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Peach State says: Too Early for Changes

Different time set on the alarm clock this morning and my schedule is already off…

I go to blog and my label is changed and throws me for a loop….

Enough Said!

It is “Too Early for Changes”

Welcome to Monday morning’s new schedule!  “I do not like it Sam I Am!”  I have accomplished all that needed to be done even though everything was out-of-order.  It leaves one feeling “discombobulated”!!!  Who likes feeling this way?  “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!”  Chaos and extra complications thrown into the mix…taking our normal way of doing things and tossing it out the window.  “I need more coffee!”

Okay!  It is a new day and, at least for the time being, I am back on track…  I can go about my day knowing that this will not happen for another week and prepare myself.  I will have one of my sons take the trash out Sunday night, instead of my dragging it out to the street in my PJ’s and fuzzy socks.  “I got rain-soaked fuzzy socks today!…Yuck!”  It is an Act of Congress to attempt this feat but I am up to the challenge.  They usually do this, but have slacked off the past several weeks.

How was your morning?  I am fighting the urge to lay down with Benadryl and Vick’s Mentholatum and will press on. I will make this quick today and hope this finds you having a pleasant day ahead of you.  If you have any ideas for battling the feeling of “discombobulation” let me know!  Quit laughing…I know I will get through this…I always do! “I do like Green Eggs and Ham!…I do like the Sam I Am!”


Mahna Mahna

Peach State