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Peach State says: My Puddle Memories?


I woke up this morning to hear it…the rain clicking up against the window and the soft rush of water in the gutters told me everything I needed to know. Puddles! A good rain was needed after I pulled weeds from the colorless gray grass in our yard yesterday. The bright green weeds stood out drawing attention to themselves. Glad I pulled most of them when I did! The uneven and aging planks of wood stretch across the deck. The falling drops ripple in the small forming puddles.
All I can think about is the wet paw prints that will track from my back door across the white carpet and into the kitchen. My Puddle Memories!

My precious dog hates the rain…she tiptoes through the rain soaked surface. “It is really a funny sight to see.” The cleaning spray and cloth will be set by the back door today ready to apply to the wet paw prints. “Those cute little paw prints have Georgia Red Clay mixed with water.” Georgia Red Clay and white carpets…”What were the original owners of the house thinking?”

I love the rain! “When I can stay indoors…under a blanket…with a good book or movie…”
Today’s daily chore list has grown like those pesky weeds in the yard. I will have to venture out today, in the rain, for a little while. I need to buy a couple of ingredients for dinner, pay a bill, and get a haircut. “Quit shaking your head…you must realize that I had wanted to go walking today.” Hopefully the system will clear by lunch-time and I can squeeze in 2-3 miles!

I will change the sheets on the bed and start the laundry routine then I will load the dishwasher. Once all of this is accomplished I will watch the movie I got from the “Redbox” so I can return it today. I received a free rental code that was only for yesterday and I was busy yesterday and unable to watch the movie. I will gather the list for the grocery store and the bill before heading out for my haircut. I will have to choose my shoes well today…My Puddle Memories!

As children we lived for the opportunity to stomp and splash in every available puddle! With or without the appropriate rain gear. I can remember performing my own version of the song “Singing in the Rain” complete with twirling umbrella and stomping through the rushing water along the curb. I would arrive home, soaked to the bone, and see my mother shaking her head with a towel in hand. She knew and was always prepared! As an adult with children of my own…I experience the same puddle jumping through them. My youngest loves to stand, with his mouth open, facing up to the falling rain. “He doesn’t seem to mind the change in his appearance as he hops onto the school bus.”

We change our routines in subtle ways when it rains. We drive differently, leave a little earlier and know the traffic will resemble a long string of pearls with flashing brake lights. The vehicles in front of you will show you the deeper puddles you may be able to avoid. “No need to attempt the hydroplane maneuvers today!” We dress differently trying to stay clean and presentable in our work place and hope our hair doesn’t frizz. We try to keep the bottom of our shoes dry so we won’t slip and fall…”That would hurt..more than our pride!” The child in us may long to splash about but the grown-up doesn’t have time. Do we?

Maybe we should make time to splash…watching the rippled waves through the puddle formed by the sudden pat of our foot. Who would get hurt? The simple joys we experienced as children have long been replaced by responsibility. Time does not allow frivolous childlike behavior as it dictates our schedules. We rush around like ants on a mission…always working! We may catch ourselves gazing out the window…watching the falling droplets as they splash against the earth. The water rolls down the window and meets with another creating a new path down along the flat surface.
In the distance your phone may ring or computer may signal your reality call and your day continues.

The rain has reached a calm now. The slight sprinkling with occasional reflections in the puddles. My sleeping princess has curled up in the chair with me and is snoring peacefully. The large coffee cup sitting on the table next to me is empty and in need of a refill. My daily chores are once again in the forefront as the reminder chimes escape from my phone. I don’t have much time this morning…gotta pick up the pace. Places to go and people to see! “You know, I really think that saying should have something about coffee to drink!”

The next time it rains try and take time to splash a little….watch the rain for just a few moments…take a moment to remember your Puddle Memories! “I did!”

What memories do have about the rain? Did you love to splash or look up at the sky?

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Saturday; Good Morning!


I am sitting in my chair, with my feet up, as words rush through my head. The sun has not yet started it’s daily trek and the birds are silent. The forecast calls for rain and possible thunderstorms today…maybe that is why it is still so dark. “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

Coffee has been made and delivered to my husband’s office along with his standard bowl of oatmeal. I sip on my cup, my trusted morning companion, and enjoy the warmth as I set my cup back down. Today will be a lazy day…we need those days from time to time. The laundry is done except for two loads and the house is presentable in standards.

This has been a difficult week and this next week my youngest has Winter Break from school. I long for something different…nope…just the same old thing. Daily chores are my life! I do
have the occasional break with church activities and that is needed. “I would hate to get lost in the fog of the same old thing! “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

I guess I should be dancing around like Snoopy. “I get to stay home…I have nothing to do!” I know I should… I have come to realize that I am sort of trapped. I have transportation to church…and that is it! I have no car to just jump into and go! I can’t go walking because my youngest can’t keep up. I would not even make it to the stop sign before he complained about being tired or asking how long we would be walking. My friends all go places with family and friends and I am here. I miss the days when I could drive to Birmingham for the weekend or just go shopping. I know some of this is financial…and the fact that I do not have a car anymore…right financial. 3 cars in the family and not one available for me except on Sunday’s. Sometimes I really do just want to scream! But I will sip on my coffee. “I do not want to wake up my youngest!”

A pinkish burnt-orange glow is coming through the trees…the birds are beginning to sing. I will resume my day with a smile on my face. Content and safe in my little corner of the world. After all I have my coffee and “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!” Come by if you want…I can make more coffee!

Peach State

Peach State says: Today is NOT the Day!

Up, Up and Away!

Today is not the day

to be bound by the laundry

stuck in a rut of pressing buttons

and adding soap and dryer sheets.

Today is not the day

for dusting away the pesky particles of

everyday existence that will reappear

as you wipe them away.

Today is not the day

to chase the ever-light on their feet

dust bunnies multiplying

in the unveiled parts of the house.

Today is not the day

for research into the science of molds

in the vast expanse of the

cold storage drawers.

Today is not the day

to flounder in a sea of unpaired socks

long since buried in

Davy Jones Locker.

No..Today is not the day

Instead of the everyday chores of life

to keep order and sanity

in this quirky organization called family

I will set myself to a Spring Cleaning of sorts


Reorganize the school supplies and put them in their place

Move my furniture back to its pre-Christmas space

Refresh the look of the house

through placement of small tables and chairs

Get one of the boys to vacuum the stairs

Put the sewing machine back and

store the ribbons and threads

One of the boys can dust those areas over my head

Get dinner started and let it cook all day

That is quite a lot…I do have to say!

Today is not the day

for the routine order

laid out, as if preordained,

and mandated for all.

Today is not the day

for reaching and maintaining

the standard written in the accepted

Saturday Activities bible.

Today is not the day

to face these mundane functions

as a cherished friend

you will keep by your side.

Today is not the day

for blindly repeating

only to have more to do

the next day.

Today is not the day

for oppressing those in the house

held captive by the chains of

the unorganized void called a room.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will face this field of battle

unyielding, driven by the idea of accomplishment

and knowledge of later having my feet up


I will grab the list I started last week

and cross through each with a wide streak

Tighten the faucet at the kitchen sink

I know there is more..let me think.

Untangle and store all the yarn and the twine

One of the boys can vacuum the blinds

I will gather up clothes for the Goodwill

And put the bags in the car

Walk a mile or two…that’s not far.

Make a nice dish

of Rice Krispy Treats

I may have time to change the sheets.

Today is not the day

for sitting around pondering

the wish list of accomplishments

that evade my every grasp.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will control order through sound

and dance through my house

annoying those lost in the generational gap.

But…if the Tornado Sirens sound,

as they could today, we may find ourselves

the the basement all day.

Trying to overcome

the boredom of weather terms and conditions

awaiting the sound of all clear when given.

How about a nap!

Peach State says . . . Rainy Days and Mondays

Here we are at the beginning of the three week countdown until Christmas Break.  It has been raining all night and is still raining…

Jacob has decided that he hates school but is at least cheerful about it.  He just wants to go back to bed.  I wrapped his wrist and hand up this morning just to remind him that it still hurts.  The swelling has gone down but it is still tender.

Once Jon leaves, in about 30 minutes, I can carry on with the perfect activity for a day like this.  I will open my blinds in my office and curl up on my couch with Brittany.  Of course I will have to make sure she is not wet from going outside first.  The wind is blowing through the trees so they are gently swaying back and forth in an almost hypnotic way.  The leaves which remain on the limbs are brown now.  Dare I say it….They sky is gray…. Join me in song……The Mama’s and the Papa’s best song ever with The Carpenter’s..  Sounds like a good smash combo to me.  Rainy days don’t really get me down they just allow me the chance to reflect and not hurry through the day.

About 8:30 I will work on my book for a little while then move the laundry.  Ewww…Laundry!  At least the amount I have to do is very little now that the boys all do their own, except for Jacob.  He has a couple of years before this responsibility is his.  I will go over my solos for the upcoming five weeks and Christmas Eve Service when Justin gets up.  We only have one more practice because of Back to Bethlehem starting on the 3rd.  I have 3 solos and the two trio songs to learn well.  That is as it stands now. The Ladies Quartet is not singing for Christmas Eve so we may turn to a trio song.  Then it is off to the pantry to plan dinner.  My family loved the leftover turkey meal last night.  Justin asked if we could have it again and I gladly replied “after Christmas”.  HEHE!

I think a Christmas movie in on the schedule today…before Jacob gets home.  The weather should cooperate and be rainy all day.  If the temps drop we may have a mix tomorrow.  That will be another conversation….Love you cuz and have a great day.