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Peach State says: Friendship is the Best Medicine

The simple pleasures of friendship are truly a treasure best held on to. The bonds holding this unique group together are a woven intricately and in full balance. We are capable of holding each other up in times of distress and fear…building and motivating in times of uncertainty…drying the flowing of tears or sharing the tears…understanding and support…“Friendship is the Best Medicine!”

With everything I have going on in my personal family…as well as my own situations…I know there are situations that are weighing heavily on the hearts of my friends. Some may be the same…we are friends with similarities…but the timing may be different. One of us may go through a bad time before another. This is when we can use experiences to help another! Motherhood is rough! There are many joys with just as many if not more trials…fears…failures..scraped knees…dirty noses and well you get the picture. Joy is what we feel after the birthing pains diminish…after the child has been equipped and headed out on their own. It is okay to get tired of the clingy and constant interruption…”We have all been there!”

A dear friend told me, oh so many years ago when my children were small, “You must take time for yourself…but realize that it will not be as much time as you want!” This is when I started my Coffee Down Time! Whether it was during nap time or during the peaceful calm of the daily storm I had a cup of coffee. One cup…just for me…breathe in…sip…breathe out…sip…slow and purposeful, a slight pause in the daily grind. It was this friend who also told me the truth…
There is no such thing as time off when you are a mommy! But…a good mommy finds creative ways to stay sane. There is strength in numbers!

The revolving door of life experiences is an important part of friendship. Okay…I am old(ER) than a couple of my friends and the things I have learned I will pass down and use to help them. Likewise my fiends who are older will help me with issues I have yet to experience. Sometimes we need to hear things like…”Oh honey, don’t worry, that’s normal!” You are not alone…or in my case…weird! The balancing act of true friendship if not 50/50 but more like a constant up and down motion of a Teeter-Totter always together and always giving and taking.

Last night was a giving, on my part, and a taking on my dear friend’s part. Her heart is so heavy with the desire to do for those around her…but the daily shuffle is tiring and causing a strain. “It’s okay to let some things go…Be creative and work around the situations.” I have been there and boy…do I know the struggle. We do feel alone and helpless which can lead to a tear filled depression of sorts. The good thing about our friends is the constant hand and shoulder…helping hand up and a shoulder to cry on. No score cards are kept and no tallies…just love and friendship that ease the pain.

I cannot imagine going through my life without these people called my friends. I would be a wreck!
Okay…some would same I am a wreck anyways but that would be in fun…I know for a fact that I am a wonderful and inspiring example to those around me. “How do I know this is a true fact?” A dear friend told me!

Be a friend! Share a smile or a tear. Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Anchors of Friendship

I wish you could meet me friends…they are the best! They are there when I call and there when I don’t. They lift me up whether I need it or not. They give me a reason to laugh and smile and share in my times of tears. I love my friends…they are my Anchors in Friendship!

First let me say that I have a group of within a group! Don’t shake your head…I have mentioned before that I have a strong core group of friends. With the love of cooking and sharing recipes to cleaning tips and hints to help in the raising of children…we all input guidance and knowledge. Isn’t this what friends do…no matter the situation. We share the funny and important stuff with those we care about because they may have a future need for the information we gave them. So let me break it down for you!

There is the group that I talk to occasionally. These are the ones I may talk to once in a blue moon because of distance. We talk and there is an automatic pick up where we left off mentality. We were close when we lived close to each other but…living across the country from each other can cause a few problems. Facebook has been wonderful with keeping the lines of communication open. Before we only had snail mail and phone calls.

There is the group that I still talk to from churches in the area. They are few in number and seem to evaporate after time. I have one I still see and talk to but…it just isn’t the same. (I have only been at three churches in the area…two of which were never really a fit)

This next group is the group with a group! Some of them have been there for the past 10+ years, since moving to this area, and have grown into the deepest, family replacing, type of friends. I could not go through my day without talking to them at least once. This little group has increased in the past few years to include new personalities that, to me, feel like they were meant just for me. “You know who you are!” (take a moment to give yourself a hug and know that I love each of you very dearly and keep reading)

There are days that the phone is attached to my ear…if we are not together in person. This is the group that we are talking on the phone with them as we walk across the parking lot or church building to see them. This group is centered around my church and my faith. We sing together…often break out into silly laughter together. ( Oh Where is My Hairbrush?) Sorry…I was just thinking about our recent time together and it brought a warmth to my heart. This group is consistent and supportive. They are my Anchors of Friendship!

The bonds this group shares is not an isolated occurrence. This type of friendship happens at churches and schools around the world. You may have a similar group that anchor you. When you feel like things could not be worse…they are right there for you…holding you hand and picking you up. They don’t ask for explanations…they just give you support and love! They are quiet when you are quiet and rowdy when you are rowdy. “We tend to be rowdy a lot lately!” The interesting thing about my wonderful group is the differing personalities. We are not of the same age group…they have not clue who my husband is but, would love him if he would give the opportunity to them. Backgrounds and life experiences are packed full of delights and tragic events. We are more alike than we may realize.

I am really a very blessed person to have this group of God given friends. I wish I could tell them how I feel…but…we are always to busy singing and laughing! The joy that flows from my heart when I think about them fills my day and eases the struggles that I encounter on a daily basis. “Some of this group understand the intricacies of my life.”

Through this group we have other friends with whom we associate with even outside church activities. We are really an interesting bunch of ….delinquents…no! That seems a little young and harsh…grapes. “I like that!”. I used to not understand that concept when I first heard my Aunt and Uncle talk about their group this way. Think about it for a second…always in a bunch…there may be some that are bruised and some not fully ripened and some that are just right…all together they are wonderful. They continue to grow and multiply and become a hardy, rooted plant just like friends. Anchors in Friendship are long lasting and true!

I hope you can take an opportunity to tell your friends how much you appreciate them today! Everyone needs to smile at least once a day! Until the next time…have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

The anticipation of choosing the right box of chocolates, to give, is filled with decisions. Milk or Dark…Truffles or just plain old assortment…We might even pick the box based on the way the package is designed. So many choices…just like the individual pieces in the box!


The box is opened and the sight is laid out before you as a buffet. Each piece, decorated and detailed, in little chocolate cradles. There are dangers and hazards to avoid in this collection of cavities waiting to be devoured. Eyes widen as big as the teeth exposed smile and you reach in…
You bite into it and “YUM”!

The pleasure filled experience is…well…”YUM!” Relishing the first piece and closing the box is the next hurdle to jump. “Exercise is always a good activity to enjoy while holding a box of chocolates!” Moderation is key when receiving a box of chocolates. How long can you make it last? We had competitions, as children, to see who could have their candy the longest. The pleasure from the first selection has faded and we quickly open the box again to replace the feeling. Do you find yourself going from experience to experience in hopes of having another “YUM!” That is no way to live. We have to experience good and bad to appreciate the good as well as learn how to maneuver the bad.

The uncharted delicacies laid out are tempting but…what about that piece? The one filled with chewy caramel…”OUCH!” Broken tooth or your filling is pulled out are two of my not so fond memories of the delicious treat. Just because it looks good it may cost you in the long run. You know the painful trip to the dentist and the painful experience at the desk as you pay for the visit. The decision is made and the memory is stored…”No more of that piece!” The lessons we learn are needed…to guide us in the future.

So no caramel pieces anymore…What about this piece? We bite into it, cautiously, and “YUCK!”
Spitting the chocolate buttercream out quickly and rush to get the taste out of our mouths. Okay…so I am not a fan of this flavor but you may be…The point is there are those issues that give us a bad taste and we find ourselves searching in haste as we spit and sputter at the situation. My advice..if you don’t like buttercream then don’t eat it.

Our delight in the box starts to fade and a decision must be made. Throw caution to the wind and just eat them all, throw the remains away to avoid the temptation, or share. You could end up disappointed in yourself if you inhale the tidbits of joy but you don’t want to seem ungrateful and throw the unwanted treasure away. I say share! We are all different and that maple or buttercream delicacy is just the piece someone else is looking for. You will be helping someone and yourself when you share what you have with others. Those little pick me ups during our day or week strengthen our resolve to complete the tasks ahead. “Nod your head…you know what I mean…don’t you?” Whether a distraction or interaction between friends, these times of sharing with another give us the chance to breath and recharge. Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Just a smile or chuckle is all it takes!

Well you may have realized I am a poker! I poke every piece of chocolate to see if it is one I want. At least I used to be this person. I have finally reached a place in my life that I know my limitations. The beautifully displayed assortment of joy is not for me. I am a simple girl with simple wants. Dark chocolate, sugar free, on sale! Yep..that is simple! Dark chocolate keeps my husband out of my stash as well as sugar free. He needs his to be sugar free but complains of aftertaste. “He is too picky!”. On sale…if you can’t afford it you don’t buy it! That is a blog title if ever I heard one!
Knowing our limitations while still reaching for the dream is an asset to hold on to. Remain strong and capable in your choices. Charging into a dream could land you in Buttercream and, if you don’t test it first, you may end up trying to get the bad taste out of your mouth. This could cause you to draw back and recoil from the dream. Don’t let this happen…poke it first…to see if it is Buttercream or something worth eating.


Life is to be experienced…the full spectrum of emotion! Every piece of candy must be tried once to have the full experience. There will be those pieces you search for and love and those you really want nothing to do with but deal with. Families are like a box of chocolates!</em. That makes sense! We are unique in many ways but look for those who share the same likes and dislikes. Friendships are built on similarities with the occasional Buttercream thrown in for fun. Don’t throw your box away…share the life experience with others. You may be giving yourself that needed break without even knowing it.

Have a great day and may you find all your favorite tidbits of joy today!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Peas in a Pod!


We are always together in small giggling groups. We act as if we have been friends since childhood. We share a friendship that will last forever…that’s us…“Just Peas in a Pod!”

The kindred spirits, anchored together in faith, clustered together because of talents and similarities. The fun has just begun as we sit and visit. The laughter bounces off the surrounding walls and fixtures uncontrollably. “We are going to be banned from Starbucks if we do not calm down!”. Whispers rise from one of the peas and we snicker and huddle closer together. The non-verbal communications begin with simple looks and sparkles in the eyes of those around the table. We miss those who are not with us…of course we will be with them soon enough in choir practice.

We flutter around, in large crowds, visiting and laughing with many. Hugs abound and conversations are varied as we move in a harmonic dance. There are pods on this plant…each pod shares similar views making us alike in so many ways. The stages of life may separate us a little but the humor is a bungee cord yanking us together with a vicious snap. We know when one is not feeling up to par by the squint of the eyes or lack of volume in the laughter. The twinkle does not seem as bight and the peas will lend their strength and well wishes in hopes of quick recovery. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

Our pod is either very large or perhaps we pod-hop! We fit snugly together in many different combinations and pods. We nudge each other in passing as we go about our day. Actively popping in and out of the pods and developing lasting relationships with those we meet.

We share many parts of our life…but never share the coffee…”I chuckle softly at that thought!” We do share the time together with our individual cups of the “heavenly brew” warming our hands. The types of liquid based fixes are as different as the individuals drinking from the cups. There are a few of us peas that indulge the cold-bottled liquid, Diet Coke and Mr. Pibb being the standard, due to not liking coffee. We need to pray for them!

I know you are probably thinking how weird I am for writing about this group of people. I have been fortunate most of my adult life to have this “pod-like” friendship. I don’t think I could function without them. We may not share the deepest parts of us with everyone in the pod but, there are those in the pod who hold our secrets. Sadly, as with any pod, peas will be separated. Some move to another city or state and some across the country. The gathering ceases and the laughter is decreased. A “new pod” replaces the “old pod” and the cycle begins again. Memories are made and built in hopes of surviving the next separation. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

I know, if you just take a moment to evaluate those you hold dear, you will see you are part of a “pod” too. What brought you together? Demographics, school, clubs, work, travel…the lists just goes on. It is not about looks or wealth! “I am so glad about this!” Our bond was created just for us…and will increase in strength and love. I miss the other peas and cannot wait to see them. They become extended family…important to our basic survival. The peas get sick together and help each other through the hard times. We may not know, at the time, how much we help each other but that is not important. “I only have one regret! That my husband is not a functioning member of the “pod”!” His schedule and mind-set keep him uninvolved.

Speaking of the daily nudges from the peas…I just received a text…Hehe! My day has started and I must begin the tasks ahead in hopes of completing the list. I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to touch base, or nudge, the “peas in your pod” and brighten their day as well as your own.

Peach State