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Peach State says: Is It Nap Time Yet?


The weekend is finally here…a time where normal schedules include sleeping in. (Extra sleep is often needed after dancing “the dance of joy”!) Is It Nap Time Yet? For some…it is late to bed and early to rise! Some have no opportunity to soak in the comfy covers, like a snuggling baby, with no fear of the musical interruption coming from clock-radio on the bedside table. But…as one of the group unable to rest peacefully I will enjoy my brief quiet time before the chaos of the morning begins. The children are sleeping snug in their beds…at least for the moment. (Insert evil laughter…)
I will have to disturb their morning and gather the troops so I can attend an early practice. (Yep…they are going to be thrilled!)

I will manipulate the schedule to allow the errands to be completed quickly after the completion of practice. Thus…we will be home and possibly get the chance for a (dare I say it out loud?)…cat-nap! Maybe!

This time next week the packing will be almost completed. The car will be packed and my youngest will be preparing for his first extended-week-long-out-of-state-trip-without-mom-and-dad. I can honestly say that I will probably pack a few times during the week. Practice packing… ( Yep, not excited in the least!)

Well I am off to disturb some sleepy heads. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Need…More…Coffee!

Who, in their right mind, plans an meeting for butt-crack-of-dawn-o’clock? That would be my hubby’s boss! He has no life and goes to bed early every night and wakes up earlier than I do every day. “That is just plain wrong!” And if that’s not bad enough…add the wake-up call of the front door alarm chime sounding at 5:10 AM as my 19 year old left to work out with his mentor. “Hey…mom is trying to sleep!”

I had taken my Melatonin last night in the hopes of a longer sleep time…nope, not going to happen…

Pain meds taken gave no relief…

Even the sound of the falling rain offered no solace…


Wait a second…it will get better…it has to! I have a meeting with my youngest son’s teachers this morning and will have my “Wonderful Heavenly Brew” with me as I drop off my 19 year old at a job site before heading to the school. The good news is that my son will be working this week, and my meeting will only be about 45 minutes. The house will be quiet, the rain will still be falling, and I will be able to do what ever I want to do until my youngest gets home from school.

I could make a fresh pot of COFFEE to sip on as I go about the normal activities that fill my day. I might be able to take a little time and sort my coupons and grocery list for items not previously purchased, now that I have $$$ in my account again.

“I would love to work on my book!” It has been a while since I wrote anything and so much has happened! Then another cup of “Heavenly Brew” to enjoy as my youngest does his homework and then one for the evening filled with TKD and Basketball practice.

Yep…this is a perfect day…everything will fall into place on this dark-overcast-rainy-busy-Monday!

Need…More…Coffee! “But then again, Who wouldn’t?” I will have a fresh pot made if you want to stop by…

Happy Monday…and…Have a great day!

Peach State