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Peach State says: 2 Down & 2 To Go!

The countdown continues it’s active spiral.

2 Down & 2 To Go!…

The surprise news came three nights ago when my 23 year old announced he would be moving to a new city…2 hours away! He has a job interview, Monday, for a position that might hold him over, financially, until he finds a computer-geek-video-tech job. He began the dump-truck-cleaning of his room yesterday as the washer and dryer twisted and tumbled the multiple loads of clothes from his floor. He plans to leave about noon today! “I don’t thinks he said bye to his dad…but knowing my son he will call as he drives down the highway.” (For those concerned about his lodging in this new city…my son will be staying with my parents! It is a good thing they all get along!)

My hubby and I talked about this and have come to the conclusion that our 23 year old did not want to be here when our 20 year old leaves for Army Basic Training…anytime in the next 2-3 weeks. Why? “Because he would have to do the things the 20 year old always did for the family and house!”

Hold everything…that means 3 Down and 1 To Go!!!

The funny thing is the fact that the boys do not realize the amount of work it takes, when they are home, is lessened substantially when they are absent.


Cooking for three…instead of five.
No fighting over the moving of laundry…money saved on utilities.
Less garbage to take out…
Cleaning up behind three people…
Buying for three…
Pleasing only three when making dinner…

You get the picture!

I am going to save money and time! But I did think of a couple of drawbacks. The putting up of the Christmas Tree and bringing the multiple boxes of decorations up from the basement. (Quit shaking that finger… I am not lifting anything, YET!) I also realize that there will be one child left here…”I hope he can lift those boxes!” There will be a “Honeymoon Period” of sorts when the youngest is the only child. I just hope he does not revert back to the the selfish-lack-of-energy-I-did-not-hear-you-unknowing child we have been blessed with recently. (Did I just say that out loud? Yes I did!)

For those of you who know me, personally, please pray for us as the next few weeks will be a unique transition period. I must confess there may be tears and crankiness involved…sooo, please be patient with me! “Oh, and I will probably have a 13 year old in tow!” To be a mother with a full house to a mother of one will take some getting use to seeings how it has been a full house for 24 years. I was only a mother of one for 5 1/2 months before finding out I was pregnant with #2. I am sure I will find numerous upsides to only having one child but that will be another post.

Nope! We’re not there yet…but soon! As a matter of fact…there is a weekend coming up in December when there will be NO children in the house! “Hmmm?! I guess I should make some plans!” ( snicker…snicker!)

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Soap Box Topics


I have reached the “End of the Rope” and I am slipping! The knot has come undone and the rope is beginning to loosen. It is time to get a few things off my chest! So I will take the chance right now and step up onto my Soap Box and share…“Soap Box Topics!”

Late e-mails from teacher
The bells and whistles sound every night! E-mails from my youngest’s teachers reach my inbox between 10:00-12:00 midnight. I am sorry I can not follow through with my son as he is in bed.

Pocket Collections
I know what little boys are made of and the treasures they store in their pockets…I just need a garbage truck available for my youngest.

School Parking
The parking lot is so small…Come on! Can we not think first when planning the parking lot. This school has three schools that feed into it. Each of them have parking lots the size of a standard shopping center.

Okay…to be fair…it is the lack of money. Not only does the $$$Money$$$ I have not buy what it bought a year ago but now the monthly installment has been decreased. Grocery prices and fuel prices continue to rise and the money coming in gets cut. “What’s a mom to do?” Arrrrgh!

Picky Eaters
I have been fortunate, until now, to be able to put a meal in the table and have no leftovers. If there were leftovers they were frozen and used later that week. When did Dinner Dictator move in and when can he move out?

Dinning Room Laundry Mat
Why must every article of clothing owned by my son sit in my Dinning Room? Wash and dry…take to your room and fold and put away. Worked before…will work now!

Empty Nester Tease
Quit acting like you are not living here! I plan for 5 for dinner…you don’t eat here! I plan for three for dinner…What can I eat?

Puppy Dog Eyes
I am sick and tired of the Puppy Dog Eyes that fill my 11year old’s face when he doesn’t get what others get. Your behavior is not consistent and your chores are done by others in the house…”Usually Mom!” What is this “I deserve it all” mentality? My husband and I never had to deal with this issue with our older three boys.

Pick A Box
As parents we know that each of our 4 children are unique. They have their own proverbial box they think outside of. Our youngest just keeps switching boxes and if one cannot be found in the house he will bring one home that we have never seen….much less experienced!

Wedding Invitations
Why is it that I receive a beautiful Wedding Invitation complete with directions and hotel information from friends yet…four days before a family members wedding get a phone call and no formal invitation? “Sadly…the grandparents of the bride received a similar phone call invitation!”
Better not say anything else!

Broken Toes
Just had to vent…I fell last week and thought I just jammed my big toe…Nope!
Long story short…I just moved my foot knocking my toe and the pain…
Well as daddy always said…”If you are going to make a mistake…make it a good one!”
I really need to wear more flat shoes!

Grocery Prices
I know it fell under the $$$Money$$$ topic but it really deserved to be mentioned again….”Right!” I might as well throw Gas Prices into the mix too!

Hubby Economics
He has always felt there should be plenty of money left over to play with after buying the groceries and filling up the car. I guess he forgot about the Orthodontist and the field trips and school supplies….picking up his dry cleaning and the last minute snack requests for his office. Hmmm!

I am getting a headache thinking about all these (Sarcastically picturing floating flowers and hearts to ease my reality!) normal, life altering, tedious situations. I know I am not alone and that many are suffering with devastating burdens thrust upon them daily. Please note as you read the above Soap Box Topics that I tried to keep them light and that I have left room for contemplation. The bigger picture is filled with disrespect, decaying families and economic downward spirals…”I’m just sayin’!”. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by and letting me rant! Time to ice my toe!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Teasing Glimpse into my Future

Empty Nest….The day will never come!  But life will tease you with the idea.

My oldest moved out again and left us with 3 boys still here.  The two oldest, still at home, are working odd jobs and do have plans to move out but I do not know when.  The youngest…well he is still in school.  My second born is out of town for the next 10 days and there is a weird light at the end of my tunnel.  This is a taste of what things will be like…My 3rd son is constantly gone; leaving me with the youngest at home while my husband is at work.  Not to bad!

The up side is that the daily activities are lessened and allow for a little more me time.  Meal planning and clean-up are a breeze with just three to feed.  Yesterday, I decided on dinner and prepared it, putting my husband’s in the microwave for reheating, and cleaned up the kitchen.  It was done in record time.  There was no complaining or dragging of heels…I could even watch my TV show as I cleaned.  “Wow! What a concept!”  The noise level was greatly diminished with the exception of the questions and laughter coming from the youngest.  He is uniquely verbal and loud when everyone is in the house but when it is just the two of us he is …. well… louder.  We are still working on fine tuning his actions.

We have only had him, in our family, July 2007.  He turned 7 that August and is now 11 years old.  He is a child with Special Needs,  not severe, and still acts like a 6-7 year old.  He is a smart little boy and very artistic.  He loves to draw and invent!  Sadly, he is not one to share is emotions unless they are negative.  He is prone to temper tantrums due to frustration he experiences involving limits and classwork.  He does not know love or how to show it.  He will not talk about emotions and does not want or like physical contact.  “We have tried everything…”  Remember the different types of handshakes? You have the Firm and quick, the Standard grip with 2-3 shakes, and the Cold-Fish or grip-less handshake.  The Cold-Fish or grip-less hand shake is when the person does not even grab your hand, it feels fragile and emotionally empty.  That is the way my youngest hugs.  A better picture is the greeting of kissing on both cheeks but in the air.  No touchy…no feely!  I love hugs….and it leaves me feeling very empty and unloved. We do not have any germs or cooties!  We have tried showing him how to hug but he did not want to be touched.  I hate to tell him…He is in the wrong family…we are all huggers.  Enough about this…maybe, with time, things will change.

After my youngest went to bed last night…my husband and I watched what we wanted to watch, without the typical interruptions from siblings.  Minor conflict was absent and the only event on the horizon was the coming home of the 18 year old.  “He was at his girlfriend’s…his home away from home.”  They have been together for over a year now and she liked him for 2 years prior.  The house was quiet….with the reassuring hum of the TV.  The boisterous and often comedic interaction has been replaced by silence…empty, void, and everything I had always hoped for!  “Oh, Sorry!”  It is just plain quiet!  I know the noise level is only part of the issue…

Let’s talk transportation…I don’t have a car now!!! With the boys gone and my husband driving my car….I get to stay home!  I don’t like this aspect of my future.  I have places to go and people to see and no way to get there unless a friend picks me up and brings me home.  I work my schedule around the boys schedules to have a vehicle at my disposal.  I can say that I have some wonderful friends who are willing to pick me up and drop me back home.  Typically it is just to church and back!  They are going there anyway!  The revolving door is in constant motions as the cars come in the driveway and out of the driveway.  BEEP..BEEP…BEEP goes the door alarm and someone is home or leaving.  You have to be able to think on your feet to catch them and arrange for use of one of their cars.  It does give me an out to certain activities that I may have otherwise had to attend.  To this I am grateful!

This teasing  glimpse of the Empty Nest is starting to get old.  Enough with the making of plans…I want to move to the nest step!  Where is the “EASY” button (like the one from Staples) that I can push?  Did someone disconnect the ejection seat?  I am aware things are going to be difficult the way things are in the world right now.  It is hard to stand on your own two feet much less when you are just starting out.  “But I can dream!”  I know it will be hard, the day it finally happens, and I am left with just my husband…but I am preparing myself.  I don’t want to go through the miry clay, pits of despair, or Empty Nest Syndrome unprepared.  I want to experience that time of my life and enjoy that part of life in  a peaceful,  only in the movies, type of manner.  I want to put my office, upstairs, in one of their bedrooms.  I want to have a place to put my collectibles.  How about a guest room instead of kicking a son out of his room and into another when people come for a visit.

This peaceful little tease is just what the doctor ordered.  It is getting me prepared…s-l-o-w-l-y!  But I do enjoy the humor and conversation!  I would miss this most of all…that and the waiting to use the washing machine. will be so much easier…but until that day I will continue on this path of motherhood.  I will function the way I do everyday.  “Move your laundry!, move your car!, can I get your keys?, I am leaving, when will you be home?’ I will not have to speak when they are gone!!!! There will be nothing to say!  How funny is that?

Have a great day!