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Peach State says: Is Anyone With Me In The Giant Void?

20140123-131430.jpgI am sitting here watching the movie that inspired my “blogging endeavor”. 

Julie & Julia…one of my favorite movies about two of my favorite things.  Cooking and friends.

As Amy Adams character begins her blog she feels a emptiness that the words that pour out her into her blog fall into the undiscovered-vast-expanse of the deepening internet reality.  “I have felt like that…have you?”  

The pure love of food and sharing it with those closest to you…what would you serve?

Julie is up to the Lobster Thermadore ( forgive the spelling if incorrect!)  “Lobster Killer!”

I laughed so hard when the lid rises, as if the lobsters are working together to escape the “Lobster Killer”, and Julie goes running into the other room!  “Between you and me…I have no room to talk…I have never cooked a whole lobster!”

I remember going to Seattle, with my hubby, to celebrate our anniversary and having this incredible entree called “Steak Oscar”. Cheese, artichokes and crab mixed into a lovely tasty topping for my filet.  Melt in your mouth good!  Some might say better than ________!

“You can put whatever you would like to put in the blank…hehe!”

I had to attempt the delectable mixture at home.  “Success!”.  Reality does tend to enter our existence on a daily basis.  Meltdowns occur, recipes burn, dishes explode all over the kitchen.  “15 second rule!”  Julia said to never apologize if it doesn’t look right…it’s always the way it’s supposed to be!  Silly me…I still apologize!  Perhaps I am more The Pioneer Woman instead of  Julia Childs.  

I guess it is a good thing my hubby likes my creativity!  What is your favorite dish?


Life is a great cup of coffee and a box of dark chocolate!


Peach State



Peach State says: What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!


The Saturday before Easter…Boy, do I remember those long drawn out days of my mother putting finishing touches on the Easter outfits and preparing our hair for the perfect hairstyle. The rigorous battle with my tangled bird’s nest to part and separate then apply curling gel and curl. The afternoon excitingly standing around the table, covered with newspaper, as vinegar scented color stations appeared for coloring our allotted hard boiled eggs. Once dry these splendid artistic masterpieces, with designs specific to the creator, would be place in the fridge to magically appear in the Easter Basket the next morning with a collection of Easter confections surrounding the unique Chocolate Easter Bunny. We knew which Easter Basket was ours by the decorated eggs placed strategically in the basket. The Easter Bunny also knew our likes and needs providing just the right non-food item next to our treasure.

What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Little did I know that one day the empty basket would be passed to me and I would be the “CEB” for my own children. And as you know…I took it a step further! I will prepare the meal in advance today except for the baking portion. I am looking forward to a day with my family tomorrow and do not want or need the added stress of cooking and cleaning. As for the baskets…we have downsized this year. My youngest announced that there was no Easter Bunny. His brothers told him he would regret that…and I just smiled! What a cost-cutting Easter this will be. The decorating of eggs is a thing of the past and the elaborate staging of the baskets and gifts…vanished like the infamous Bunny himself. The family Easter bowl will be the centerpiece with various chocolate bunnies present for each family member.

I will begin the mixing of the casseroles and the baking of the cake today…after a meeting. The stage will be set and I will be able to enjoy my family! What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Whatever your traditions…I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Visiting with Friends

20120512-073537.jpgI must admit my excitement about today’s activity. It has been a very long time since I participated in a home cooking party. I was invited a few weeks ago and quickly RSVP’ed. I love the gadgets and recipes but most of all I will spend my morning Visiting With Friends!

If you have ever been to a home party like this you know there is food, drawings, demonstrations and lots of giggling. The recipes are creative and offer a different presentation of family favorites.


This is a Taco Ring and is one of the standard recipes for most Cooking Type Parties.
Preparation and presentation…chop, chop, chop and slice, slice, slice. They show you the gadgets they used and how to use them…”If you want your dish to look like this you will buy this gadget!” I am also aware that some will have to buy them and others, like me, have ways of chopping and slicing already available at home.

The only thing I do not have from the above picture is the cute little square dishes. “Which I do not need because I have cute little square dishes already…”

As for the recipes…well there will be several I am sure I will want to try at home. I will make sure I pass those along to you later today!

As for the few minutes I have before getting ready to leave…Coffee! I will finish my coffee and enjoy the sound of the rain while I play a game of cards. I will then straighten up the kitchen and move the laundry before heading upstairs. “A friend is coming over to ride with me, to a mutual friend’s house, for the party and I do not want her walking in and seeing a dirty kitchen…Do I?”

Do you like going to parties like this? Do you enjoy the tasting and demonstrations or do you just like Visiting With Friends? I will have a special time this morning and will tell you all about the party and recipes later…until then…Have a great day!

Peach State