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Peach State says: Super Bowl: No Longer Men…But Giants!


The lines were laid on the green lawn,
Each stood on a painted side.
Rumbles and roars rose like the dawn,
As warriors descended in stride.

Eyes tense with full focused stare,
Clad in colors proudly worn.
Bright banners moved through the air,
At the sound of the horn.

No time for the weak,
In this battle tonight.
Only one thing did they seek
With all their might.

Drawing their breath the charge was led,
Bodies crushed together and thrown.
Horns sound and orders were said,
“For the glory” is heard through the moans.

The prize is captured as great sounds are raised,
The defeated scattered as ants.
The victors emerge through the tattered maze,
No longer men, but Giants!

Okay….so I am a poet and a football fan…Did you watch the game too?

Peach State