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Peach State says: Slow Down…It’s Not Even Halloween!


School has been in session for almost two months and today is the last official day of “Fall Break”. My son and I have been watching the store shelves unfold the to be expected seasonal creepiness…but mixed in with the fall foliage and bags of dental anxiety is the oh so early signs of Christmas! “Come On!!! How many times do I need to say the same thing?”

Slow Down…It’s Not Even Halloween!

I guess this bring on the next holiday mentality is hitting me a little harder this year due in part to the multiple taped cardboard boxes filling the rooms on the main floor of my home! I cannot decorate yet…not until we move into our new home sometime the end of October. “I am going through seasonal decoration withdrawals!” What’s a girl to do? Grin and bear it…grind my teeth till my jaws ache in overwhelming agony! “Oh wait! Been there done that…another story!”

Can anyone explain why retailers insist upon initiating the Christmas holiday before the end of Septmeber? Don’t we have enough in our proverbial plates without the continuous reminders of how many shopping day remain until Christmas? Have I even started shopping? “Well I did find a perfect gift for my Military Son…and yes I bought it!” I can only hope I can find the box marked VIP Christmas 2014 when I get to the new house!

Perhaps the progressive march of the calendar is moving faster than I am ready to admit. So many differences this year as we head into the seasonal decorator’s paradise. With the three older boys no longer living at home and the expectations of change virtually doubled (or quadrupled) by moving;
it is easy to feel like I am moving at a turtle’s pace compared to most.

Hold on while I enjoy my pity party…

Okay…time to move one! Lots to do today and I need to move the laundry. Oh how I wish someone would drop by and wiggle their nose or blink everything into neat little snug boxes so that I could focus on the house work! The good news is the fact that with boxes everywhere I don’t have to vacuum or dust. “Well…not as much!”

I must confess…I have, in all my pre-planning of room arrangements, been trying to figure out where the Christmas Tree would go. Crud! Does this mean I am one of those way-too-early Christmas people? I hope not! Otherwise the fall candles I have in another specially marked box will not be enjoyed as they should.

Enough said…I am off to see how much I can pack away!!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Uh Oh! Holiday Decorating Ideas


It has begun! The Fall season has ushered in a few delightful spins on the more traditional pumpkin…

“Uh Oh! Holiday Decorating Ideas”


I will have to try these! I will share pics as I do! Will you try one if these or will you try another design. Let me know…I would love to see your idea!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Have You Checked The Weather App?


“What? A girl is trying to dream here!”

Have You Checked The Weather App?

I have and I check it most every morning. I have been a dutiful friend and have sent screen pics to another friend who craves the cooler temperatures.

Now …Take into consideration that Atlanta is south of where I live and we run a little cooler because of the lack of asphalt-covered-surfaces…
Did you see the lows…”OOO”…they are coming…Low Temps!. “M-M-M!” I can taste the Mulled Cider/ Hot Chocolate/ Espresso Mocha just thinking about it! ( please choose one of the three mentioned drinks, available in my cozy kitchen, to share when visiting!) The chill is definitely in the air this morning…The misty rain has saturated the surfaces as it gives the fallen leaves a moist shimmer. The gray filled sky adds to the ambience completing the cooling Fall day. The incredible blue skies and color-filled-trees is the perfect day for being outside…but today is a day for indoor activities.

Now that is my new favorite color…“October”…”I love that color…it’s my favorite!” (inside joke!)
My wish, in all of this, would be that my rocking chair on my porch had this view! Can you imagine seeing this picture everyday and what about with snow laden branches? I think my incredibly wonderful hubby would build me a fireplace, to rock next too, if I had this view!

Well enough dreaming for the day…time to get ready to run errands. “How’s that for getting back to reality?”

“May you cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: The Coolness Of The Morning


The changing of the colors in vibrant display…
The scattering of fallen leaves massed beneath the emptying branches…
The added morning dew rolling gently off the vehicles in the driveway…
The wearing of deeper purples and reds as feet begin to hibernate inside socks and closed toed shoes…
Festivals of every design with pumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales…
Gatherings of friends and family draped in their favorite team’s colors…
And…the raising of the household thermostat…

Ah! It’s Fall and I can finally feel a crispy change in the air…well for a little while!

The Coolness Of The Fall Morning!

I smile a quiet smile and take a sip of my “morning companion” relishing the warmth as the soothing caffeine begins it’s gradual wake-up call. I hope my coffee works quickly…my youngest has a game to play this morning and I would so love to crawl beneath the beckoning bed-covers.

“I Do Love Fall…Do You?”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Seasons…They Are Changing!

Today is the day I have been waiting for…as have many of my friends.

Seasons…They Are Changing!

But you already know that!
BUT…something did happen, for the first time in my life, on Saturday. Saturday was the first official day of Fall and I was greeted, by a BFF, with “Happy Fall!” (Given the fact that I am slightly over 29ish and enjoy the change of seasons and love any reason to creatively greet people…can you believe I have never said “Happy Fall!”?) My Facebook has been lined with updates about the weather forecasts and the drop in temperatures. We hit the 40’s this morning! But before the ticker-tape parade begins we will rebound back into the mid-70’s this afternoon. “Welcome to Georgia!” I apologize for our giddy-gush over the season change…

The festive fall decorations are spreading throughout the neighborhoods with the occasional scarecrow and Halloween themed yard. Oh…and don’t forget the comfort foods…

We, my family, enjoyed our first Caramel Apples of the season last night. “We have a couple left over…any takers?” I love living in north Georgia and having the Apple Orchards so close…Now if I could just plan a time to go with a couple of friends!
My hubby found some Apple Donuts yesterday…I may just have to have one of those but for now I will stand firm and strong. “But not for long…my stomach is growling just thinking about eating me of them!”

My youngest has been trying to wear his long-sleeved shirts for about a week and wanted to wear his jacket the other day when the temperatures were in the high 50’s…I just smiled and told him “NO!”. I let him wear his jacket today…Funny how he was born in the Pacific Northwest and finds that the 40’s are (how did he put it?) freezing! Maybe he will grow out of that before High School!

Well my back door is open allowing the cool crisp temperature to flow into my family room.

News Flash: No fuzzy socks on my feet!

I hope you enjoy your day and find something in the local weather to smile about. Have a great day…and oh yeah…”Happy Fall from Georgia!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Dreaming of Fall!

I know, I know…Summer still has a few more days before…but a girl can dream.
Driving down the winding highway as colors burst from each tree…leaves that playfully trickle down to their final resting place after a gentle ballet in the breeze…what a dream!
I love the Fall! It is, by far, my favorite season of all weather wise. A crisp coolness in the air as cooler temperatures replace the hot and humid air of Summer. I am so ready…I just can’t wait…I am Dreaming of Fall!

Walking through the woods on a fresh carpet of fallen leaves as they crunch beneath my feet…the smells of woodsy scents. The cozy times at home with family as the daylight fades early and homes glow through the windows. Candles flicker as wisps of cinnamon and leaves rise filling the house with memories of Falls past.

Casually taking in the outdoors, as I sit on my backyard swing, with my oversized sweater and a cup of coffee. I will lift my face towards the sky and soak in the warm rays as I feel the cooling breeze blowing across my face.

Comfort foods like chili and chicken and dumplings fill the tables as menus change. I do love my comfort foods! Baking of goodies to warm the senses of family members as they come home for the day.

OOO…and College Football! But that is another day’s blog!

I love Fall and I am Dreaming of Fall! Aren’t You?

Have a great day!

Peach State