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Peach State says: It’s Friday and I __________!

20131025-130318.jpg“It’s Friday and I _________!”

Now that is a loaded question! How would you fill in the blank? Me, well I would put in any of the following:
Am tired…
Am dragging…
Am caught up…
Am in pain…

Unfortunately I will have to wait until next week to get any relief. “Oh joy!”

So for now my feet are up and wearing socks. A blanket will be placed upon them soon after I get my comfy clothes on. My 20 year old son just fixed my lunch and brought it to me. “I must be dying or he is a wonderful son…or he wants something!” ( yep…he wants to take my car later this afternoon to play extreme frisbee.).

Time for some meds…and then apply an ice pack.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!


Can you believe it? I am posting before 3 PM in the afternoon!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I hope this does not throw your entire day off kilter… Today is a busy day and it starts early with an errand taking me to a neighboring city in the county just to the south of us. I will drop of my 23 year old at the unemployment center and then drive my 20 year old to the recruiter’s office for his last official weigh-in/ paperwork before his information is resubmitted to MEPS next week. I will then exchange a pair of jeans and gather the troops, back into the car, and head back home. Once home the task at hand will be to prepare for a Fall Festival at my BFF’s school tomorrow. “I will have a vendor table set up with my goodies ( not baked…but they do smell good!) in hopes of selling most of what I have and booking parties for this month and next.”

My youngest is trying to leave ten minutes ahead of schedule and Hubby is almost ready to walk out the door so I must close! The other two, who are still sleeping snugly tucked in their beds, will be waking as soon as I gently nudge them from their peaceful slumber. ( That will be fun!) I have a lot to do in a short time!


Oh…and it’s Friday!. I have some great new recipes I will be sharing with you soon.
Until then have a great one and…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Friday!

That will leave a mark!

Benadryl induced coma due to seasonal allergies after being outside so much yesterday= slow moving morning with Asthma Inhaler close by… I think I will relax and share a
Facebook Funnies Friday and a chuckle or two…

Casual Friday:

I bet this information will not be on the next test!

Are you kidding…it’s Friday and we never do anything in this class…remember! ( some may laugh but Whovian’s will truly understand!). Lol

Words of Wisdom:
Blog Worthy Award Winner#1:

Now how could a boss turn down a plea to getting your life in order and altering bad attitudes. “Wait a second…my boss should be sent away too!” Or… It’s really an IRS Conference!

Uh..well maybe… I guess it depends on how well you focus and what you focus on!

“Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

Multiple personalities…weird noises…facial ticks…bad jokes… It’s a party waiting to happen!

…and we can’t have that!

“…but I reayee wanted to be da Hulk” said the small boy.

Time for the finicky-felines:

Okay…this one is a borderline homicidal! “Will someone please get this cat some food!”

His family must be leaving on their Fall Break vacation…I know nothing ’bout that activity!

Or is this what the mother of a new teen-driver looks like!

Spider-cats?…Quick call Batman!

“I said Batman!”

The only draw back is the HOA is not happy with the number of boxes around my house!

I’m just sayin’:

Solution…a longer straw!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2

I am glad we had this little chat!

“Remind You of Anyone Award”:

The only problem is that my friend does not drink Red Bull!

(A new Award category…)“Whovian Award”:
This is for my Doctor Who friends…”Okay and for me!”

Remember…don’t blink!

Scary thing is the fact that I know exactly what he said and how it sounded.

Shh! “I can’t hear the TV!”

Speaking of noises…my stomach is churning away. I guess I had better fix something for lunch!
I hope you felt a chuckle as a smile crossed your face. Let me know which one was your favorite!
Oh, do you think we need a Coffee Award?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: TGIF…”That’s Great I’m Finished!”

It’s Friday and you know that means…
A flood of TGIF’s on Facebook with cutesy-wootsy-happy-little-nonsensical pics ushering in the weekend.

See what I mean? I need a quiet place to regroup…my inner clock and data processing brain are not working with me but against me…so if anything I have found a new meaning for TGIF!

TGIF…”That’s Great…I’m Finished!”

It is time to stop re-organizing the organizing…Time to hang the rest of the pictures and space fillers taken down when my son painted!
It is time to stop finding busy work…Time to take care of my commission paying job!
It is time to stop offering my help when not asked…Time to not stress over my youngest’s independent-know-it-all spirit!
It is time to stop…and admit that I am finished!

We can only do so much before realizing some things just don’t matter. Some things can be left for others to do and there is no chiming-buzzing-beeping alarm clock constantly going off if these tasks are not completed. I know that most of this is just a need to fill my time. I have been trying to spend time with my 20 year old, before he leaves, and he is still in entertain me mode. We go here and there to do this and do that…the only problem with doing this and that is the spending of non-existent $$$$! “Well, not non-existent just lessening!”

[Note to self…some of the organizing has been needed and you have done a wonderful job creatively saving money while taking care of managing the home!]

We have to be careful not to fall into a “pit of despair” when coming to these stage in life. I would like to think I have finally woke up! Woke up to these ideals of truly focusing on the important not the surface silliness. The proverbial “hamster wheel” of life does not need to exceed the speed of sound to get things accomplished. “Some things can wait until tomorrow…”
Fortunately…the laundry is done…dishes are done…table is cleaned off…groceries are bought…dinner is planned… Yep, it is time to take a slow-down break, with another cup of coffee, and relax. After all it if TGIF! Maybe that mean “Thank Goodness It’s Fall!”. If that is the case then why is it still in the high 80’s here?…(insert a chuckling minion…hehe!)

Have you ever found yourself crossing this same bridge in life? Have you ever felt like your “hamster wheel” was spinning out of control? What about the overflowing items on you proverbial plate? I guess we all have some things we could change about ourselves…What would you change?

May you cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Guess What Day It Is!


Guess What Day It Is!
Can you?
IT’S FRIDAY! The day when everyone races through the day trying to solve the week’s piled-up-problems before 5 PM so they can enjoy Saturday. We really don’t do that do we?


Everyday is the same with the exception of Sunday! Schedules remain the same and chores are ever present and that is just fine by me!

I have been normally multi-tasking this morning.

Closing out a party…
Picking out pieces to purchase at an upcoming Jewelry party…
Washing clothes…
Minor household straightening…
Talking to my sons as they wake up in shifts…
Letting Precious Princess in and out and in and out…
Chatting on Facebook with friends far and near…
And…drinking my Heavenly Brew!

What a typical day! It is quite the relief from the exciting adventure experienced by many in my area last night. What a storm…lights flickering and wind howling. Oh and how about those lovely-storm-piercing sirens? Tornado Warnings are always a plus in any storm. The lightning was quite severe and very active. The weather man said he had not seen the much lightning in a long time. The radar pic was almost solid lightning…and it was really a spectacle to behold as it popped here and there violently. I need a typical day…would you?

Well as Forest Gump would say….


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Slowing Down For The Weekend…NOT!


I am Slowing Down For The WeekendNOT!

I have a busy weekend including:

Time with friends
Scentsy party
Trio practice…and
Regular household Chores

No use listing the “Regular Household Chores”…we all have them! I really would rather ignore them and hope they just go the other way! “Well at least this weekend.” The Ladies Trio has the special Sunday morning…the fun part is the fact that we only got the song Wednesday night and went over it one time together. Here’s hoping we can arrange a time to meet tomorrow!

Wow! The Multitasking Monster has taken over my body. I had literally left the table and started a new task I preparation for the Scentsy Party tomorrow. I guess this is a signal to close and take care of what needs to be done.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend….and to those of you I will see this weekend; I can’t wait to see you! It is time for more coffee!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: T.G.I.F.

The activities of this past week’s busy schedule have bombarded my defenseless body. I move gingerly as the constant pain sends reminders of my medical condition. “I really hate this!”

So today I will take a little me-time! i will enjoy my coffee and relax and later this morning I will get my nails done. And it is a great day to do it…T.G.I.F.!

Grocery shopping and cleaning of house completed yesterday…but cleaning is a constant and on-going up-hill battle daily chore. The good news is that the house was not as bad as it could have been and I will have sons home today…”Oh Boy!” ( said with a smile as I rub my hands together sneakily)


It is going to be a great day!

Hubby is almost ready to leave for work…youngest has just climbed onto his school bus and well…the other three are sleeping away. (“Rest well…you’re going to need it!”). My 19 year old did tell me he had to go somewhere today but his 22 year old brother was taking him. “I am so thankful for older sons who drive!”

It is going to be a great day!

Can you blame a girl for taking a me-time day? What would you do? Of course I have a list of “Things I would like to do” that could fill the Grand Canyon, but who doesn’t? And seeings how the Money Tree did not bloom this year I am limited in my get-away funds. You understand this…I know you do!

The only thing I really want to say is…Do something for yourself today! Would you do that for me?
Then we will have a wonderful me-time day!

Happy T.G.I.F. and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Yes…It Is Friday…TGIF!

Yes…It Is Friday…TGIF!

Survival Checklist:
Snacks and medications for youngest…*
Schedules of each member of the family…*
Pencil with extra eraser for changing the schedules of each family member…*
Dinner started…*

Okay…so a short explanation might be needed.

The boys are going in several directions this weekend…except for our youngest! He will be at our church for a weekend long Youth Event and once I drop him off this evening we will not see him until Sunday after church. This is his first big youth event and I am very note interested to see his reaction. The other boys all participated in this event every year…and each year they were quite different after the event.
My 19 year old is still painting today…tomorrow and Sunday are still in the penciled in stage and pivot on my 22 year old and his schedule. It seems that the employer of the 22 year old has finally opened his second store and my son will actually be working today and tomorrow and possibly Sunday…
we got the news last night that our 23 year old will be coming home. Mixed emotions aside the 22 and 19 year old will have to drive across the state and help him pack up and come home. With our schedules this weekend is the only time!

Oxycodone and coffee cocktail…mmm good!

It has been quite a while since we had all four boys under the same roof…needless to say…I am a little nervous!

Parenting…is a sport! Jumping of hurdles, Javelin throws, long distance running…
Parenting…is a mystery “Who Done It” thriller! Deduction and investigative snooping…
Parenting…is a science! Trial and Error…

If you have children then you understand…I am nervous about the homecoming of my oldest but at the same time glad. Glad to know he will be safe, sheltered, fed, warm, properly clothed. “I am such a MOM!”

Well my unique cocktail is beginning to take effect…I must close!
Any suggestions on surviving this new twist in my schedule and family life? They would be greatly appreciated! At least I will have new topics to blog about…JK!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Friday Recap…

Oh the joys of Friday…yeah, who am I kidding? I have already cancelled an appointment today because of the to-do list carry overs. The good news is that no doctors or dentists were set for the calendar today. There is no money to go grocery shopping today…”I am a little bummed about that, but I can do with what I have…hopefully!” Yep…nothing to do but play catch-up!

Friday Recap!

First on the list was to contact a service to remove the pesky pest using its vicious, monster claws, in my attic. I called the service I had used before and unfortunately, to no avail, did not hear back from them…”You’re cut!” So being the type of person I am…(please keep your chuckle filled thought about the type of personality to yourself!)…I quickly investigated the surf-able subject to find another critter collection service. I called the number provided before 7 am this morning in hopes of leaving a message. “It just rang and rang.” But wait… there is light at the end of this tunnel…I just answered my phone and guess who it was! Yippee! “We will have someone out there today!” Now all I have to do is wait!

Techno-geek (number 2 son) along with my 19 year old camped out at the local AT&T store last night after arriving about 7:45PM. The funny thing about this was that mom…hehe…told them to take a couple of chairs because they may not be able to sit n the truck all night. “I would have been a great Boy-Scout!” Sooo…about midnight we, hubby and I, got a phone call saying 19 year old was coming home to get chairs while number 2 son sat at the door. It seems that while they were the first in line…like they have been for the past iPhone releases…there was a definite increasing presence of those with similar desires. As I am typing this post the store has opened and my son is probably holding the new iphone5 in his hot little hands. They will be home soon enough…Now all I have to do is wait!

No real cleaning to do…

Wait…can this be true?…

With only three people in the house for the most part yesterday and dinner for only three there was light clean up and wipe down…done! Before I went to bed! I even cleaned the disposal in the sink!

“Let me just say this is a concept I could get used to very quickly!”

I will gather the few items from my room, shortly, to add to the load of laundry ready to be started and change my sheets…but that is about all I will need to do. “What is a girl to do with all this time?” I know silly me…there is always something that needs to be done…Now all I have to do is wait!

Who knows…my money could show up today and I could add grocery shopping in later today. Until then I could tweak my grocery list by putting a “C” for coupon next to specific items. I started my monthly menu list yesterday and could go through the list making sure everything needed is on my grocery list. “There is the Boy-Scout thing again!” What? A mom is always prepared….right?

Well I should go get dressed and finalize preparations for the Critter Retrieval Swat Team! I may have time to fix another latte’ before they arrive. Would you like a cup? If so…how many shots? I would be happy to fix one for you….Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Just Another Day!

That ticking clock stops for no man…
The news dishes out the headlines filled with sadness and strife.
Facebook notifications continue as those we know keep us up to date on the trips to the doctor and to the beach.
The weather brings in dark cloud cover and refreshes the browning grass and wilting plants.
Yep! It’s Just Another Day!

I guess I should be happy…
It is Friday and the weekend cometh.
There is only a week and a half until school starts back.
I am still receiving Facebook notifications.
Because of the rain I will not have to water the plants by going back and forth from the sink to the deck.

It is really all about how we look at things. Perception! It is not just another day…It is another day we are breathing and functioning. It is a day we have our family and friends around us. So enjoy yours and I will enjoy mine! Make it wonderful for those around you and it will be wonderful for you!

Have a great day!

Peach State