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Peach State says: The Results Don’t Lie!


Maybe it was the fact that I was up way too late last night (1:00PM)…
Maybe it was the residual effects of the Benadryl Coma…
Maybe it was the chill felt through my fuzzy socks as I prepared hubby’s breakfast…

Whatever the cause, the first sip of my flavor filled Caffeinated Companion brought forth a calming and noticeable “Ahh!”!

The Results Don’t Lie!. Coffee is Awesome!

The knowledge that more coffee is coming my way just makes my toes tingle. Well not really…cause that could be a sign of too much coffee and that is not going to happen to me! HeHe! Whatever the reason for taking time out of your schedule to enjoy that first cup of morning’s slap in the face one thing is for sure…

“It was on the Internet so it must be true…Right?”

Speaking of results…I wanted to bring you up to date on my recent trip to the Pin Cushion Farm this past Tuesday! My doctor, after I reminded him (again) of the last Flu Shot, decided to forego the shot and added it to my file. But…because of my asthma he ordered the Pneumonia Shot instead and…the full gambit of blood tests. My favorite question of the visit was…”When did you last eat?” (11:00 am) “What did you eat?” I knew the look I was fixing to get and giggled as I told him…( A Dark Chocolate Special K Protein Drink and 2 individual Dark Dove pieces about 11:30.) if he had been wearing glasses he would have pulled them down on his nose and looked over the top with that evil eye! I was slightly panicked about the A1C results but was thrilled to find out that my A1C was in the normal range for non-diabetes…oh and the other tests were all good and normal. Yeah! I’m not pregnant! Isn’t that wonderful?

Well my phone is ringing and a friend needs to talk! I just wanted to share the above with you especially for those who had been sweetly asking about the results.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: The Day I Get Shot!


I’m feeling a bit like the guy left on the deck of a submerging sub! Heart pounding panic in the face of what lies ahead in a day filled with unknown!

A bit over the top…maybe! Nevertheless today is…

The Day I Get Shot!

How do I know? Easy…I made the appointment a week ago. “Are you shaking your head wondering what in the world is wrong with this picture?” Let me calm your fears…I am getting the Flu Shot. Feel better…I’m not! I have a minor dislike to needles and an even more profound anxiety-filled-fear of the Flu Shot. I don’t want to have a repeat of what happened the last time I got the Flu Shot!

Reader’s Digest Version:
I headed to the doctor’s office with my 3 sons to get the Flu Shot. I played the brave mom and went first and showed them there was nothing to it. “My bad!” After the four of us were finished I got to the car and had to use my inhaler. I arrived back at home, after dropping the boys back at their schools, and could not breathe. I used my inhaler and fixed a strong cup of black coffee! My back preceded to get tighter and the pain was almost severe. I sought out a relaxing shower. skipping forward…After almost four hours of trying everything I could to relieve my Asthma ( which I have had since childhood and these techniques usually work) I called a friend about borrowing her daughter’s breathing machine. “I know there is a name for it but for some odd reason I can’t remember it right now!” Sweetly she, in as calm a voice as she could use, said she would be over shortly. The boys were startled by my condition and began their helpful nursing.

“I got this…”
“You sit down…”
“Want me to rub your shoulders?…”

By the time my friend arrived I should have been at the ER but…
She set it up and stayed with me until after the treatment. She did not like the way I looked and talked to my hubby. After some deliberation three hours after the boys got home from school I was on my way to the ER. Hubby had left work and came home and could see the distress I was in. The typical wait at the ER was shortened and I was grateful. The treatments and shots were a plenty as monitors and wires began to ding and beep. Charts were updated and meds were increased. My hubby sat against the wall at the door with a creased frown. The doctor came in and nodded for my hubby to step outside. The nurse inserted another needle into an IV and then left. As she opened the door I caught a glimpse of my hubby in the hallway with a look I had never seen before. The not so mumbled voice struck my heart… Try to keep her calm and breathing steady…We’re doing all we can!

Pause…I have been to the ER several times for Asthma Attacks but this one…well, it took the cake!

My hubby returned to the room and grabbed the remote…”Want to watch something else? How about this?” I nodded…It was a rerun of NCIS and silly as it may sound it was the one where Tony is dying of The Plague. skipping forward…after what seemed like hours and hours the doctor came back in. The familiar nurse at his side removed the mask covering my face and began to take the monitor wires off. “That was a close call!” “We almost lost you!” He began his best rendition of elementary medical jargon and my ears rang. No wonder my hubby had looked the way he did. He was joking around with the doctor trying to lighten the tone in the small room. “My hubby, I now know, does not deal with seeing me on a hospital bed very well!”

With all of this being said…I have not gotten the shot since! Why is this year different? Do you watch the news?

I discussed the situation with my doctor and have been ordered to stay at the office for about an hour after the shot. Originally my 20 year old was going with me but, plans changed when my hubby got the call that his appointment at the VA had been moved to today at 11am. Wait for it…and there is a chance that he may need surgery for a hernia. “Can you say sitting on pins and needles!” I have several friends that are within 2-3 minutes from my doctor’s office should anything happen and that is quite calming. I may call one and see if she wants to come visit while I wait! Hopefully I will be able to talk with you again tomorrow and let you know what happened…

The Day I Get Shot!

Wish me luck…my appointment is at 2:30 this afternoon!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Ridiculous Medical Answer


It is sad when we call someone we are supposed to trust with our health and well-being and get nothing but a Ridiculous Medical Answer!

I have been asked to get the Flu Shot this year by my hubby! The timing was essential and I knew I needed a target date sometime next week. So I called my doctor’s office this morning to get the ball rolling and this is what happened!

The offices open at 8 AM M-F so at 8:04 this morning I called. I pressed the number for the appointment line, when prompted, and waited…and waited…and waited. 4.24 minutes later a voice came on the line. I gave my name and the greeting of “Good morning…how are you?” With the greetings out of the way I asked my question.

Do I need an appointment for the Flu Shot?

The response was yes…so I quickly asked if there were any appointments for next week. She told me that ( are you sitting down?) “The doctors are not in the office this week and you will have to come in next week to see a doctor!” I chuckled to myself….”so can I make an appointment for next week?” “I believe I just told you there are no doctors in the office this week…why don’t you go to a Minute-Clinic or something!”

Before I go any further I would like to state for the record that my doctor has been my doctor for almost 14 years! The fact that the last Flu Shot put me in the emergency room on a breathing machine and almost killed me is in my file. Also on my file is the fact that I called before Christmas and inquired about getting the shot this year after expressing my concerns. The nurse in the office told me to make sure I reminded the doctor of my concerns and that they would monitor my vitals for about 30 minutes post-Flu Shot. I felt comforted by this thought knowing that my 20 year old would be there with me should anything happen at the doctor’s office.

Now…if I could not make an appointment then why answer the appointment line! I do not understand the idiotic response much less the feeling of being shooed, like a fly, to go to a Minute-Clinic. What happened to the semi-personal replies and the semi-caring nature of the medical professionals? I think I will visit the office next week…in person…and ask that question! Maybe then I can get appointment…If The Doctors Are In The Office!

I am still stunned by this! Maybe I should just do something calming…laundry maybe?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State