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It’s My 6 Shot Morning!

IMG_5944My doctor asked me the other day, as my stomach growled like a roaring lion, what I had for breakfast.  A smile crept across my face and I said…”I had my usual!” I continued…”It’s My 6 Shot Morning!

I have to admit I truly love watching the different facial expressions I often get in response to that statement.  😳😡🤔😤💀🙀🙉🙊🙈

“Sorry for the multiple emojis.  I like pushing buttons!”

After I explained what I meant and my doctor was breathing again the laughter began! She was afraid I was driving while intoxicated!  I know it had to have been 5 o’clock somewhere but not in my little corner of the world.  My quaintquietquackyquirky little world is filled with arobicized activities along with the normalrunofthemill life of a mother!  I love the extra bowling pins added to my juggling routine.  The occasional diaper change and feeding, the extra taxi duties for my son and two of his friends to track practice. Oh, and the virtual treadmill of track meets!  Ah..the life of a track mom! But that’s another story for another day!

My doctor understood my need for the 6 Shot Morning…she prescribed a pill to help me sleep at night!  I left her office and headed back toward the old homestead…doing my varied errands on the way…including my drive through at the Starbucks across the street for another 4!!!  “Shh!!! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!”

“May your cup runneth over with love, laughter and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State. says . . . Murphy’s Law

You know what it is like to set your daily schedule trying to fit everything in a nice tidy order of events.  I have long been one of those creatures of habit that could plan a huge meal and everything came out of the oven and on to the table still hot and ready to serve.  But then Murphy’s Law comes to life invading the very foundation of scheduling and says “Not today” and laughs as I try to “Recalculate”.. [I love that commercial with the guy as the GPS giving driving directions to wreck].  Alright, back to the point!

I had my day lined out to follow-up on this blog and writing a couple of chapters for my book.  Then moving the laundry and making the phone calls to my youngest child’s doctors to keep them up to date on his recent activities and injuries.  “He fell and it looks like he may have sprained his wrist while riding his scooter on Saturday.  I iced it and gave him Tylenol and the swelling is gone and there seems to be no bruising.”  I felt like I had done all a good mother could do.  “He is using it more and appears to no longer be in pain”. Yea me! I continued on with my morning activities like cleaning up the kitchen and loading the dishwasher and then it happened…Murphy’s Law…[Ring.. Ring..] “Hello”  This is the nurse and the doctor would like to see your son and take a possible X-ray.  Can you be here at 11:30?” Okay so off I go to prepare for a short visit to the doctor so they can earn some money.  I checked my son out of school and he came bounding out the door with his bookbag and asked if he was coming back.  “Yep…the doctor may want an X-ray but then you will be back.”  2 1/2 hours later…Murphy’s Law... we were given a referral to the local Children’s Healthcare facility for Orthopedic Medicine.  Driving the 40 minutes to this facility I told my son it was a good thing he had his bookbag with him.  However if he had left it at school he could have gotten a pass on doing the homework he had already received from the earlier classes.  He was a little upset about missing Art Class.  Once we found the correct medical facility and got signed in the office staff put our information in the3 doctors slot to be seen.  Oops! Murphy’s Law again crept in to the order of things and the office staff put our paperwork in the wrong to be seen box and that doctor was not in at that time.  We waited and waited and ..well you see the picture.  An hour passed and after asking once we were finally seen.  It was at this point we found out what had happened as the nurse told the other nurses in the back when he showed us to the room.  So after all of this lovely travel and time spent with my youngest we were told the final painful result.  “Yes mam… I have looked at the X-rays and it is just sprained.”  Where is my pay check for diagnosing the injury from the onset?

Now we are homeward bound and facing the local interstate traffic and it is rainy.  [Recalculating]  I changed my dinner plans and was ready to fix dinner as I walked in the door.  This day had started, for this particular event, at 11:10 and it was after 5:00.  The other boys were hungry and sometimes their schedules involved needing early dinners. Oops, Murphy’s Law jumped in again.  The kitchen had been almost totaled in my absence and the sink had the very skillet I needed for dinner preparation.  The questions and requests cam at me from four different directions and I began to clean to cook.  My youngest sat down to do his homework and my number two child had ordered a Netflix movie for me and wanted to watch it at that time…whoa!  One thing at a time…please!  Skillfully navigating the dangerous son infested waters I prepared dinner and finally slipped into my jammies and watched to movie.  Back to normal!!!!! I had not completed the chapters for my book but that could be done later.  The boys moved the laundry and finished the kitchen after dinner.  I even fixed myself a Skinny Peppermint Mocha with my espresso maker and slowly gained control of the rest of my day.

Plan for the day….1] no phone calls to doctors, 2] no checking a child out of school, 3] play it by ear…. Me!  Yeah right!

Blog done for the morning….on to the chapters in my book.