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Peach State says: Is It Really Monday…Again?


Is It Really Monday…Again? It can’t be…I didn’t get my naps this weekend! HeHe! Naps exist in a dream world and I live a vividly-family-involving-change-of-plans-at-the-drop-of-a-hat type of life. Don’t we all?

The “Hamster Wheel of Life” took me for a spin last week! Trips to one of my son’s surgeons for 4 post-op visits(Yes…I said 4!), back to back trips to the big city…Atlanta… and an unexpected trip to ER with my #2 son who had a reaction to his prescription similar to a heart attack. “That lasted all day Saturday!” Yet somehow I managed to buy some groceries, which is a good thing, because the boys were famished! I felt glued to my steering wheel. The up side is everything set out for me to do was accomplished. The down side is the level on my car’s fuel gauge.

I was side-swiped a couple of times, by unexpected events, but (to use an “80’s” slogan) “I KEPT ON TRUCKIN'”! There was no use in breaking down or freaking out. I left that to the people around me! I just went on about my business like a good “Boy Scout” prepared for whatever came my way.

I will take my 20 year old to his post-op visit with surgeon #2 tomorrow. We should find out the timeline and possible date my son will be cleared for regular activity…including continuing his pathway into the military.

And what about today?

I am glad you asked…I have a me day! Well kinda a me day! I have an appointment at a large department store make-up counter. You know the counters with over-aggressive-arm-grabbing-perfume-spraying women who can make all of your dreams come true. Well I saw the cutest bag with FREE STUFF…and the kicker…NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! “I do love these types of offers!”

Just a moment…it is a little after 8 AM and 3 of the 4 members of my family have left for work and school! Including my oldest! Deep breath in and slowly breathe out… I sip of my coffee as the creaks from upstairs let me know #4 is moving around getting ready to leave. My heart is doing cartwheels…can this be? There could be a day, in the very near future, where I will be alone-all-by-myself-able-to-do-what-I-need-and-want-to-to-when-I-want-to-do-it!

Back to the present!
I had to take the garbage from the kitchen to the can on the street…Due to the roar of the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood. In my routine this morning I disposed of my anniversary flowers as well as some sweet Daffodils picked by a sweet little angel while I visited her mother. Well enough said about the garbage. I must finish a few things around here before heading out… I hope you find some time for a “Me Day” of your own.

Have a great day!

Peach State