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Peach State says: This Red Tape is Dulling My Scissors!

I wish I had this cup to use while waiting…talking…pressing buttons…waiting…
“Who needs this?” I am not the one that messed this up Royally!

WOW!. This Red Tape is Dulling My Scissors!

Long story short…the benefits we were supposed to receive were sent to the original holder of the funds. They got twice as much! I went to change the name on a document for our adopted son and was told he had benefits that were being held by a certain agency. Information was updated and changed so that our son would get the benefits owed him. “Can you say braces…paid for up front?” We waited…waited…called…waited…called…waited…called ( “It will take several months to change everything over!”)

Sorry, I said long story short! My hubby and I were informed, via income tax information, that we had received the $$$ already. “Uh…nope!” So I have been dealing with the lovely “Red Tape” all morning only to find out that the party I need to speak with are not in the office for another 3 hours.

This mommy is not a Happy Camper this morning.


I wish I could work their hours and get paid $$$ to make mistakes. I am off to rearrange my day.

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: It Is Current Event Friday!


Dozens of thought entered my head when I saw this image. Everything from pride in my country to is that the last of the money left in Washington! What went through your head when you saw this image? It is time for a “tip of the iceberg” look at our Government SpendingIt Is Current Event Friday!

With this nation’s economy in a downward spiral we have seen the difficulties trickle down from Washington to our overflowing pot on the average American level. There are some who don’t have 2 pennies to rub together, as my grandmother would say, and depend on the government to take care of them. I say…the Federal Government needs to take care of the financial issues plaguing this country with a large eraser. Start trimming the fat…and realizing the needs of the country instead of playing a game of political “Pong”. You remember this Atari game with the little white square was bounced between to player controlled lines. There was a spot you could set the paddles and the ball would bounce back and forth in the same, boring pattern.

The government says they are working to improve the countries financial crisis…How? Oh, it must be all the jobs funded by the government. The average American is still waiting for those jobs…but don’t worry…the government is on top of this snag. An interview recently aired about the increase in jobs in America that could not be filled due to retraining. We have to go to school and re-educate ourselves for these new jobs. “Just a thought…who is paying for this re-education and with what money?”

Americans are having a hard enough time making ends meet without being told you need more education to work. Don’t get me started on that concept! That is a whole other current event topic. With inflation climbing and salaries being trimmed in this economy it is difficult to find anyone doing well. If you ask they same question to a wealthy person and an average person they will tell you the same thing. I was better off before and have had to made compensations to adapt to this economy. The Federal Government needs to understand this concept of adapting and cutting back not just compensating themselves.

In this political election season we are bombarded with the doubt ridden media blitz. The candidates are played against each other…not against the situations damaging our wonderful country. They are too busy trying to better each other in this power struggle leaving the voters shaking their head in bewilderment.

I wish I held the answers to solve the national problems…but I am just a passenger in this life-raft that seems to be floating away. I hear the suggestions from the left and the right leading me to believe they may even know. Can’t we just call a time-out and start over? You want to eat…get a job! You want to drive a car…get a job! You want to own a home…get a job! Take care of yourself and your family…the government needs to get back to the basics and tighten their belt like the rest of us have.

What do you think? Do you have the solution to any of these problems? We need to work together…and not expect anything in return except a thank you. Now there is a concept!

Have a great day!

Peach State