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Peach State says: I Bettered the Coffee Master!

The end of the month run to Starbucks is prompted by the arrival of my long awaited $$$$…The check arrives and I dash to the bank hoping to reach the drive-thru window before they close. “Thank you postal delivery person for the lateness of my mail!” Success! Next stop is the local Starbucks which is on my way to TKD. I have been frequenting this specific Starbucks since moving into the area 12 years ago. There are smiles and welcomes as I walk in reminiscent of Norm walking into Cheers. “NORM!” There is a line so I peruse the shelves looking at the clearance and accessories. It is at this point I meet the Coffee Master!

CM: “How can I help you today? You seem to be lost…I can help…See, as she points to the title on her apron, I am a Coffee Master.”
Me: “I would like to have this ground please?” as I hand her my pound of Espresso Beans.
CM: “OOO…A nice rich blend for your daily coffee!”
Me: “No…it is for my espresso maker…Could you please grind it using the notch right above Espresso Fine?”
CM: “Are you sure you’re not using this as regular coffee? The grounds need to be fine for espresso.”
Me: “Yes thank you…my espresso maker spits at me if the grind is to fine.”
CM: “Well if you insist! Then in an obnoxious-nose-in-the-air-tone…I have been a Starbucks drinker for 20 years and I was in LA with Starbucks…before this area even knew about espresso.”

The guys behind the counter cringed and eyes began to roll. “Make her stop” and “Not again!” could be read on the facial expressions.

Me: “That is a long time…I started drinking Starbucks and loved it from the first sip about 26 years ago in Seattle.”

A snicker came from the cashier.

CM: “Did you know that you can sign up for the Starbucks reward program and earn free coffees?”
Me: I smiled and held up my free coffee card I received for my last 15 purchases. ( I have another card coming after one more purchase!) “I do in fact already have the gold card…thank you!”
CM: Don’t you love how economical the cost of the program is?”
Me: “I did not have to pay a thing…I was sent the original black card in the original pilot program and then it was grandfathered into the gold card program.”
Barrister: “I think there was a pilot program for the stockholders.”
CM: “Oh!”

I was given a nod from the barrister along with a twinkle and a smile. “Peach…You want your usual?”

Me: “No thanks”…and I began to give him my special…extra shot…free espresso order.
CM: “You realize that if you buy one more pound you get a coffee free.”
Me: “Yes thank you but, I wanted a Venti (large) and not a Tall (small).”
CM: “Well today you can get what ever size you would like with the purchase of two pounds.”

No twisting of any arms with that offer! Free Starbucks…count me in!

Me: “That’s wonderful!” as I grabbed another pound of beans…and gave my order to the almost rolling-on-the-floor-barrister.

The Coffee Master came to ring me up at the register and said…”I don’t think I have ever met someone who was more connected to Starbucks than I was.” I smiled and graciously said “I am just a coffee lover like you!” I went to pick up my Free Coffee and was met with an emotional high five…”Thank you for putting her in her place!” I felt kinda bad about that and it must have shown on my face. The barrister continued…”All day, everyday, it’s how connected she is and who she is in Starbucks.” I smiled and said…”I am a coffee lover and she is an employee…she is more connected!” I left having, in their eyes, Bettered the Coffee Master!

Life Lesson #5: There is someone who is always better than you are!

So…for a split second I was that person, in someone’s eyes, who was better at something than someone else. What a rarity! The funny thing was my youngest and his remark as we left…”I thought you knew everyone in this Starbucks!” I took this time to teach him about employee turnovers and even though I do know quite a few employees there will always be someone new.
Off to TKD with my Free Starbucks in hand.

Have you ever had someone who comes across as “All-That”? How did you respond to their attitude? I would love to hear your stories! Have a great day!

Peach State