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Peach State says: Don’t Blink!


Two of my favorites…Doctor Who and The Muppets…together in one exquisite visual blending!

“Don’t Blink!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Friday!

That will leave a mark!

Benadryl induced coma due to seasonal allergies after being outside so much yesterday= slow moving morning with Asthma Inhaler close by… I think I will relax and share a
Facebook Funnies Friday and a chuckle or two…

Casual Friday:

I bet this information will not be on the next test!

Are you kidding…it’s Friday and we never do anything in this class…remember! ( some may laugh but Whovian’s will truly understand!). Lol

Words of Wisdom:
Blog Worthy Award Winner#1:

Now how could a boss turn down a plea to getting your life in order and altering bad attitudes. “Wait a second…my boss should be sent away too!” Or… It’s really an IRS Conference!

Uh..well maybe… I guess it depends on how well you focus and what you focus on!

“Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

Multiple personalities…weird noises…facial ticks…bad jokes… It’s a party waiting to happen!

…and we can’t have that!

“…but I reayee wanted to be da Hulk” said the small boy.

Time for the finicky-felines:

Okay…this one is a borderline homicidal! “Will someone please get this cat some food!”

His family must be leaving on their Fall Break vacation…I know nothing ’bout that activity!

Or is this what the mother of a new teen-driver looks like!

Spider-cats?…Quick call Batman!

“I said Batman!”

The only draw back is the HOA is not happy with the number of boxes around my house!

I’m just sayin’:

Solution…a longer straw!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2

I am glad we had this little chat!

“Remind You of Anyone Award”:

The only problem is that my friend does not drink Red Bull!

(A new Award category…)“Whovian Award”:
This is for my Doctor Who friends…”Okay and for me!”

Remember…don’t blink!

Scary thing is the fact that I know exactly what he said and how it sounded.

Shh! “I can’t hear the TV!”

Speaking of noises…my stomach is churning away. I guess I had better fix something for lunch!
I hope you felt a chuckle as a smile crossed your face. Let me know which one was your favorite!
Oh, do you think we need a Coffee Award?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Mid-Week Facebook Funnies


Babies…they really can be in more places than one.

Good morning and welcome to my Mid-Week Facebook Funnies!

I am happy to report that this past week I have found out that I am not alone in trying to re-claim my normal routine. The side-ways humor, as well as lack of humor, has slowly trickled onto my status page this week. Let’s begin:

I am glad to see others appreciate David Tennant/ Doctor Who to give him this recognition:


Lettuce indeed!

Looks like to turtle is in the lead…again!

Identity crisis!

Remind You of Anyone Award:

Alright…Please quit nodding your heads, you’re beginning to resemble a bobble-head convention!

Cat-nip makes you fly…you better hold on for the landing!

Straight Jacket Award Winner:

The cheerleaders at a 30th High School Reunion.

Honey…call the Kennel Club!

(drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

Even so-called exterminators need coffee! Maybe they should try some decaf!

I hope you found something to make you smile…

One last thing…for those of you who follow my Precious Princess posting here is an update…her back left leg gave out yesterday and after a visit to the vet she was diagnosed with a torn ACL. We are awaiting the results from her blood tests to see if she is capable to have the surgery…if not then a decision will have to be made. Please be aware that my life is a bit Pre-occupied with my “constant shadow” due to the fact that she cannot walk and is heavily medicated. I will keep you posted!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…LOL!

Grumpy cat infected my Facebook page this past week…and oh the thoughts he shares.

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…LOL!

But did you smile?

Yep…Darth is still on the Darkside.

Straight-Jacket Award:

Sorry…I hid them from my sons.

Well that may explain my ineffective lattes of late.

Who can disagree with that?

Spoken like a true dominating spirit…

Speaking of domination:

Love the Doctor Who reference…not the Dalecks… ( hope I spelled that right!)

Okay…enough of the “grumpy” mood:

I feel so left out…I never experienced the so-called watching of soaps.

Do you see me now?

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

Too late! The good news…There’s a nap for that!

Can you believe how taking a nap has changed in a lifetime? Can’t…just ask a cat!

Can you tell…It is the weekend “Peas In A Pod” sing together…officially. We sang together last weekend due to circumstances…

Blog Worthy Award #2:

Catch me if you can! Looks like George’s friend has the dumb.

Hey…What is Grumpy Cat doing wearing a mask?

School Time:

Another not-so-pleasant reminder from previous students.

What about the kids who were taking notes?

Remind You of Anyone Award:

My son is out the door before I know it…so this is not me!

Time to redecorate my birthday boy’s room.
Share the humor…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Silly Facebook Funnies Part 2

The dodging of raindrops has turned into an Olympic Event over the past two weeks. With more rain on the way I imagine the walking of fish may be the only activity left for those daring the elements.

Welcome to “Silly Facebook Funnies Part 2!

With my schedule the way it has been I wanted to spread the humor out a bit…I hope you didn’t mind the wait! So, here we go!

Great…I wish I had taught this to my sons!

Speaking of laundry…


The “Whovian’s” on my Facebook have been working overtime…

Did that blasted…precious song go through your head as you read this.

The “weeping angels” are everywhere…

Don’t blink…if you do you will be transported back in time.

That is not fair…I close my eyes when enjoying my “Breakfast Brew”!

From Doctor Who to Star Wars:

“I did a lot of heavy breathing!”

(Drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

Remind you of anyone?

(Drum roll…) “Remind You of Anyone Award” :

Mutual Cat Lover’s hubby can really play a great guitar…but I can just see him doing this when they are out on their boat.

I am in need of coffee…

I am so glad it didn’t say Monday is everyday!

I think I will pass…I left my hair strainer at home.

Before leaving you this morning I thought it good to bring back a “Classic”:

“Could you add two shots to that please?”

Have a great humor filled day and…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Celebration


Can you believe another week has past…and this week has been overflowing with Facebook Funnies! Let me take a few moments to introduce a few…well the funnier ones! So grab your coffee/drink and take a break with me as we begin…

Facebook Funnies Celebration!


I want to start off with “The Animal Parade”:

When throwing someone under the bus…make sure they do not resemble you!

It is important to allow for those unexpected “reboots”!

(Drum roll….)This week’s Remind You Of Anyone Award:
Just when you thought is was safe to eat cheeseburgers…

Obi Wan…you are our only hope!

(Drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

Wow…there is is “nap” for everything these days!

And during the nap make sure to make a little noise…

Look familiar?

He must be related to Grumpy Cat!

And last but not least…the aww moment!


As we continue I found these delightful tidbits and wanted to share…:
(Drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worthy Award #2:

So all those times you said you were going to the “Jim”…Okay…enough said about that.

…kinda says it all!

(Drum roll…) The Straight Jacket Award goes to:

Several things crossed my mind…as a lover of cake batter…OUCH…GROSS…OUCH!

Recently a friend and I discovered a new common love…Doctor Who!
Here are just a few funnies for this great topic:


20130626-130607.jpgShh…we come and go and not one person knows we are gone. Time travel is sooo great!

Bow-ties are cool!

A species of cat found in Doctor Who’s many travels…yep!

Everyone loves a Snickers!

Well it is time for me to get ready…

Hi…My Name is Peach State and I am a “Candy Crush-aholic”!

Well reality is calling…translation “My stomach is growling and I need to eat before the painter gets here.” This painter is for the ceilings… I cannot wait to show you the finished product.
Have fun sharing some humor.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Do you ever wish you had a Tardis?

I often wonder what it would be like to time travel with Doctor Who in his Tardis. Go anywhere and see anything on a whim without having to obtain a passport or take out loans to pay for the trip. The places only found in our imaginations…the colors and scenes majestically displayed for our pleasure. The sculpted gardens intertwined with stain glass blooms dancing on the breeze. The delicate backdrop stretching, like pastel taffy, in all directions as the sun moves across the sky.

I have a list of places to go…things I would have to see…people in time important to me.
I don’t want to bore you with my dreams…you have your own and they are the ones your should be dreaming about.

I know this would be selfish to run off in The Tardis with my very own time traveler…BUT…a girl can dream can’t she? Where would you go? What time would you want to travel to?

Take a moment just for yourself….before returning to the life we each lead everyday…

Peach State