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Peach State says: Let It Snow!!!


It started out just like any other day-after-Christmas here in Georgia except for the fact of the severe-wind-warning and the dropping temperatures. Well here we go…out to accomplish the impossible…an exchange at the local open mall…“Not that impossible!” The exchange was not accomplished due to the store sold out of the specific item wanted and the truck is not coming until tomorrow. So out the door I go realizing the temperature had dropped in the short time I was in the store. I checked my weather app and got a surprised…three degrees colder.

Once on the road the sprinkles of rain began to hit my windshield in that unique pre-icy way. My bones shook…my stomach craved a big bowl of windy-day-comfort-food.. I arrived at my next stop on my list and stepped out of the car. There it was…SNOW!…well it was spitting the tiny-minuscule-microscopic-bits-of-icy-white-stuff. Now that I am home and warm…I have only one thing to say…Let It Snow!!!
I could stand to see some of the soft-fluffy-bits-of-heaven just about now, as I finish out the holidays, but I will share more about that next week.

I will put my feet up and enjoy a lovely cup of Dark Chocolate with a shot ( or three) of espresso in the mix. Do you want some? Let me know no I will make one for you!

Have a great day!

Peach State