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Peach State says: Fall’s Morning Colors


The slightly chilled driveway brought a smile to my face this morning as I, once again, took the trash bag out to the can by the street. “It is Monday which means Garbage day!” I said my final departures to my off-to-work hubby and walked back to the garage. The painted canvas was bright and cheerful as the sun began it’s peek-a-boo game on it’s steady climb into the morning sky.


The splatter of colors mixed with the bright fire-orange glow make for a pretty picture to start the day! The pulled-apart-cotton-ball clouds float lazily across the sky with quickly changing hues. My mind moves along in a slightly faster pace…reminding me to continue with the chores laid out for me. I turn and go back inside…fix my small and quite cute designed bowl of oatmeal. (Yes I ate something!)
This is the last day of September and the final days with my 20 year are finally here. We will soon have his departure date…but until then I will be a sentimental and reflective mom. ” Wait…I have always been that type of mom!”

Just a few more minutes of solitude with my “morning companion” before the influx of pest control and shipments bombard my door. The shipments I can’t wait for…the bug-guy…well you know how it is!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State