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Peach State says: Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar


I am taking a breath this morning as I sip on my “beloved-caffeinated-breakfast-in-a-cup”. I seemed to have made quite the mess this morning sorting and gathering the old-unused-out-of-date-coupons before taking out the trash. Just a few minutes and I will get back to work…”As I hope for a temporary mind-over-matter cure to my oncoming headache!” You know what that means…FACEBOOK TIME! One of the first pics I giggled at, as I shook my head in agreement, was the above pic. Monday already! I thought time flew when you were having fun! Back to the topic…

“Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar”
What a concept…there it was for all to see! It’s Monday and I will feel cruddy and in need of a nap as soon as I wake up. The reminders eventual ending of the weekend and the return to regular-toil-filled-obligations was posted throughout the page. Then I came upon this one…

Grumpy Cat was a happy cat!

Events and birthdays fill my page and I never need to lift a finger. I do not need to pencil in or look back at last years calendar for VIP events. Parties and promotions flash onto my screen and with a press on the screen I can send the information to my personal organizer. “Does touching the screen mean I lifted a finger?” Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are hard to miss will the continuous stream of wishes flowing down the page. Countdowns to holidays appear amidst the well wishes for a safe and prosperous season. “Who needs a conventional calendar anymore?”


The strategic placement of traditional calendars around my house serve my disability…ADHD!
No…it is not because I have ADHD…some would call it Type A personality and I call it organized! “I also have my major calendar on my iPhone that floats on my little fluffy iCloud to my iPad. At the touch of the screen I can see what my day holds for me. But I depend on my Facebook to add a bit of humor to my straight-black-white-lined screen.

Personality Pics know just what we are thinking…and often say it better when we can’t say it out loud. (I Love Grumpy Cat!)

Well my reminder chime is going off telling me the next lovely task on my daily calendar…

twiddly twiddly twiddly…Don’t forget to change the TKD days and times!

As for the replacement of conventional calendars…it’s not going to happen. Facebook, however, will continue to add gentle hints of those important dates that never show up on the generic-printed-calendars I use for the fridge. And who would ever want to miss the humorous-personality-filled ways friends and family share these reminders.

Being one who generally likes reading between the lines one might assume a play-date is in order due to it being Monday! Wouldn’t you agree? Now I need to decide if I should just comment and make plans or use my trusty calendar on my phone to send me a reminder to call. (Insert chuckle here) I think I will call…this will give me a chance to pause the normal day-to-day activity I have on schedule today.

Here is one last reminder for you…Check your calendar! Then you can check your Facebook…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

Welcome back to another week of wonderful, but funny, thoughts from my Facebook Friends.
It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

I thought the animal pics were taking a back seat to the more thoughtful one-liners…I was wrong!

Of course you are…you pretty kitty!

I will never admit to having a conversation!


I do believe the “Charlie Brown Tree” had more of a rounded triangular shape.

I have never and do not plan to use Nip…



(drum roll)…This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner is:


I hope you found a smile or two but wait…there are a few more worth a read….I’m Just Saying:

If at first you don’t succeed!

True or False…hmmm!

Yep! Nothing wrong with that!

I hope you found a smile or two waiting for you today. I am off to spend time with hubby…on his day off. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Halloween Leftovers or More Facebook Funnies!

BOO!…Did I scare you?. I was to busy laughing and enjoying the Trick or Treat pics mixed in with the Halloween humor last night as I waited for the doorbell to ring. I just had to share these with you…Her are the Halloween Leftovers or More Facebook Funnies! The good news is the lack of calories…so sit back with a miniature candy bar and smile a bit.

This pic showed back up last night…I think it’s haunting me!

<img src="" alt="20121101-151301.jpg" class="alignnone size-
Kinda scary…having yellow eyes peaking out through the jack o-lantern.


What was the non-candy item you got last night? We got a pencil!

1…2…3… Awww!

Great…Now I am hungry!

(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2


Have a great day!…and 54 Days Till Christmas!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy Halloween Facebook Funnies!

Talk about weight gain during the holidays…

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…oh and Happy Halloween!

I have quite the collection to share today…You may want to prepare yourself….


(drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worth Award Winner!



A little off the sides!


Unemployment Rates may fall during the holidays!


For those who don’t have a sweet tooth!


“I put a spell on you…and now you’re mine!”

Scary Movie Anyone?




Happy Halloween and make sure you give out more than you eat! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday

Well that is true…at least most of the time…hehe!

I have searched near and far for these chuckle-inspired-pics
Welcome to another Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

Let’s see what the different animals have been doing this week:

Haven’t we all!

So how many of you sang the words…as you read it!

This is the very reason I can’t wear my fuzzy socks when I wax the floors…it’s embarrassing!

It is hard trying to fit in…

Okay…everyone take a moment to sip…Ahhh!…and repeat.

My Precious Princess will dance around for a bacon treat.

Poor thing…Go curl up and take a nap!

What if…


(drum roll…) This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

I would never do this…it is a real waste of good Helium!

Enjoy a chuckle and smile today…and then share!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Bring On The Facebook Funnies!


How many times has that happened to us…you would think by now that we would have grown up enough to not channel the voices in our head that belong to the different animated characters.

Let’s get started…Bring On The Facebook Funnies!:

In some families this is called “a lead foot”.

Speaking as a mother of two who waiting all night in line…this statement is the absolute truth!

Okay…may I just say…”Gross!”

Well enough said…time for some sweet, cuddly pics!

This is for those of you who may have missed the “Talk like a Pirate Day” last week.


I need to teach my “Precious Princess” to mime…her whinny begging is getting old!


There is always that one friend!



AND…(drum roll…) the Blog Worthy Award Winner:

This are the very words repeated on Monday nights…at Basketball practice….okay so there are a couple of us saying these words while wishing for a Cheeseburger!

I hope you found a smile today…if you did make sure you share it!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Time!

The calendar does not lie…it is Wednesday and that means…time for another round of Facebook Funnies Time!

I can understand the emotion being shared by this feline. The older boys in my house think they are stealth during the early morning roaming and leaving before sunrise…NOT!

Hear are a few desk slapping tid-bits of humor!


Kinda makes me want to stop counting calories…yuck!

If you don’t know there s a problem!

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I’m on that!”

I thought I took my mascara off before going to bed last night.

This next one has made the rounds…we all want one of these.

(drum roll)
Blog Worthy Award Winner:

The FDA have finally realized there is a problem with the high cost of pharmaceuticals but the influx of revenue for baby shampoo offset the loss making everything balance out. That is government for you.



Nice to know he’s got your back!
I know you found something that turned that little corner of you mouth up. Which one made you giggle or smirk? Let me know and pass it along. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

This week was a Catch-up week for a friend of mine. I believe she posted everyone of these Facebook Funnies after getting her hubby home from the hospital.
She was in need of two things…her bed and her coffee!
Let’s start with the coffee!



This is not a happy face!

Sadly I must confess that I remember this song when it was cookies but love it with coffee! I also used this pic as a screensaver for my phone. “What? Haven’t you ever used a historical and heart-stirring picture as your screensaver?”

This quote has been used this week…no lie!…but laughter was included!

Don’t mess with her… She needed coffee bad!

Ther are two reasons I don’t drink Decaf Coffee:

And #2:

(I found this one on another friend’s Facebook page and had to include the Decaf because of a mutual friend! I know she is shaking her head and sipping on her coffee!


And this concludes the coffee portion! I told you! She missed her beloved coffee and the descriptive terms for the “hospital brew” were hilarious.

I want to share a few more with you and I will save the other for another time. “There were so many…I guess my friend was computer deprived too!”

Musical pics are often circulated in my group of friends….(quit shaking your head!) Cookie Monster could have been in this group too!



Which brings us to the final two:

And drum roll please:

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

This wonderful and stirring saying has also been quoted. I am sure that when we are together tonight it will be used again. LOL!

Well what did you think? Did you find something that reminded you of a friend or two? Maybe you saw yourself and can’t wait to use it as a screensaver. Whatever the case…let me know! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Day!

Maybe this only happens to me….Neh!
I have special ringtones for to identify my friends and they have the same. It is not uncommon to answer the phone singing the ringtone…At least we all love to sing and understand….right?

Welcome to this weekly Facebook Funnies Day!. This has been an interesting week filled with hospital stays and doctors visits. Thankfully no unscheduled trips to the medical professionals in my family. So on with the Funnies!

Blog Worthy Award Winner!
The successful landing of the Mars Rover made the news this week…as did the first pictures sent from the Rover:

Hey…that guy looks familiar!




Caffeinated Cats:

Does this scare anyone else?

Coffee Bar Karaoke…


Needs more coffee…


Music for the soul:



Cats with Attitude:




Hungry Cats:


There used to be three cats…Mystery solved!

I will close with a shadowy picture…dedicated to a Horror Flick Friend of mine!

“Watch out Barnabas!” (Just an inside joke and I know this is not a picture of Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows.)

Well I hope you found something to lift the morning veil from your eyes this morning. Share a laugh with your Facebook Friends today and Have a great day!

Oops…this was the runner-up for the Blog Worthy Award:

I have noticed the same thing…I must be cool being so Retro!. HeHe!

Peach State

Peach State says: Soap Box Thoughts

With flustered heart and shaky hands I debate the intent of certain Facebook updates. I cannot find the conservative root in the thought on the page as I read the status again. Is this person, considered a close relationship, attacking people like me with these photos and words or does this person see this post in a different light? I don’t know! “It made me want to scream and press the de-friend button.”

I have found myself perusing my page daily and not liking some of the ideals and lifestyle updates.

“Am I getting to be of the mindset that today’s crazy youth have no clue what truth is in the world?”

I know that differences are needed…Lord knows I am different! (insert laughter here!) But, my concern is the subject matter on my page should reflect my general beliefs and certain things just don’t belong there. I try to be tolerant of the grey areas and overlook the post as I scroll to the next update. I remind myself that those close to me only see my posts and comments on their status’ and find relief. I consider posting the opposite concepts and ideologies to throw a wrench in their page….but, I am not that type of person. You know, as well as I do, that our friends typically share the same general lifestyle beliefs.

Politics comes to mind…I am conservative as are those close to me! I will post about voting…but will not flood the page with who I am voting for. I will urge my Facebook Friends to remember to vote. They have the right to decide for themselves…BUT…please don’t shove your anti-conservative mindset down my throat with your status updates. “Did I say that out loud?”
Maybe I should just relax and drink the rest of my coffee and enjoy my wonderful breakfast of peanut butter crackers.

“Please let me state, for the record, that I am not as square as it may sound! I love my country and I have strong core beliefs. I enjoy laughing and have a unique and sometimes weird sense of humor…alright…sometimes may need to be constantly. Thus, I have friends who are the same way…but our core values and beliefs are the same. I do not aggressively seek out controversy and conflict.

One moment while I wipe the itty-bitty beads of perspiration from my poor brow….phew! I feel so much better! So what should I do? Should I let it go or pick up the proverbial glove of challenge? I could always go with the Sports Rule: 3 Strikes you’re out!. What do you think? Please let me know and have a great day!

Peach State