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Peach State says: Just Another Hole In The Wall!


My hubby got the “Home Improvement Itch” or as I call the “Decorator’s Itch” this past week. First it was changing the colors…now he wants a new lighting system and to move the big screen TV from its longtime resting place on the wall to the area over the fireplace. The electrician is coming this morning…”GREAT!” Just what I always wanted…Just Another Hole In The Wall!

Okay…so maybe there will not be an oversized-gaping-expanse in my wall but there will be a number of new holes in the ceiling and two in the wall that will be covered.
Dimmer switches and lightbulbs…
Lighting receptacles…
Light switch and new placement for the TV…


“You know what this means…I get to rearrange some furniture.” (Stop that wagging finger!)
I will have to have the boys move the big stuff because it is heavier than I normally move. My 22 years old’s sectional is too heavy for people who are (how does my 20 year old say it…) “old”! I really dislike this term…(old)…especially when he acts out someone using a walker when he says the word!

I will have to post pics…that is if the TV can be moved and the electrician can do it all today! I sure do hope so…my son needs to finish painting!

I am heading out to do a few errands before the impending arrival.

Do you have a DIYer (Do It Yourself-ER) in your home? Do you find you have the “Itch” to decorate and change things up? Let me know!

Have a great day!

Peach State