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Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…BOO!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:
I think it only appropriate to start off with a scary picture…or is it a scary thought found only in the nightmare state?

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…BOO!

Let’s start with a few Halloween inspired funnies…”Shall we?”

Yep…it is time to go back to being a Red Head!

What else is there to say?

Speaking of Nightmares…

I think Auto-Correct is a government conspiracy to make us look dump d u m b!

This week’s Straight-Jacket Award Winner is:

“Do those voices ever have a party and not invite you?”

Halloween’s Scariest Blog Worthy Award Winner:

This would make Halloween 7 or 8…or is it 9… “I lost count!”

20131031-081315.jpg“I smiled and slowly backed up!”

Moving along…

Will someone please remove this funky fowl and if he has coffee…leave it…He’s had enough!

I must taste like Filet Migon…but don’t tell him that!

The Remind You of Anyone Award is dedicated to a my Straight-Jacket Award inspiring friend!

( inside joke!!!!!)

As I close…the Halloween portion of Facebook Funnies I wanted to leave you with a thought! What if ….

I don’t know what is scarier…trying to remember to turn the clocks back or Maxine being 20…again!

Tonight as you usher your sweet monsters, princesses and Jedi around the dark-shadow-filled streets ponder this…


“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really “Faboolous” coffee!”


Peach State

Peach State says: Caffeinated Facebook Funnies

With my “caffeinated companion” by my side I enter the world of humor. Wow…it is way too early for the semi-dramatic tone which tells me I need to slow down and take another sip! “Ahh!” This week was filled to the brim with coffee pics so feel free to grab yourself a cup of your favorite hot/warm beverage and enjoy a “Caffeinated Facebook Funnies” !

I went to the kitchen to refill my….SQUIRREL!

The funny thing is…with the espresso in a latte’ who would be moving slow enough to be late?

“This is one of my favorite unwritten laws!” It is a law…right?

It coffee o’clock somewhere!

How else do you understand what the words are to the “Rock” songs.

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

I knew I was doing something right every morning!

Better than Calgon…yep!

Remind You Of Anyone Award?:

Now before you start pointing those fingers at me and bobbing those heads…I am thinking of a certain person, with a beard, who Is one of the “Peas in a Pod”! (I am going to hear about this one!…..hehe!)

Okay! Now for the Decaf portion of Facebook Funnies:

Hey…does he do the laundry and change diapers too?

There is no dog here…Move along!

Well..enough said!

The new and improved model…”I needed this the other day when I ran into a Sith! Fortunately he settled for a cup of coffee!”

The “Future” doesn’t look the same but oh well…Happy Anniversary anyway!

The Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

Funny! The voice in my head just keeps asking for more coffee…oh and chocolate!

I want a Tardis!

Halloween Trick or Treat:

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


?????WOW…Don’t over think it!

Regular or Decaf?

They looks like a couple of Secret Agents! (Sorry…inside joke!)

How many heads do you see?

20131024-083344.jpg“Good…I thought I was seeing things!”

I hope you found something to tickle that funny bone of yours! Make sure you pass the “funny” along!
And FYI…Due to my hubby’s day off schedule I have made the decision to move “Facebook Funnies” to Thursday. That way I will not be late in posting Facebook Funnies! No…really! I am being serious! I was told last night, again, that they missed it yesterday! Have a great day and…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State say: Facebook Funnies Time!


“If “Grumpy Cat” is in the picture then it is the truth…right?” This week has some quirky funnies…are you ready?

Blog Worthy Award #1:

I had to laugh as I remembered the voices in the cartoon.

Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

Hopefully all three don’t occur to close together…

“Remind You of Anyone Award?”

This was posted this past week…I wish I could have posted the comments! Let’s just say I was arrested and it was because of coffee!

That is why I try to stay busy!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

Is Happy Hour still BOGO?

Some people just can’t be taught!

20131002-160646.jpg“Oops…does this bring back memories!”

20131002-160748.jpgShark Week at the Dental Association!

Trick or Treat:

Reality Nightmare on Everyone’s Street!

Truly scary thought!

I hope you found something to tickle your funny bone!

“”May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Halloween Leftovers or More Facebook Funnies!

BOO!…Did I scare you?. I was to busy laughing and enjoying the Trick or Treat pics mixed in with the Halloween humor last night as I waited for the doorbell to ring. I just had to share these with you…Her are the Halloween Leftovers or More Facebook Funnies! The good news is the lack of calories…so sit back with a miniature candy bar and smile a bit.

This pic showed back up last night…I think it’s haunting me!

<img src="" alt="20121101-151301.jpg" class="alignnone size-
Kinda scary…having yellow eyes peaking out through the jack o-lantern.


What was the non-candy item you got last night? We got a pencil!

1…2…3… Awww!

Great…Now I am hungry!

(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2


Have a great day!…and 54 Days Till Christmas!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy Halloween Facebook Funnies!

Talk about weight gain during the holidays…

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…oh and Happy Halloween!

I have quite the collection to share today…You may want to prepare yourself….


(drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worth Award Winner!



A little off the sides!


Unemployment Rates may fall during the holidays!


For those who don’t have a sweet tooth!


“I put a spell on you…and now you’re mine!”

Scary Movie Anyone?




Happy Halloween and make sure you give out more than you eat! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Seasons…They Are Changing!

Today is the day I have been waiting for…as have many of my friends.

Seasons…They Are Changing!

But you already know that!
BUT…something did happen, for the first time in my life, on Saturday. Saturday was the first official day of Fall and I was greeted, by a BFF, with “Happy Fall!” (Given the fact that I am slightly over 29ish and enjoy the change of seasons and love any reason to creatively greet people…can you believe I have never said “Happy Fall!”?) My Facebook has been lined with updates about the weather forecasts and the drop in temperatures. We hit the 40’s this morning! But before the ticker-tape parade begins we will rebound back into the mid-70’s this afternoon. “Welcome to Georgia!” I apologize for our giddy-gush over the season change…

The festive fall decorations are spreading throughout the neighborhoods with the occasional scarecrow and Halloween themed yard. Oh…and don’t forget the comfort foods…

We, my family, enjoyed our first Caramel Apples of the season last night. “We have a couple left over…any takers?” I love living in north Georgia and having the Apple Orchards so close…Now if I could just plan a time to go with a couple of friends!
My hubby found some Apple Donuts yesterday…I may just have to have one of those but for now I will stand firm and strong. “But not for long…my stomach is growling just thinking about eating me of them!”

My youngest has been trying to wear his long-sleeved shirts for about a week and wanted to wear his jacket the other day when the temperatures were in the high 50’s…I just smiled and told him “NO!”. I let him wear his jacket today…Funny how he was born in the Pacific Northwest and finds that the 40’s are (how did he put it?) freezing! Maybe he will grow out of that before High School!

Well my back door is open allowing the cool crisp temperature to flow into my family room.

News Flash: No fuzzy socks on my feet!

I hope you enjoy your day and find something in the local weather to smile about. Have a great day…and oh yeah…”Happy Fall from Georgia!”

Peach State