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Peach State says: Silly Me…It’s Facebook Funnies Day!

Well no chance of staying in my PJs today…out and about in the cold morning is my destined path this morning. As you can see I survived the visit to the doctor’s office. I will tell you about that later! For now let’s jump right into things…

Silly Me…It’s Facebook Funnies Day!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

20140116-072907.jpgHow appropriate due to the fact that one of my blessed and oh so kind sons told me he was the greatest and I sweetly corrected him!

Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

20140116-073414.jpgI can think of a silence from other members of the family that would make my day a lot brighter!

20140116-073557.jpgSo far so good today…heheh!

20140116-073654.jpgThings not to say during dinner with your wife!

“I am beginning to see a theme…hmmm!”

20140116-074101.jpg“The cash is a start…you can keep the roses!” ( insert chuckle…and no I wouldn’t say that!)

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


20140116-074806.jpg“Put your hands down!”

Words of Wisdom Award:

20140116-074947.jpgNot all fishing holes are the same!

20140116-075055.jpgI am just trying to picture the bloom…cooked or uncooked?

I’m Just Sayin’ Award Winner:


20140116-075455.jpgI’m thinking “Donkey” from Shrek or “Eyore”… Either way he’s cute!

Time to get ready to race out the door! Have a great and humor filled day…and to my Straight-Jacket friend… See you in a little while!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: Just a few Thoughts for the Day!

I usually look at the “Thoughts for the Day” as part of my morning routine. I find that Eyore from Winnie the Pooh is just as logical as the philosophers of old. I wanted to share some of the better ones with you this morning. I hope your day includes laughter and a smile….”Lord knows there are days we really need to find a reason to smile….”


This is so true…how many of you are guilty of picking up a empty roll and waving it through the air or square off with someone else. Oh the battles won with the unraveling remnants of the flimsy paper shell.


I am so glad that I found this lovely revelation of reality. We all have days that weigh heavy on our shoulders. This way we can inform people of our situation giving them the opportunity to help or RUN!


Last, but not least, how true that beauty can be found in plain packages. Read the previous quote with that, oh so famous, Eyore tone. Make it a practice to find beauty in unique places…you will be surprised!

Reading “Thoughts for the Day” makes time just for you! We need to take time for ourselves and find the elusive smile. What is your favorite “Thought for the Day”.

Peach State