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Peach State says: Tree of Thanksgiving!

Decided to try something different this year!

With everything going crazy with work schedules the common-everyday-routines-and-take-it-for-granted mentality I wanted to cause my family to think. Think about what is important in our lives and the things we should remember to be thankful for. This year I added this simple decoration….Tree of Thanksgiving!

I am hoping to cause enough of a stir, with this simple twig, and get my family to think for a moment.
And during that short-split-second-pause will plant a seed of thankfulness…of course I also expect some laughter and “What is a tree branch doing in my house?”

It is easy…
Find a branch…that was easy after all the wind we have had.


Cut out some colorful leaves…


Write different reasons to be thankful and attach to the branch.
Place in a weighted vase or container.




I am hoping the family will add their own reasons to be thankful but you have to remember I have 3 grown boys who will not think it is cool and a twelve year old that will sneak a tree limb into his room and try to decorate it for himself. But a mother can dream! I may have to take this to the next level next time but for now this will do. What do you think?
Have you done something like this before? Let me know!

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State say: “Uh Oh!” Feeling Crafty!!!

I have had this wooden tray for almost 2 years and have finally decided how to decorate it. I have listed the directions, I will follow, along with a picture of the example. I will get started in just a few minutes. The directions look easy…we shall see…I will show you the project as I complete it. Wish me luck!

Decoupage Tray:

What You Will Need:

Serving Tray

White acrylic paint

Botanical Prints

Clear drying craft glue Varnish, Polyurethane or Podge


Craft Project Instructions:

If you need to, first paint the inside bottom of your tray with white acrylic paint and let the paint dry thoroughly before proceeding with the next steps.

I used prints from a wallpaper border, but any source will work – if you have none available, you’ll be sure to find something you like at the library. Simply colour photocopy the prints that you have chosen, then cut them out along the edges for a nice clean square/rectangle print.

Glue the prints in an arrangement that suits you to the inside bottom of the tray and smooth out any bubbles.

Allow the glue to dry and apply an even coat of varnish over the entire tray and prints. You may want to apply several coats of varnish for extra protection.

Notes: Because I used a wallpaper border that had a vinyl finish, I didn’t have to use any protective finish; I simply applied the prints using the pre-pasted backing to glue them down. I made a complete set of three trays, using different prints from my wallpaper border. These took me a total of about 20 minutes to make and are holding up very well to all the spills that trays must withstand.