy your coffee!

Peach State