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Heart of Dixie says . . . I went looking for the fat clothes box

I swore this would not happen again.  In fact, outside the October of unlimited candy corn (which I call crack), I’m not really sure what happened.  I do know I had such a hard time with Funny Girl’s going to college and chronic unemployment that I went on antidepressants at the insistence of a friend.  (Something else I promised myself I wouldn’t need to do again.)  When I noticed that the clothes were getting tight, I got off of them, but that’s been about a month and the weight still goes up, up, up.

So, I swore I wouldn’t count calories again, telling myself that the times I did that before I was doing so to please a critical man and not to please myself.  The weight fell off without counting the first calorie when he slipped into the past tense, so why am I here again?

Ours is not to ask why, I guess, but to just take action.  The 12s are tight, but the 14s are still loose, and for that I will be thankful.  I joined and put a piece of graph paper on my bathroom wall.  I will not say that I’ve taken much more action than that. Last week I did wake up at 5:00 each day and exercise, but this week and next I have Pensive Girl and I have to wake up at 5:00 just to get her to school.  Not sure I’m up to waking up at 4:30 yet. Would appreciate any tips anyone has.  I’ve never been a working mother before.  Before I could just go run six miles if I wanted to.  I really can’t do that anymore.

Well, that said, I suppose it is time to lace up the shoes and go outside.  I don’t really live in a running accessible neighborhood anymore, but there are some killer hills that rev the old heart rate.  As far as calories, I’m not going to stress about it until the new year, but I did log those two muffins in.

Here’s to getting back into 10s.